Dil Ki Baatein (Aryan and Aradhya-Ritik and Shivanya) Episode 1


Hi friends this is my 2 ff.I have wrote this ff on my favourite couple Aryan Aradhya-Ritik and Shivanya.Hope you guys will like it.Please vote if you like my ff.

Aryan-He is 25 years old who is interested in sports.He loves a girl named Aradhya who always comes first in college activities.

Aradhya-She is a very intelligent and smart student of college.She is 22 years old.

Ritik:He is very hot and s*xy student of college and dream boy of all the girls.All the girls flirt with him but he is in love with Shivanya.He is also good in studies.His age is 25 years.He is also best friend of Aryan.

Shivanya:She is beauty of college.She is sincere and is very innocent and is also best friend of Aradhya.Her age is 23 years.

Vijay-He is bad boy of college who always abuses Aryan and Ritik as he is jealous of both of them.

Karan-He is right hand of Vijay.

Ricky-He is left hand of Vijay.

Meher-She is very arrogant and want Ritik at any cost as she is in love with Ritik.

Note-The name of college is Gandhi college.

A boy is reading book and other boy comes and says

Boy 2:Come on Ritik how much you will study.Already you have studied in class now just stop. (He takes the book from Ritik’s hand)

Ritik:What are you doing Aryan let me study.

Aryan:How much will you study?Your head will start painting if you will study more.Now let’s do some time pass.

Ritik:Okay then what time pass should we do?

Aryan is about to speak but he sees a girl and it is Aradhya.Shivanya is with her and seeing Shivanya,Ritik is also lost in her.Both are lost when Aradhya and Shivanya comes so both comes in sense.

Shivanya:Hi guys what you both were doing?

Ritik:Nothing we were just talking with eachother.

Aradhya:Okay so don’t you remember that today is prom night.

Aryan:Oh yeah I and Ritik totally forgot about it.

Shivanya:So now we have remembered you both then so get ready for prom night.Okay?

Ritik and Aryan:Okay we will come.

Precap:Prom night of college Gandhi.

Credit to: Siddhi

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