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The episode starts with Mallika asking Disha if she knows Ram’s lawyer. Disha stands silently staring at Ayaan. Suraj enters with Kapoor’s BP medicines. Mallika insists and Disha says she does not know and mean lawyer is fooling everyone and leaves towards her room.

Ayaan enters Disha’s room and thanks her for hiding that he is Ram’s lawyer. She says for his mistake, she cannot punish Suraj and Sudha and says he is betraying Kapoor and she will never forgive him.

Inebriated Ram tells Barkha that he betrayed someone, so god is punishing him. Barkha says he cannot betray anyone and someone instead betrayed him, but he forgave him. Ram asks whom he is talking about. She says Amit Sehgal who stole his music and gained success. Ram asks how does

she know. She says everyone in music industry knows about it. He says she is right, Amit stole his music and got rewarded instead. Barka says Amit is punished and is no more. Ram says he got mukti and not punishment, he is suffering instead.

Disha gets Arav ready for school and asks him to go with driver. Servant comes and asks her for dirty clothes. She shows table. He picks clothes along with Anu’s letter and leaves. Ayaan enters and she shouts why did he come here. Ar throgant Disha always insults him calling TUM and he respects her calling AAP. He says mom told she kept letter on table. She shouts that he is lying again. He says either ways he is in trouble and will have to bear Kapoor’s wrath. She permits him to search. He searches and does not find it. She shouts to stop lying, else she will inform naanaji that he is Ram’s lawyer and asks him to go away.

Barkha takes sindhoor bottle and looks at it sadly. Ram comes, thinks she is holding alcohol bottle, snatches it and is surprised to see sindhoor bottle. He asks she told she is alone, then why is she holding sindhoor. She says it is her friend’s. He apologizes and asks her to lend him money. She says she will not as he has court hearing today and she will also accompany him. He says he does not need chaperone. She angrily goes to kitchen. He sees money and escapes with it. Newspaper vendor comes and asks Barkha to clear his bill. She searches money and realizes that Ram stole it.

Ayaan tells Suraj that he did not find Anu’s letter. Suraj asks if he found in Disha’s room. He says he searched there and did not find it and he has lost hope now. Suraj asks him not to lose hope and god will help him just like he sent Anu’s letter. He asks him to get ready and go to court.

Barkha sees Ram with alcohol bottle and breaks it. He asks why did she break it. She says it is time to go to court now as lawyer will prove him innocent. Ram says he does not believe in miracles now. She asks him to stop crying and come with her. She drags him to court. Ayaan’s boss scolds him that his one mistake will prove fatal for Ram. Barkha comes there with Ram.

Kapoor calls inspector and asks him to update regarding Ram’s case. He calls Suraj and tells he is not finding his kurta in which he kept important transaction slip. Suraj says that kurta went for washing. Servant is seeing sorting out clothes.

Court hearing starts. Ayaan’s boss tells him that either he has to accept defeat now. Suraj comes to washing room and asks servant to find Sirji’s transaction slip. Servant checks and Anu’s letter falls on floor. He identifies it as Anu’s letter. He thinks of giving it to Ayaan ASAP to stop Ram’s sentence. Servant finds Kapoor’s slip. Suraj asks to give it to Kapoor and rushes out. Disha sees him and calls, but he leaves hurriedly. Kapoor asks if he she saw suraj. She says he hurriedly left. He asks where he must have gone. She thinks today is Ayaan’s court hearing. Kapoor realizes that it is Ram’s court hearing today and he cannot see him sentenced to death. Manav comes and says it is good he did not go this time as last time he was about to be punished for contempt of court. Kapoor says he does not care and wants to see Ram punished.

Precap: Judge pronounces Ram as Anu’s murderer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ram kapoor, he must have been drinking in real, when he accepted this “dork Drunkard” role…daughter is a masochist and I am at a loss of words now…cannot take anymore of this show…ram kapoors character sketch, totally torn to pieces with no rhyme or reason, just take the electric chair if you are going to act so immature where you are putty in your daughter and fils control….ayaan and suraj : 2 sane people, everyone else belongs in a pagalkhana

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