Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ayaan panicking seeing Anu’s letter missing and thinks he must have dropped it in garden while playing with Arav. He searches it in garden. Disha sees him searching madly and goes down to check. Ayaan then searches letter in Kapoor’s house. Disha asks what is he searching. He says an important letter. She asks if she can help. He says he will search it. She asks if it is his girlfriend’s letter. He says yes and asks if she does not have boyfriend. She asks if he knows what he is talking. He asks her not to teach a lawyer and suggest to study law instead and leaves.

Ram starts drinking alcohol in a bar reminiscing Arav’s words. Karan calls his mobile, but to no avail. A singer Barkha enters and starts singing Kaisi paheli

hai ye zindagaaani….song… While singing, she notices Ram drinking heavily. Ram tries to leave without paying and waiter stops him. Ram says he does not have money and will give it later. Bouncers catch and search him, but does not find anything except mobile. they start beating him. Barkha intervenes. Bouncers say he made 1800 rs bill and who will pay it now. She says she will pay it. One bouncers leave, she asks if he is fine. He says he needs to talk to his children and falls unconscious. She takes him to her house.

Ram wakes up in the morning and sees him in an unknown. He asks where is he. Barkha asks him to sit and says she knows him. He asks how does she know him. She says she knows he is a singer and composer and she saw him first time in Amit Sehgal’s office 6 months ago. He asks what was she doing in Amit Sehgal’s office. She says she will tell later and first she will take him to doc. She says he is very fat and it was very difficult for her to get him out of auto and bring to her room. He sees alcohol bottle and tries to drink. She stops him and says it is still day. He says his life is full of night now. She leaves bottle and he drinks again.

She says she will drop him back to his family He asks how does she know about his family. She changes topic. He says does not have home. She asks if he will go back to jail, etc. He says it is none of her business. She says he drank 1800 rs worth of alcohol and she paid for it, so he should stay at her home till she works and clears his debt. Ayaan’s boss on the other side calls him and asks to find letter or call Ram. Ram starts drinking again. She while preparing breakfast for him asks how much he drinks. He asks how does she know Amit. She to change topic gives him 40 rs and asks him to bring onion from store, says he will get it for 35 rs and rest of 5 rs he should bring green masala. She warns him not to elope with his money. He asks will he get taj mahal from 40 rs. She says he can get quarter bottle from it and asks dare not to escape.

Ayaan calls Ram, but Barkha picks call. He asks if this is Ram Ahuja’s number. She says yes. He asks who is she. She asks who is he. He is Ram’s lawyer and needs to speak to him. Ram comes and she gives phone to her. Ayaan asks how is he and informs that he has court hearing today. He reminisces Disha’s words that he is dead for them and says Ayaan that he will not attend hearing. Ayaan says it is very important. Ram cuts call. Barkha says he has to attend court hearing to prove himself innocent and says she knows about him. He asks if she believes he killed his wife. She says he is an artist and can’t even kill a fly. He asks how she knows so much about him. She gets tensed.

Precap: Mallika’s children push Arav and Disha holds him on time. Kapoor requests Disha to call him naanaji. She calls and he gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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