Advay Singh Raizada clutched his stomach hard, tired of laughing, of course the reason is his Chandni…only she can make him smile, laugh after his nephew Adi…Her animated face, smiling posture,she is the single reason of his million smiles…

“Achchha jab wo log mujhe maar rahe the toh tum kyun ro rahi thi??”- He asked finally, the question that was suppressed deep in his heart…from long one month of their marriage,” Chalo batao jaldi, tabhi toh tumhe pata bhi nehi tha ki main Dev hoon”.

“Pata nehi Dev, Maar tumhe rahe the, mehsoos mujhe hone laga tha…chot tumhe laga tha aur dard mujhe ho raha tha, khoon tumhara beh raha tha aur aasun mere…Pata nehi mujhe kya hogaya tha..tum aapna lagne lage the”- Chandni described her exact feeling of that time, her marriage with Pratham and Advay Singh Raizada was lying unconscious on ground…
“Tum bhi toh mujhe paaglon ki tarah dhoondh rahe the..Uss din Allahabad mein bhi aur when I left you that day in Mumbai too…Wo kyun??”- She dared to ask him.
“when I didn’t find you before my eyes, I feel like..”- Advay whispered, smiling a little,” Meri saasein ruk jaayegi…”.

“But you are the one who was hell bent to throw me out always, first day when I came here with Nani, you dragged me real tight, abhi bhi dard ho raha hai…”- she rubbed her arm, pouting a little.
“Kahan, yahan…”- Advay hold her arm, delicately this time,caressing it, kissing it,” Ab thik hai…Chandu..”.
“haan thik hai…”- How can she deny when her husband is doing all style of sweet torture on her single hand…

“Oh really!!!”- He began to smirk, taking his pen out from shirt pocket .,” Lets make a list of my mistakes and I will settle the score then,bring my note pad from table..”.
“Achchha suno..jab tum ne mujhe hug kiya, when every one were looking at us outside the airport, jab tum bhaag rahi thi mujhe door, haan jab wo mere upar chadh kar did that stunt..”- His teasing grin turning more wide…,” What good work I did that you gifted me so many, you know what, kisses”.

“My family hurt you, wounded you, but you remembered me all those long years, missed me, came back from me.. just for me…let it be love or revenge mixture of both “- She answered.
“Tum ne…Chandu..Koi aur ladki hoti toh mujhe thappad maarti but tumne mujhe kiss kar liya wo bhi ek nehi,do nehi…itna ki even after being mathematics scholar and professor, I lost the count…”- He have got enough from her, its pay back time…to return her love with interest…Again mathematics ha ha…

“But you were too jealous of Sasha..Don’t deny, I have seen in your eyes..”- Dev was in Devil mood..
“Achchha toh your eyes were on me then, as if you were not jealous of Pratham??”- She retorted back, but the next dialogue was his,” uss PP ko maar dalunga aur tumhe bhi, kisne kaha tha yeh!!?? Aap mere pati hain aur wo…”-her voice trailed away…

“And the photo shoot..I loved the ashiqui pose and then the Titanic pose more…”- Dev was shy, he need to turn the table, to win the love war remembering game..,” Tum aur main ek saath, so close under my over coat, then hugging you from behind keeping hands on your…”.
“Shut up Dev!!”- She blushed at her own stunt that day… the intensity of his eyes..He successfully did that…
“I was thinking for another photo shoot..”- He teased.
She so wanted to wipe that devilish grin from his face..

“Achchha, you were searching me, you even filed a complaint in police station for finding me..Main nehi milti toh kya karte…”- Chandni amused her Dev…
“Yahan haath rakho..”- He kept her hands on his chest,” I will hide you here, door jaane ke baare mein sochna bhi mat..Tum kahin bhi jao..main dhoondh lunga tumhe it is my signal to locate you..Paas aaoge toh it will beat in a high speed aur door jaoge toh shayad it will stop beating and remember ASR kuch bhi kar sakta hai…kuch bhi and for you even more then every thing”.
“Cheesy kahinke…”- Chandni smiled.

“Fact hai,there is no cheese at home..Milk hai will you manage with it”- Dev started to run, he have to save himself from her slap, otherwise she will hit him, on his arm, or pinch it hard.. ,” Chandu I love all the funny thing you wrote about me like ASR ASR puncture karo uski car, usko maaro jootey char and Dev ka dimmag kharap hai…pata nehi kyun wo..And I just loved to sleep keeping head on your shoulder..Thank you for saving me from those birds…”.
“Murga..”- Chandni remembered the incident, her harkat…
“Haan wohi…Murgi..”- He indicated her.
“You bread…”- She scold.

“you are my kissan..Jam only”- He shake head.

“You have gone nuts”- her nose turned red..
“You can be my squirrel always..”- Advay wanted to lead their baseless fight.
“You Arrogant..”- She fumbled.
“my Charming lady…”- He came near making sure of her melting heart..
“you beast…”- She muttered.
“You beauty, you managed to turn this beast in to your prince charming…”- Dev hold her hands, not in love but for safety(thappad only)…

“You Devil…”- She had no other words then that childhood memory of sweetness…
“My angel..sweet angel…my bak bak queen”- He kept her at his mercy,”Ab batao how many love letters did you wrote for me..When you were in Varanasi, mama ke ghar thi tab…”.
“I don’t remember…
Unlimited..”-she said proudly,” I need to write you, to live, to breath, ki you will be back soon..to me, for me and take me with you…”.

“You are sounding like Abraham Lincoln in love and his quote on democracy…”- He know it, only mathematics and business is not enough to tease a wife, there is no college providing course on teasing and flirting…,” Kab se tum tum kiye jaa rahi ho..Give respect to your husband..badon ko aap kehte hain…Chandni Advay Singh Raizada or shall I address you as Chandni Dev Kashyap”.
“Its not like I don’t like “tum” from you but still…Apna lagti ho jab tum ladti ho mere saath tum aur aap ko lekar argument karti ho aur yeh sabse zyada achchha lagta hai”- He permitted her, revealed his reason…,” Laal hogayi”.
“Meri naak!!??”- She touched..
“Nehi…”- He show her the large mirror behind,” pura face..See tomato”.
“You potato”- She again fought back.

“Pomato!!!”- He widened his eyes..
“what!!”- She get confused.
“I said wrong that day by teasing you as Achhu ke Amma…”- no one can win in front of Advay Singh Raizada,” Its actually a pomato when I potato and my private tomato…details bataun yaa demonstrate karke dikhaun Chandu…choice is yours and decision is mine”.

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  1. Nivika

    Pure 3months ki yaade taza kar di aapne astha di…… each and each incident which is close to our heart that is described in this OS….. loved ot??????????????…
    And ha superb ending??

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      Thank you Snehal…

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      I was in a naughty romantic mood perhaps… ab padh ke hass rahi hoon..kya tha yeh!!?? Dimaag ka dohra pada tha shayad.
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    2. This is exactly what I like a mix of romance and humor!! And I am a fan of dry, sarcastic humor too???

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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  8. astha di…..apka story pehli bar par rahi hu…its amazing…just mesmerising Advay-Chadni’s chemistry on that topics…i love it di..today i find this link at first…keep continue.

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