Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram reminiscing his happier times with Anu and telling Disha that he will arrange 10 lakhs and will save Anu for sure. Panditji wakes him up and asks him to continue Anu’s last rights pooja. He then reminisces Anu scolding him for telling he will die and tells he is very important to her. He immerses Anu’s ashes and keeps a small pot for himself and thinks he will not let go Anu from his whole life.

Arav tells Disha that he is feeling hungry. She asks him to have chai biscuits. He says it is papa’s favorite. She prepares tea and reminisces inspector telling Anu’s murder is not natural and Ram must have killed her, Ram running seeing inspector, etc., and thinks papa cannot do it. Chai boils. Arav asks her to pick it, but she

is engrasped in thoughts. He picks tea pot, but gets burnt his finger. She scolds him. Ram calls on landline. Arav picks and says it is papa. Disha asks him to get inside and asks Ram where is he. He says he is in Nasik to immerse Anu’s ashes. She says police is telling he killed her mamma. He says he will come and explain. She asks yes or no. He reminisces leaving Anu near life support switch and leaving and says yes and says he did not have any other option. Disha feels devastated hearing that, reminisces inspector’s words and Ram asking her not to cry in hospital, asking Arav to wear Anu’s favorite hirt and inspector telling Ram killed Anu due to frustration of not arranging money. She tells Ram that her mamma died some days ago and today he died, so he should not try calling her. Ram is shocked to hear that. Arav comes back and asks Disha what did papa say. She shouts that our papa is dead forever now and hugs him.

Ram walks on the road devastated reminiscing Disha’s words that he is dead for her and not to call her again. A car rams him and he falls on the road. Disha reminisces whole incident again and thinks how can papa kill her mamma, she will never forgive him. Arav gets angry and asks her why did she tell papa is dead for them. She apologizes him and says she is angry on papa as he went to Nasik without taking them. He asks why is she crying and shows her tears. She says she is not crying and says sorry. He asks her to say sorry to papa also when he returns as she is papa’s favorite daughter. She hugs him crying. Neighbor gets food for them and asks if Ram called. Arav is about to say, but looks at Disha and says papa did not call. Neighbour leaves asking them to take help when needed.

Inspector takes Ram to a hospital, gets him admitted and asks doc when will patient wake up. Doc says patient’s condition is serious and may not wake up till 24 hours and asks if he found any ID card. Inspector says he found only asthi kalash/ash pot and shows it to doc.

Disha goes to Anu’s room, reminices their happier ties, hugs her photoframe and cries vigorously. She goes out and sees Arav holding papa’s shaving it. Arav says they used to shave papa’s beard, now they don’t have both papa and mamma. She says she will take care of him.

Precap: Disha gets ready for school and takes Arav alone. Teacher says principal asked not to allow her and Arav if she does not pay their fees. Groceries finish and Arav asks if neighbour will bring food for them even toda. Neighbour’s wife scolds him that Ram murdered Anu, fleed, and left his children to trouble them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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