Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Barkha waiting for Disha and praying got to reuniting Ram with his children. Kapoor comes and asks how did she come in. He calls guard and asks how did this woman enter in. He says she told she is Disha’s professor. Kapoor asks what does she teach. Barkha says he must be knowing by now that she is not Disha’s teacher and requests him to not separate Ram from his children. He asks her to get out and tell Ram to stay in a dirty place where he is stay and not break his promise, else he will ruin his life. Barkha says she feels sorry for him. He shouts and sends her away.

Aaru happily rushes to Disha’s room and calls her. She is in washroom and asks him to wait. Once she comes, he informs that papa is found and a lady is waiting for

them downstairs. She thinks she must be Barkha and rushes down. She asks Kapoor where is the lady. Kapoor says she is a fraud and did not know anything about Ram, he asked her many questions and she did not reply any, so he kicked her out. He asks her not to worry, he will find out Ram soon.

Ayaan tells Suraj that Kapoor is playing double game with Aaru and Disha and wants him to send Ram to jail. Suraj asks if he will fight against Ram now. Suraj says he does not want to. Sudha hears their conversation and says she warned him not to go against Sirji/Kapoor, but he did and now is repenting. Ayaan asks her not to worry, he will speak with his boss and fix this issue soon.

Disha prays god to reunite her with her papa soon. Ayaan comes and asks her not to get sad and think about the positive sides of events. She asks what is positive in this. He says proving Ram innocent is a positive step, getting Anu’s letter, etc., is also a positive step. She continues getting sad. He invites her for icecream and says it will lessen her depression. she says she does ot want to have ice cream. He says he wants to and asks her to accompany him to a nearby icecream parlor. She says she will not. Kapoor hears that and asks her to with Ayaan.

Ram at Barkha’s house starts drinking reminiscing Kapoor’s words asking him if he wants to give poverty to his children and saying he wants to give Anu’s children what he could not give Anu.

Ayaan takes Disha to a roadside icecream parlor and gets her kulfi. She says she told him not to bring, but he did, so he should eat it. He says what will people think if she does not and asks if she will throw on his face like before. She says it was an accident and accepts icecream. She says he is her best friend now. He sees Barkha moving in an auto and says let us follow her.

Mallika asks Kapoor why did he sent Disha with Ayaan as Ayaan is servant’s son and Disha has to maintain standards of this house. Suraj hears that and says sirji’s dignity matters to him the most and if he will not let Ayaan meet Disha from now. Kapoor says there is no need for that as Ayaan is brought up in front of him and he believes him.

Ram searches for alcohol in Barkha’s cupboard and finds mangalsutra in it. Barkha comes and asks what is he searching. He says he was searching alcohol but found mangalsutra. She gets tensed.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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