Dil Ki Baatein (Aryan and Aradhya-Ritik and Shivanya) Episode 2


The episode starts with Aryan, Aradhya,Ritik and Shivanya talk to eachother for while then Aryan and Ritik leaves for home by car and Aradhya and Shivanya leave for home by scooty.

At night prom night starts.Aryan and Ritik comes.Aryan is wearing whole white suit and Ritik is wearing whole black tuxedo.Neha (I mentioned her in character Sketch but I forgot her name so now her name is Neha)seesees Ritik and comes to him and says

Neha:Hi Ritik (keeps her hand on his shoulder)

Ritik:Ah…. Hi Neha (feeling uncomfortable)

Neha:Today you are looking very handsome (comes close to him)

Ritik gets uncomfortable but when Shivanya comes then everyone goes towards her.Aryan also comes with him as Aradhya also came.

Shivanya is wearing a red an area list and Aradhya is wearing a stylish blue screen.

Both get mesmerised by the beauty of love ones.

Seeing Ritik going towards Shivany,Neha gets angry and think

Neha:I have to do something or else she will take away my love.

She goes somewhere else with anger.

Aryan:Hi beautiful ladies finally you both came.We both were waiting for you only.

Shivanya:Sorry next time we will come early.

Ritik:Next time come early but now let’s go inside the party is going to start let’s go.

Aradhya:Yes let’s go.

All four of them go inside then a boy comes on stage and says

Boy:Hi guys today’s night is awesome as today is our college’students prom night.Now we will play a game in which we will give you chit and if a boy and girls chit number will be same then they will be dance partner and they have to dance together.The boy gives chit to everyone and everyone open there chit Aryan tells

Aryan:I got no.5.Who got no.5?

I got a girl says and it’s none other then Aradhya.Knowing that Aradhya is his dance partner Aryan gets happy.Now Ritik tells

Ritik:My is no.9.And whose is no.9?

Neha thinks

Neha:Please God it should be my only.

But her number was 7 and she got
upset.Shivanya tells her number is 9.Ritik gets happy.

Everyone dance and now it’s Ritik and Shivanya’s turn and they both dance romantically on song itni si Baatein hai of film azhar.

Now it’s Aryan and Ardhaya’s turn and they both also dance romantically on song sason Ko of film zid.

Everyone claps for them.

Neha gets jealous as Ritik danced with Shivanya.

Neha plans to hurt Shivanya so she spills drink on floor and calls Shivanya so that when she will step on drink then she will fall down.

Shivanya puts her leg on drink and slips but she was about to fall when Ritik catches her by waist.They both have an eyelock and seeing their eyelock Neha gets jealous.She goes from there.Still they both are staring at eachother but Aryan says to Ritik

Aryan:Bro why are you romancing here.If someone will see then what will they think.

In between Aradhya giggles.Both Ritik and Shivanya comes to sense.

Ritik:Shivanya are you okay?

Shivanya:Yeah and thanks for saving from falling.

Ritik:Your welcome.

Then Ritik gets a call and a girl calls Shivanya and both leave from the place.Both Aryan and Aradhya laughs

Aradhya:Seriously I think both are falling for eachother as they were staring at eachother like they will never meet eachother.(while laughing)

Aryan:Yeah you are right (while laughing)

Aradhya:I will go and talk with Shivanya.

Aryan:And I will go and talk with Ritik.

Both are going but their both bracelet Stucos into each others bracelet bother have eyelock.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. It’s awesome please don’t stop it

    1. I have also written 2 ff one Rishton Ki Dori Hai Dil Se judi and naagin-love forever pls read and comment.

  2. Friends why no comments?I have got disappointed.And I am going to stop writing ff.All the ff naagin-love forever,dil Ki Baatein and Rishton Ki Dori Hai Dil Se judi I will stop writing.

  3. don’t get upset.loved ur ff. keep writing.otherwise i will get angry

    1. I have decided to continue my all ff

      1. Hey siddhi your story and concept is interesting. To see our favourite jodi like students in a college is interesting. Plz don’t stop your ff..

  4. Hey siddhi your story and concept is interesting. To see our favourite jodi like students in a college is interesting. Plz don’t stop your ff..

    1. Thanks and I will continue the ff.

  5. Wow Siddhi! I just loved ur story…plzz continue.. N read my FF too that is-
    AaRa – Two Hearts ♥ That Beat As One
    N plzzzzz do comment…?

  6. Hi siddhi your ff is just fantabulois..
    Can you please make rivanya propose each other and add a precap to all your ff’s.. It is a very very humble request..

    1. Yeah sure I will add Precap and very soon rivanya will propose.

  7. Awesome episode, love you loads

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