Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Disha telling Kapoor that Anu’s letter is not fake and Ram is innocent. He asks how did she get that letter and says Ram has fabricated letter to prove himself innocent. He asks her not pay attention to it and takes her in.

Ram looks at sky via window and reminisces Kapoor’s words that he wants to give Disha and Arav a lavish life. Barkha sees him sad and says Kapoor is brainwashing him. Ram says he is not and instead helping him. He says he cannot fulfill even basic needs of his children and asks her to stay out of his issues.

Disha calls Ram, but he is not reachable. She then calls Karan and asks where is papa. He says even he is trying to reach him, but he could not. Disha asks him to inform her once papa is found and cuts call.

She then starts crying. Ayaan sees her and asks why is she crying. She says papa is angry on her and does not want to meet. He says Ram wants to meet her, so he sent him many times. She continues crying. He thinks of cheering her up and starts joking that she should stop crying when she meets her papa, else she will look bad. She thanks him for standing for her papa when his children betrayed him.

Kapoor informs Disha that he spoke to inspector and he told he will find Ram soon. She gets happy. He reminds of Arav’s birthday today

Barkha goes back to work where her boss asks if Ram is still at her home. She says yes and he knows what happened to Amit. She is helping Ram to lessen Amit’s sins.

Disha goes to Arav’s room and wishes him happy birtday. Kapoor gets emotional and tells Ayaan that he himself wants to arrange Arav’s birthday party.

Ram gets a dream that someone is separating Disha and Arav from him and wakes up worried calling their name. Barkha comes out hearing his shout and asks what happened. He asks if he did right. She says he did absolutely wrong and says she will get him to his children. He says he does not want to. She asks then why did he ask her opinion.

Disha decorates Arav’s room and wishes him happy birthday once he wakes up. Arav jumps in happiness. Kapoor comes wishing him happy birthday and shows him newspaper advertisement of his birthday wishes. Arav says even news paper people know about his birthday. Kapoor says he printed it. Arav says he forgot his naana is so rich. He then gets sad and says he will not celebrate his birthday without papa. Ayaan tries to cheer him up and says he gets birthday just once a year and kapoor has arranged a big party for him. Arav asks Kapoor if papa will come. Kapoor hesitantly nods yes.

Ram sadly tells Barkha that today is Arav’s birthday. She looks at newspaper and congratulates him. She provokes him and convinces to attend Arav’s birthday.

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