Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram asking Barkha how does she know so well about his family. She changes topic and asks him to cut onion.

Ayaan and his boss wait for Ram in court. Boss gets tensed and asks where is Ram. Ayaan says he called Ram yesterday, but some lady picked. Ram is seen drinking alcohol reminiscing Arav’s words that he does not want to see his face again. Ayaan calls Ram, but he does not pick call. Boss asks him to keep calling. Ram comes there inebriated. Ayaan asks why did he come inebriated. Boss says judge gave him bail due to his good character, but now if he sees him inebriated, his bail will be cancelled. Ram says he does not care about his case. Boss asks Ram to keep his mouth shut during hearing.

Arav sees Yuvi reading story book and

requests him to let him read. Ira taunts that his papa will steal and bring it to him. Arav pleads, but Yuvi pushes him. Disha holds him and scolds them that if Arav leaves, they will not get entertainment. She asks if they are not ashamed of pushing a small kid. They taunt that she can buy it on 50% discount. Arav promotes PK film’s promo on 21st June. They both continue yelling and Ira says this is their naana’s house and they should get out from there. Disha says Mr. Kapoor is also their naana and they have equal rights on him. Kapoor hears that and asks Ira and Yuvi not to forget that Disha and Arav are also his grandchildren and their cousins. They both then sit on sofa.

Kapoor then address Disha and tells he felt happy when she showed her right on him and says when she calls him Mr. Kapoor, he feels as if he is in office and employees are calling him. He requests her to call him nanaji. She stands sliently. He sadly tries to leave. She calls him naanaji. He gets very happy hearing naanaji from her mouth and asks to repeat it. She calls nanaji and asks if he will play carrom with them. He thanks her and she emotionally hugs him. Ira and Yuvi get jealous seeing that. Kapoor leaves with Disha and Arav to play carrom.

Ram’s court hearing starts. Ayaan tells judge that Ram is ill and requests his bail to be extended. Public prosecutor (PP) tells Ram is present in the court and is well. Ayaan says he has found Anu’s letter and needs time to produce it. PP asks why did not he produce it before and tells judge that Ayaan is trying to extend bail with a lie. Ayaan says letter is there and he needs some time to find letter. Judge grants 1 week’s time to produce letter and adjourns case. Ram asks Ayaan where is letter and why did not he produce in court. Ayaan says he lost it. Ram is shocked and shouts how can he risk his life, if he is so irresponsible. Ayaan says even he showed irresponsible attitude today by come here inebriated. Ram shouts that he will handle his case himself now.

Manav’s girlfriend Radhika calls him and asks meet him for some time. He says he cannot as Kapoor is very tensed here after Ram got bail. Kapoor comes shouting and asks which letter is this. Manav says Ram’s lawyer is intelligent and tricked. Kapoor asks why is PP keeping quiet. Manav asks to relax as there is no letter like this. Kapoor asks what if letter is theres and to whom Anu wrote it. Disha hears his conversation.

Precap: Barkha sees Ram drinking alcohol and asks him to stop. Disha sees Ayaan talking to his boss regarding Anu’s letter. Ayaan sees her and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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