Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kapoor playing billiards at his home and reminisces Aaru and Disha insulting him repeatedly. Manav enters with Mallika to brainwash him against Aaru and Disha. Suraj enters and gives him office papers to sing. Kapoor says these are contract renewal papers and says he did good by reminding him. Servant informs that food is ready. Kapoor asks him to call Disha and Aaru. Servant says they did not come home yet. Kapoor calls Disha, but she cuts his call. He calls her again, and she picks call. He says he is waiting her for dinner. She says she will have food with papa and come. Kapoor gets angrily and injures his hand. Mallika says she told him already, but he did not listen to her. He asks them all to get out of there and reminisces Disha’s words.


on dining table asks Disha to serve food. Disha presents aloo matar. Ahyaan presents his palak paneer and says it is better than aloo matar. They both start arguing. Barkha says she and Ram will eat and decide. Ram tries and says they both prepared well with a bit of difference. Barkha asks him to be specific and tell Disha’s dish is tasty. Ayaan asks what happened to his dish. Ram says it is also tasty. Barkha insists to tell Disha’s dish is good. Ram says he is impartial. Aaru asks them to serve food soon as he is hungry and orders to apologize. They all smilingly apologize him.

Disha nurses Ayaan’s finger wound and asks why did he show his heropanti. He says he will not from hereon. They both continue staring each other. She asks him to stop staring as she tied his bandage and asks him to change his bandage tomorrow morning. He asks if she will not come to change bandage. Suraj and Sudha watch their romance silently. Disha sees them and silently walks out. Sudha asks Ayaan what is happening. He says she was bandaging his wound. She asks if he is in love with Disha and must know Disha is kapoor granddaughter. Suraj says Disha is Ram’s daughter and even Anu loved a poor man. Ayaan asks them to stop fighting and says there is nothing like that. Sudha asks Suraj if he thinks they are in love. He says even if it is, she should not get tensed and asks to serve food now.

Barkha reminisces Ayaan and Disha’s nok jhok and love for each other in their eyes and smiles. Ram watches that and asks why is she smiling. She says she was thinking about Disha, Ayaan and Aaru and after many days, happiness returned to their home. He says she is right. She asks his opinion about Ayaan. He says he is a very nice boy and gave him a new life. Barkha says even she agrees that he is a good boy and asks what about Disha and Ayaan’s jodi and if he does not have any problem if they are in love. He says Disha is a kid. She says she is 18 now and asks what was Anu’s age when he met her. He says this is irrelevant. Barkha says they both look good together and asks if he will behave like Kapoor. Ram says Ayaan is a good boy and he does not mind him as son-in-law, but if he troubles Disha, he will break his teeth. Barkha says if he will like edentulous damad.

Ayaan wanders in garden and reminisces all his meetings with Disha and their nok jhok. He goes to Disha’s room in the morning and sees her getting ready. He asks why did not he knock door before coming in. He says she was so busy and did not listen knock. He starts praising her beauty. She asks him to stop flirting. He starts tauting her then and says he is pity on a boy who will marry her. She starts crying and says he is mannerless. He says he was just joking and did not mean to hurt her. She says she is getting late to meet her papa and does not him to drop her, she will manage it.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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