Dil Ki Baatein (Aryan and Aradhya-Ritik and Shivanya) Episode 4

Hi I am alia khan and this is my first try.
Hope you like it. I am inspired by siddhi and
encouraged by shreya.
My characters are:-
Aryan:- Interested in sports, in love with aradhya and best friend of rithik.
Aradhya:- Most intelligent student of the college, love interest of aryan and best friend of shivanya.
Rithik:- Very handsome and a dream boy for each girl. In love with shivanya and best buddy of aryan.
Shivanya:- Beauty queen of the college. Love interest of rithik and best friend of aradhya.
Neha:- Jealous of shivanya and wants rithik at any cost.
Vijay:- Bad boy of the college.
So let’s get started!!!

Recap:- Prom night is over.
Aryan- Whatsapp bro! Alright?
Rithik- (in tension) Yes all fine.
Aryan- Something has happened. What is it??
Rithik- I am in love with shivanya.
Aryan- Ohh! Congrats rithik!
Rithik- Here I m in tension and you are joking?
Aryan- What is the tension in that? Go and propose her?
Rithik- No I cannot propose her.
Aryan- But why??
Rithik- I love shivanya, but does she loves me? I should know her feelings first.
Aryan- I have a plan.

**Precap:- Aryan and rithik put their plan into action**

If you like my ff plz plz comment on it.
Thank you☺

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  1. Wow alia you continued my ff only ?

  2. Alia your ff is veryyyy niccccceeeee. Just keep doing the same thing. I wish you all the best of luck. But please make your ff longer☺☺☺☺☺congratulations for your first try…

  3. Just alia it’s not write I was not getting idea and because of busy schedule I was not able to write this ff but I was going to write and it was totally amazing I can tell u.

  4. Make long episode dear

  5. Nice

  6. Make it longer

  7. Thank you so much for your support siddhi, shreya, vavachi and crazygirl.
    I will make sure to keep the ff longer.

    1. Alia is it ur own ff or continuing my?

      1. No siddhi I just used the title of yours. Otherwise the story is mine.?

  8. Lovely yaar Alia???????❤️❤️……both my favourite dramas….but please try to make it longer one…..nice keep it up????????????

  9. very nice alia please make long ff

    1. Thank you aribah,Ayesha and twinkle for your support. Keep commenting like this.

  10. very nice alia please make long ff its to short

  11. nice alia please make long update

  12. nice ya try to make it more amazing n I think it’s long enough

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