Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Disha mourning looking at Anu’s dead body. A lady asks her to get Anu’s favorite sari. She picks sari from cupboard, reminisces Ram wearing it and joking and Anu telling she will wear it on a special occasion. She cries vigorously holding it.

People talk that Ram loves Anu so much, then why is he missing, he must have done something. Suraj asks Kapoor to sit in car as it is sunny outside. He says he will not. Manav starts his acting and asks him to get into car. Malvika starts her acting, says she is feeling sad that she could not do anything for her sister, says she will sit in AC car now.

Ram is locked inside room and shouts to open door. He breaks open locks and rushes to hospital. Disha tries Ram’s number, but it

is out of reach. She tells Karan that Ram is not picking call. Ram goes to Anu’s hospital room and sees her wig, reminisces their talks. Kapoor tells Disha she can wait for Ram, but he will not let his daughter’s body spoil, so he will see who will stop him to do the last rights. She stops him and says she will see how will he touch her mama. In hospital, nurse sees Ram and asks what is he doing here instead of doing his wife’s last rights. Inspector comes and asks him to come with him to investigate Anu’s murder. Ram says he will do Anu’s last rights and will come to police station himself. Inspector insists. Ram runs from there, gets into taxi and asks driver to drive fast as he has to do last rights. Drive says for him, he cannot kill himself. Ram asks him to stop his rubbish and drive fast.

Karan convinces Disha to take Anu’s deadbody to burial ground as it is getting spoilt. She agrees and starts walking with dead body. Ram reaches house and hears ladies discussing if Ram has killed Anu due to financial difficulties, Dsiha and Arav will not forgive him. They see him and try to speak, but he runs from there.

Anu’s last rights start with pandit starting pooja before setting Anu’s body on fire. Inspector reaches spot. Karan asks to spare children at least here. He says he is doing his duty and they way ram ran from hospital, he is sure he will come here. Disha reminisces Anu telling she has to take care of hhouse and Ram. Kapoor reminisces telling Anu that he performed her last rights 12 years ago. Pandit asks to call Anu’s husband for sit body on fire. Disha asks Karan where is papa. Karan says he thought Ram would come here. Kapoor says he will perform last rights and tries to take water pot. Disha takes pot and says she has first and last right on her mom, so she will do it and looks at Kapoor angrily. Kapoor backs off.

Disha holds water pot, rounds around Anu’s body reminiscing her happier days with Anu. Ram reaches the the spot and is surprised to see that. Karan sees him, runs and asks him not to go there, else police will arrest him and if he wants Disha and Arav to see that. Ram asks what is he telling. He says police doubts that he murdered Anu.

Precap: Disha gives her piggy bank money to Kapoor and tells Anu’s last rights is performed by her, not him, so he should accept this money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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