Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 17th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Kapoor disagreeing to kill a bicycler under his car. He says he panicked seeing people banging his car’s windows, so he flew from there. Ayaan says hiding crime is also a big crime, so he should inform police. Kapoor says he will not and says if he goes to police station, media will come and hype the issue, then he will have to go to jail, but at this age, he cannot think of going to jail leaving his family alone. Ayaan asks what about bicycler’s family. Kapoor says he will give them so much money that they will spend their lives lavishly and says he will keep car in garage for some days. He asks Ayaan not to inform anyone about accident.

Sudha complains Suraj that Ayan is so much behind Ram and family helping them that he has forgotten

to eat. Ayaan enters just then. She asks if he remembers his mother has not eaten yet and goes to bring food. Ayaan reminisces Kapoor killing bicycler under his car and kapoor telling about bribing family and requesting not to tell anyone. Disha calls and asks if he reached home. He slowly says yes. She asks why is he sounding low. He says he is tired. She says she lied that she does not love him and says she cannot think of her life without him. He listens silently. She asks if he is listening. He says he is and asks her to sleep now as it is late night and cuts call. She thinks something is wrong as his lively behavior has changed.

Kapoor in his room reminisces crushing bicycler under his car and thinks he should not let anyone know about this accident. Manav comes with Mallika and asks if he is fine as mallika told he was tensed. Kapoor says mallika is worried unnecessarily and says he will sleep in some time now. They both leave. He thinks only Ayaan knows about accident and he is sure he will not tell it to anyone.

Ayaan reminisces kapoor’s drama and making him promise to keep quiet. He thinks he has to help bade papa as he has favored him a lot, but what about a man whom bade papa killed, how can he make injustice to him.

In the morning, Barkha sees Ram tensed and asks reason. He says he wants to meet Tinu Sharma. She says tinu is very dangerous. Ram says he does not care. Barkha reminisces Ayan asking not to make any mistake, else he will be in legal trouble and repeats same to Ram. She says Ayaan and Disha are coming and they will find some solution.

During breakfast, Mallika and Manav discuss that Kapoor seems to be tensed. Aaru comes with Disha and asks where is naanu/kapoor. Kapoor enters. Disha asks him to tell a plan how to tackle Tinu Sharma as he knows how to handle these kind of cases. He asks her not to worry and give him some time to find out a solution.

After breakfast, Manav reads news paper and says one more accident, a car crushed a bicycler and flew. Mallika asks if culprit is caught. Manav says not yet and will be soon. Kapoor snatches paper and looks at news carefully. Mallika asks why is he getting tensed. He says he is looking at news out of curiosity. Mallika says some drunkard must have made accident and will be caught soon. Kapoor gets tensed. Suraj enters and informs that police has come. Kapoor gets more tensed.

Precap: Inspector tells Manav that people noted down car’s number which made accident and it is registered in kapoor’s name.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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