Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 10th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ram asking Arav if he is happy at Kapoor’s house. Arav says he is not and tells what Mallika and her children told.

Kapoor sees his company’s poor results and alleges Manav for it. He says he is his company’s biggest liability as he could not find new music talent. He says he worked hard to get his company to India’s #1 music company’s position and will not let anyone ruin it. He asks Manav to pull up his socks and find new talents.

Ram asks Arav if Kapoor did not tell anything. Arav says he scolded Mallika and his children and told him that he will get better gaming console than Yuvi. Ram says it is good then. Arav says he wants him to get gaming console for him. Ram says ok and Arav gets happy.


sees Ayaan alone and asks where is his brother. He jokes with her that he must be on left, right, etc. and says he is in toilet and asks if she wants to enter gents toilet. She says she will wait outside and asks Arav’s friends if they saw him. They say he is near gate. She tries to walk, but Ayaan stops her with his weird talks. Ram on the other side gives his number to Arav and asks him to call when he wants to speak. He sees Disha coming and asks Arav not to tell her about their meeting and leaves. Disha overpasses Ayaan and sees Arav waving bye. She asks whom he is waving. He says Ayaan’s friend. Disha asks Ayaan not to let Arav meet his weird friends and leaves with Arav.

Ram goes to gaming shop and asks for gaming console. Salesman says it is of 16,000 rs. Ram asks him to keep it for 1-2 days while he brings money. Salesman says they have many pieces available.

Ayaan meets his boss who informs that public prosecutor will definitely win case this time if they don’t find any solid clue. Ayapaan reminisces nurse’s words about Anu’s letter and tells he will find out where letter is.

Disha brings Arav home. Arav happily blubbers. Suraj asks Disha why is he so happy today. She says she does not know. Yuvi enters with his sister and tells he crossed even game’s 5th level. Arav says when his gaming console comes, he will break all his records. Sister laughs and asks from where he will get it. Arav says his pa…then says next week is his birthday. He changes his words..

Ram asks Karan to lend him 16000 rs to buy Arav’s gaming console. karan asks why did he promise such a costly gift. He says it is Arav’s birthday next week and he cannot deny his wish. He asks him to get him a job. Karan says he will.

Arav looks at stars and addresses Anu that next week is his birthday and Disha is scolding her. Disha apologizes. He says it is his first birthday without mamma and gets sad. She says mamma is with us and she will get sad seeing him sad. Arav says he is not sad and starts joking. She asks how he wants to celebrate his birthday this time so that mamma can get happy seeing him. He says just like mamma used to celebrate his birthday in chawl. Disha gets sad.

Precap: Manav sees Ram at his office waiting for an interview and asks him to get out. Karan tells Ram that they will shake hands with Manav’s enemy Dadlani. Ram smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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