Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram’s house owner asking Disha to clear 5 month’s rent, else leave house in 2 days. Neighbor interferes and ask where will children go. Owner says they can go to their rich grandfather’s house. Karan comes and gives 1 month rent and says Ram will come soon. Disha says her papa will never come and has eloped killing her mom. Karan says he does not believe it. Disha tells owner that she will vacate house in 2 days.

Kapoor is busy in pooja with Mallika and Manav. Manav and Mallika’s children silently enter and stand behind him. They start a healthy conversation and then sit for breakfast. Sooraj says house is lively today because of children. Kappor says he is right. Sooraj says if Disha and Arav come and stay it would be

even more lively. Kapoor says he saw how Disha misbehaved with him and is very angry. Sooraj says she is just like Anu and in anger she left home and took 18 years to come back. Kapoor then goes and asks Mallika go convince Disha and Arav to stay with them. Her children says they don’t want chawl children here. Mallika sends them to their room and tells Kappor Disha is arrogant girl and will not listen to her. Kapoor says he wants her to convince and tell she is their blood. Mallika looks at Manav and says okay.

Disha tensely looks via her school window. Her friend suggests her to get school hostel accommodation and hide Arav with her. Disha tells her teach that she needs hostel accommodation. Teacher says she has to clear 3 months’ fees first and then think of hostel accommodation. She asks if her papa came back. Disha says he is dead. She asks why is she telling that. Disha says her mama id sead and she did her last rights instead of papa, she has to clear 5 months’ house rent. Teacher says she will help her. Disha says she does not need help, will work in canteen and library and even do part time job, but needs some time to clear fees. Teacher says she will speak to principal and arrange her hostel accommodation.

Mallika sits in car with Manav. He asks if she is tensed that Disha will come here. She says papa makes too much, why he wants arrogant disha here. He says papa thinks himself responsible for Anu’s death and will get Disha and Arav here for sure. They should go to Ram’s chawl once.

Disha sadly looks at each item of her house and reminisces once Ram coming home and she getting angry that he did not take her on vacation and got house painted instead. She says why he wants to paint rented house. Anu says she will own this house once and Ram brought her here after marriage, then she Disha and Arav were born and then their birthdays, anniversaries, etc., says she will never leave it. Disha comes out of flashback, reminisces Ram accepting he killed Anu and angrily scratches walls. Arav asks what is she doing. She says this house is not ours now.

Precap: Mallika tells Kapoor that Disha does not want to come here and even insulted Kapoor. Disha gets hostel accommodation and tries to get Arav into her room via sari rope through balcony.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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