Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kapoor telling Mallika and Manav that Ram’s lawyer used Anu’s fake letter and proved Ram innocent. Manav says letter would have been real, else judge would not have proved Ram innocent. Mallika says now Ram will prove Disha and Arav’s custody. Kapoor shouts he does not care if Ram is guilty or innocent, he will not let him take Disha and Arav.

Disha takes Arav to canteen and he says he studied a lot today and is feeling very hungry. She gets him sandwich. Ayaan comes there. Arav asks how come here is here. Ayaan says his friends informed that he is here, so he came here. Disha looks at him angrily. Arav asks if he is still angry on Ayaan. Ayaan says she is as he fought Ram’s case and thinks he is betraying Kapoor. Disha

asks him not to drag Arav as he is a kid. Ayaan says Ram is his papa and he should not know that Ram is bailed. Disha asks if he used fake letter. Ayaan says it is not fake. She continues her arrogancy. He says he did not think she was so egoistic and fool. Arav insists her to read letter. She opens letter and realizes it is Anu’s handwriting. Anu writes that she would have gone when she was reading letter. she continues that she could not tolerate dying each day, so she requested Ram to let her go. Disha continues reading letter and cries vigorously. She informs Arav that papa is innocent. Arav hugs her.

Ram with Barkha reaches his chawl and meets his neighbour friend who says he knew he is innocent and asks his wife to get sweets. Karan enters with sweets and congratulates Ram. Ram says it would not have possible without him. Karan says he is his friend. Barkha tells Ram that his friends are very good. Ram says it is all because of Anu, but he lost her. She asks him not to feel sad.
Kapoor calls Ram and says he is released at last. Ram asks if he believes now that he did not kill his daughter. Kapoor says he called to talk about Arav and Disha. Ram says he cannot stop him from meeting his children. Kapoor says he wants to meet him and talk about Disha and Arav’s future. Ram says he does not want to. Kapoor insists to meet him in his office. Ram agrees. Barkha says she will accompany him to Kapoor’s office.

Disha travels in car with Ayaan to meet Ram and cries thinking how she insulted him many times. She tells Ayaan that she insulted her papa and did not trust him at all, she will never forgive herself for that. Arav says he called papa thief and feels guilty. Ayaan says Ram loves them both and is eager to meet them, as soon as they see them, they should run and hug him.

In taxi, Barkha asks Ram if he is sure he wants to meet Kapoor as he ruined his life. Ram says it is regarding his children, so he wants to listen to him once. Taxi stops after two laborers drop wooden logs on road. Ayaan’s car also stops on the opposite side. They both don’t notice each other and passby. Ayaan encourages Disha while moving.

Ram reaches Kapoor’s office. Peon informs Kapoor that Ram has come with a lady. Kapoor asks him to send only Ram in.

Precap: Kapoor tells Ram that he want to give Disha and Arav what he could not give Anu and for that he can even bend and touch his feet. Ram is surprised to hear that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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