Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Disha going to school and getting engrapsed in thoughts in between lecture. Teacher tells principal asked her to clear 3 months fees, else she will not let her attend school again. Disha gets tensed and thinks how to arrange money. She reminisces Anu telling Ram that she has done fixed deposit for her children. She goes to bank and requests bank manager to break FD. Manager says she is minor, so Ram is immediate nominee and she should get his signature. She sadly walks back home and yells at Ram’s pic that he ruined their life. She prays god to send mamma back.

Ram gains conscious on hospital bed and calls Arav. Peon comes and says his condition is critical, so he should not speak.

Disha makes Arav sleep with stories. In the morning,

she sees all grocery bottles empty. Arav asks what is she looking at. She says all grocery is finished, so she has to get it from market. Arav asks where will they get money from. Neigbhours come with food and ask her to eat food on time. She thanks them. She gets ready with Arav for school. Arav says now our bus also did not come. She says their school is very near and they can run. Arav runs.

Ram murmurs Disha and Arav’s name in sleep. Peon tells doc that he must be murmuring his children’s name. DFoc asks peon to give him pain injection and make him asleep.

Arav tells Disha that they don’t even have biscuit to eat. She hears neighbour’s wife shouting at him for taking food for children and telling Ram murdered Anu and left his children for them, they cannot feed them whole life. Neighbour asks her to keep quiet, else children will listen. She says let them. He takes food bowl, but Disha says she just ate food. He asks who brought it. she says she had some rice and Arav was hungry, so she prepared it and is full. He asks if she is sad hearing aunty’s words. She says she is not and says she is really full. Arav also says same. Once he leaves, Arav asks what will they do now as they don’t have any grocery. She takes ot bread. He says he cannot eat bread alone. She says she will get egg from market. He asks how will she get mone. She says mom keeps money in many places, gets some money from vase and gets eggs.

Disha gets eggs from market. Arav says he got onion under table. She asks if he is hungry. He says he is so much hungry. He drops eggs on floor by mistake and apologizes. She says not to worry, she will prepare omlette from remaining eggs and reminds him of Anu’s principles. She then serves him omlette sandwich. He asks why is it so small and what will she have. She says she will have later and says they will play a game and whoever wins will eat a bite. She loses purposefully repeatedly and makes him eat sandwich. Arav then realizes and says she is purposefully losing to make him eat and feeds him last remaining piece. They both share an emotional moment.

Precap: House owner asks Disha to vacate his house for not paying 5 month’s rent. Kapoor on asks Mallika to convince Disha and Arav to come and stay with them. Disha cries looking at Ram’s photo and tells because of him, they are losing even their house now. Inspector asks constable to send Ram’s pic to other police stations to identify him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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