Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram’s court hearing. Ayaan starts argument, but judge asks him to get proof and stop wasting court’s time. Ayaan says he does not have proof. Judge says he will give his judgment after lunch at 3 p.m. Suraj rushes towards court in a taxi with Anu’s letter and calls Ayaan, but he is busy with court hearing and does not pick call.

Kapoor gets inspector’s call who informs about ram’s court hearing and judge rejecting his lawyer’s plea. He says lawyer did not produce Anu’s letter. Disha hopes there is a letter like that and Ram is proved innocent. Mallika says Ram should stink in jail. Kapoor says Ram does not have right to live and must die. Disha feels shattered hearing that.

During lunch break, Ayaan’s

boss scolds him that his one mistake is proving fatal to Ram, he had given hope to ram before and is reason for his dead. Ayaan sadly goes to Ram and apologizes him. Ram says not to feel guilty as it is not his mistake.

Disha stands in front of Anu’s pic and cries asking what to do now, papa told he murdered her but is fighting for justice. Kapoor enters and says Ram must die. She says how can she pray for his death as he is her father and brought her up. He hugs her and asks if she will forgive Ram for Anu’s murder. She says never and says leaves saying she will bring Arav from school.

Suraj rushes towards court. Judge starts hearing and says since Ram’s lawyer could not get letter, Ram is proved guilty and is about to write judgment when Suraj reaches there on time and hands over letter to Ayaan. Ayaan stops judge and tells he got letter now. Public prosecutor says it is not a playground and he cannot produce fake letter. Ayaan asks judge if it is illegal to produce letter now. Judge says no, but if letter is fake, even he will be prosecuted. Ayaan says letter is real and asks him to examine himself.

Judge examines letter and says letter is true and proves that Ram is innocent, so Ram is proved innocent. Malvika on the other tells Kapoor that Ram will get punishment for soon. Kapoor says he will not believe until inspector calls. Inspector calls him and informs that Ram is proved innocent by his lawyer by producing Anu’s letter and Kapoor angrily informs Mallika and Manav.

Public prosecutor congratulates Ayaan for winning case. Even Suraj congratulates him for winning his first case. Barkha congratulates Ram and says she will give him liquor treat. Ram asks Ayaan to get him Anu’s letter as he wants to go to Kapoor mansion and get his children back. Ayaan says he will be humiliated again. Ram says he cannot get ego in between him and his children. Ayaan asks him to go to his area and he will get his children there. Ram asks if it is possible. Ayaan promises.

Precap: Manav tells Kapoor that Anu’s letter is real. Mallika says ten Ram is innocent and will take Disha and Arav from here. Kapoor shouts that he does not care if Ram’s is innocent or not, he will not let Ram take them from here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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