Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Disha coming home after performing Anu’s last rights. People start talking that ram must have really killed Anu, so he is hiding. She asks them all to go, especially Kapoor. Suraj says as she lost her mother, Kapoor also lost his daughter and is in distress as she is. Neighbor says Kapoor took care all the expenses of Anu’s last rights. Kapoor says he loves her and Arav as they are Anu’s children. Disha says she is only her parent’s child and asks where was he 18 years when they needed them the most and reminds him of an incident when she calls him and he says he gets calls from 100 signers daily and cannot speak to each of them. She says she does not want him in their lives. Mallika asks Kapoor to come as she does not like Disha

insulting him. Kapoor tries to walk. Disha breaks her piggy bank and hands over money to him and says this is the expense he paid for Anu’s last rights and asks him to leave. He keeps money in front of god’s pic, looks at her once and leaves.

Kapoor comes home with Mallika who yells that a small girl insulted them all and gave them change money as expense. Kapoor reminisces Disha’s words while walking towards his room.

Disha makes Arav asleep and reminisces Anu telling them a story and then asking them to sleep while she goes back to Ram’s room. She asks her to sleep with them. Anu says Ram is very afraid of ghosts and cannot sleep alone. Disha says she cannot believes and goes to Ram’s room, but comes back and says papa told he will sleep with them. Anu plays prank and Ram gets afraid. They all laugh. Disha cries reminiscing it.

Ram is in a park. Anu comes and sits next to him and says she will leave him so easily. He says everyone is saying he killed her. She says let people say. He asks how can he kill her. She says he cannot even cut her hair, how can he kill her. He says he wants to go to hill station leaving this city. She says it is a good idea but what about children. He says Disha is grown up and can take care of herself and Arav. Karan comes and asks him to stop talking to himself.

Suraj’s wife tells him that they have to attend their son’s convocation ceremony, so he should take leave. He says sir ji is very distressed and needs him. She asks what will he get serving sirji so much. She asks her to stop her rubbish and go from there. He goes to Kapoor and asks if he will not go to office today. Kapoor says what will he do in office when he has Anu’s death’s burden on him. He reminisces kicking out Anu when she came to him and says he would have hugged Anu and known she has a cancer.

Ram reaches burial ground and asks pandit to give Anu’s ashes. Pandit says Disha took it. Disha at home tells Arav they have to immerse Anu’s ashes in river for her peace. Arav asks how will they go without papa. She says papa will come. Inspector comes and she asks if he came to arrest her papa on kapoor’s complaint. He says he came to inform her something. Disha asks Arav to go in. Inspector says nurse informed that Ram tried to manipulate oxygen mask twice and says he has got Ram’s arrest warrant. Karan hears that and runs to inform Ram, sees him coming and asks what is he doing here. Ram says he came to take Anu’s ashes. Karan asks him to run from there as police got his arrest warrant and are searching him.

Precap: Disha finds Anu’s ashes missing. Kapoor calls inspector and asks him to arrest Ram at any cost. Disha sees Ram in market with Anu’s ashes. Ram starts running seeing police. Arav falls down while running.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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