Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with inspector telling Disha that he found during investigations Anu struggling before dying and Ram switching off her life support. He asks if she found Ram behaving weirdly recently. She says yes. He says that proves Ram killed Anu. She says her papa is a musician and not murderer and cannot kill her mamma. Ram reaches window, picks Anu’s ash pot and runs from there. Arav comes from his room and asks inspector to tell Ram he is missing him. Disha does not find ash pot and asks Arav if he kept it somewhere else. He says no. Inspector realizes Ram must have come and runs out.

Mallika asks Kapoor to have food. Kapoor says he is feeling guilty as he could not save Anu. He asks suraj to go and check if Anu’s ashes are immersed in river. Manav

comes says inspector has called and told ash pot is missing and is suspecting Ram. Kapoor says inspector he wants Ram to be behind bars at any cost. Inspector says not to worry, his men are around Ram’s house and will catch him once he comes.

Ram asks Karan to inform Disha and Arav to come to Dadar bus stop as he wants to take them to immerse Anu’s ashes in Nasik river. People in Ram’s house discuss that Ram must have really killed Anu. Disha feels dad. She gets Karan’s call who asks her to reach dadar bus stop as ram is waiting for them. Constable informs inspector about and he follows Disha and Arav to the bus stop. Arav sees Ram standing and shows him to Disha. Ram walks towards them but sees police and runs. Arav runs behind him and falls down. He asks Disha why papa ran.

Mallika does not find Kapoor in his room and asks Suraj where did he go. Suraj says he does not know. She sees Anu’s room open and asks Suraj who opened it as dad does not like to open it. Manav suggests they should go and check. They see Kapoor crying holding Anu’s childhood drawings and telling he is remembering Anu a lot. Mallika asks if he is missing her. He says Anu used to decorate this room with great care and selected each item from around the world paying huge sum, but Ram kept her in 10 x 10 room and troubled her whole life, so he will not spare Ram and will punish him.

Disha nurses Arav’s wounds. Arav asks why did papa run. Disha says she does not know why he ran even seeing him injured. Inspector comes and says it is because her papa killed her mamma and says when he asked her to inform him when Ram comes, why did not she, if she knows helping criminal is a crime. Disha says she knows he has taken bribe from kapoor and is alleging her papa. He says he can arrest her for alleging an on duty officer. Karan comes and says she is a kid and in distress due to her mom’s death. Inspector asks her not to help Ram and leaves. Disha says she will help Ram as she knows her papa is not a criminal. She says she knows naanu/Kapoor wants papa behind bars and hired inspector for that, so she will go to him and ask to stop troubling her papa. Karan says Ram killed Anu. Disha is shocked to hear that and reminisces Ram’s recent changed behavior and he taking Anu’s makeup set and jewelry before Anu’s death.

Precap: Ram calls Disha from public booth. She asks where is he. He says he is in Nasik to immerse Anu’s ashes in river. She asks if he killed her mamma. He says he will come and explain in detail. She asks yes or no. Ram walks on road in distress and meets with an accident.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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