Dil Ki Baatein (Aryan and Aradhya-Ritik and Shivanya) Episode 3


Recap:Aryan and aradhya’s bracelet stucks in each others bracelet.They have an eyelock.

Aryan unstuck their both bracelet.

Aradhya:Oh what a coincidence.We both have same bands.

Aryan:Oh yeah you are right.

Aradhya:But where was I going.

Aryan:You were going to Shivanya and I was going to Ritik.

Aradhya:Oh yeah.

They both go from there.

Aradhya goes to Shivanya who is in deep thoughts.

Aradhya:Shivanya(keeps hand on her shoulder)

Shivanya:Oh Aradhya.

Aradhya:About whom you are thinking?Let me guess you are thinking about Ritik.

Shivanya:Aradhya it was just a coincidence.

Aradhya:But you loved the coincidence.Know?

Shivanya:Aradhya stop teasing me.

Aradhya:Okay okay.

Aryan comes to Ritik and says

Aryan:Oh how someone is gettingoing happy.Hmm I think you are getting happy.Yes know Ritik?

Ritik:Aryan you always tease me at least don’t tease me today.

Aryan:I love to tease you. (Pulls his cheek)

Ritik:Then I hate that you tease me.

Ritik goes from there and is walking but Neha comes in between and says

Neha:You are looking little angry.Why?

Ritik:Nothing like that.

Neha:Okay then let’s dance on floor everyone are dancing. (Keeps her hand on shoulder)

Shivanya sees this and tearstarts come in her eyes and she goes from there.

Ritik:I don’t want to dance you know I am not in mood.

Neha:Okay so let’s talk with eachother.(comes near him )

Ritik feels uncomfortable and says

Ritik:Sorry I can’t talk with you because Aryan is waiting for me.

He goes from there.

Aryan is finding Ritik but is not able to fine and incidently bumps into Aradhya.Aradhya is about to when Aryan pushes her towards him and they have a eye lock. They both are near to eachother.But their eyelock breaks when Ritik calls and they both get apart eachother.Aradhya goes from there and Ritik comes to Aryan and says

Ritik:Oh someone is blushing.Ohhhhh.

Aryan:Shut up Ritik.

Ritik:No I will not shut up you always tease me now I got the chance to tease you then let me tease you.

Aryan:You are really bad.

Ritik:I am bad but you are romantic.Know?

Aryan gets shy.

Precap:Shivanya comes at Ritik’s house.

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