Dil ke raaste… (part-4) by salo


Hiii guys!!!This is salo n I am really really very much disappointed wid d comments I have decided that I will end this os in 12-15 shots. But as I promised this shot is going to b long n full wid fun I have typed dis in 5 days so hopefully u like it… Fingers crossed… …
Shot 4:

The scene opens wid anika face..her face was a mixture of expressions anger,pain,happiness n every emotion known to anyone.
Anika was thinking loudly:why billu ji why?aapke paas rahu toh bhu dard hota hai Aur agar dur rahu to bhi…aapke aankhon ka dard mein nahi dekh sakti…kitni bhi koshish kar lun aapse nafrat nahi kar sakti..u made my life hell….but still I can’t hate you And unknowingly her eyes filled with tears
Just then a girl came screaming anika didi.She was wearing white anarkali having light make up n wavy hair(guys in my os the role of anika’s sister will be played by vrushika..only if u like otherwise u can inform me in comments)
She hugged her.Just then Aniket came in(guys pls inform me in the comments below who you want to play d role of Aniket bcoz he is going to b vry crucial in my os)
Aniket to Shrisha:kya kar rahi hai….uski jaan legi kya??
Shrisha:bhaiyaa!!(in irritated tone)
Anika:hugged her n said

Jaanti hai how much I missed u….raat din bas tere baare mein sochti rehti thi….
Shrisha:di I also missed u a lot….
Aniket:bas band karo apna melodrama!!
Shrisha:aapko yeh melodrama lagta hai n started to beat him with pillows n soon dere started a pillow fight a very cute one..which brought smile to anika’s face for the first time in months
Aniket stopped seeing this n also pointed it out to Shrisha.Aniket rushed n hugged anika
Aniket:bas tu aise hi haste rehna!!
Shrisha:mujhe toh Sab bhul hi jao n made a cute puppy face usually made by rudra.
Anika:aa ja o nautanki
Shrisha rushed n hugged d duo.The three shared a lovely hug
Shrisha:now who is getting senty???
Aniket:acha baba ho gayi galti bas??
Suddenly a call came to Aniket he picked it up
Person:sir pls see the news
He opened up d news

—————-the headline s of shot 3———-

Seeing d news anika broke down Shrisha Sat to counsel her.
Anika:Isn’t it too much…I mean we can’t become like dem to take d revenge
Aniket:believe me choti Maine yeh nahi kiya mein chahte hue bhi itna kabhi bhi nahi gir sakta
Shrisha:Haan…di…Bhai aisa kabhi nahi kar sakte
Just then anika’s phone rang n it was prinku
Prinku:anika pls pls jaldi oberoi mansion aaja..daadi ki tabiyat bahut kharab hai . She wanna see u
Anika:prinku but mein kaise aaun..bhaiyaa
Prinku:for Dadi..Anika don’t refuse
Anika:Kk prinku I am coming
Anika:Bhaiyaa mujhe OM jaana Hoga
Aniket:choti tu wahan nahi jaa rahi
Anika:bhaiyaa pls samjho Naa Dadi ne meta maa me tarah khayaal rakha hai unka mere upar bahut karz haiya..now it’s time to repay
Aniket:Kk but tu Akele nahi jaayegi..Shrisha tu iske saath jaa
N they went to OM wid full security

As soon as Anika entered oberoi mansion she ran away to dadi’s rum
Leaving bhind a confused Shrisha behind her.At first she was hell confused but den as soon as she saw d grand mansion her confusion was all left behind .Her eyes just popped out seeing d mansion losing her senses completely she started to walk aimlessly but she came back to her senses when she banged wid a person
She was hell angry bcoz her dream were shattered bcuz of him.
Shrisha:Oh!!dekh ke nahi Chal sakte kya??(adjusting her dress)
It was none other then our Om .
Om:I am Srry but aapki bhi galti thi na??
Shrisha:(luking up) she luked om frm head to toe as her were a scanner:WAH!!mujhe pata nahi tha ki sso ke Naukar bhi uski tarah tadibaaz honge(guys after all she was real sister of anika)
Om (luking here n there):Naukar?? Kaun??
Shrisha:Baap ‘re itni tadi??tum aur Kaun??
(guys omkara was totally bathed in colour frm head to toe bcoz he had complete an assignment urgently n he was also in hurry;but omru n somu did not know that dadi was ill)
Om:Kaun??mein?+Pagal ho kya mere ghar mein aakar mujhse hi badtameezi??
Shrisha was about to say something but only then rumaya entered d mansion.Hearing d cat fight they bcame very happy as they thought they were SHIVIKA but they were utterly surprised seeing omkara fighting that to wid a girl for d first time in the life.

Ru-bhaiyaa kya hua aappe shivaye bhaiyaa ka bhoot chadh gaya hai kya??
Om:tu dekh iss ladki ko humare ghar mein aakar mujhse hi badtameezi kr raha hai
Ru:Tumhari himmat kaisi hui aise karne ki..but he bcame flabbergasted as soon as she saw d girl
Shrisha:Rudra Soumya tum??
Om:tu isko jaanta hai??
Ru:haan bhaiyaa….She. She… …She
Om:aage bhi badhega yaa Teri gaadi yahin aatki rahegi??
Om:tera kuch nahi Hoga!!tu dumbbell ka dumbbell hi rahega…somu tu bata
Somu took a deep breath n the replied:bhaiyaa she is Shrisha di our senior…N
Ru:n she is vrry cute?
Shrisha pinched rudra’s cheeks:Ohhh so sweet!!n so so Thnk u fr ur compliment
Rudra blushed away hearing dat?
Omm took a hesitant rudra along wid him
Ru(turning back):bye Shrisha di Baad mein milenge
Somu tu mujhe ani di ke paas le jaayegi Naa
Somu:chaliye di

Anika was just going to room but was interrupted by pinky.She had summoned her in her room.Pinky had literally begged her to return back to oberoi mansion just for sake of Dadi.She had given her 2 Days to think upon it Anika was lost in pinky’s words She was walking but her mind was lost in pinky’s words.Suddenly she banged wid a strong man.Of course he was hero shivaye?.Due to the sudden accident anika lost her balance.Shivaye held her by her waist .His one hand was on anika’s waist and other was on her neck.Anika was also holding her shirt tightly.They shared a romantic eyelock.Coming back to her senses anika broke the eyelock.
Shivaye:it’s Kk!!
Anika completing her obligations turned to walk away only to be interrupted by shivaye
Shivaye screamed ANIKA!!
Anika turned back
Shivaye:woh …..Anika….tumhare kapde ……woh..mera wardrobe mein
Anika:mein le lungi..don’t worry I have no rights on ur wardrobe…….
Shivaye:anika…Dadi ki tabiyat bhi bahut kharab hai she needs u pls stay here Dadi needs u….I will give as money as u want
Anika was really shocked hearing these words.She came a bit closer n then replied
Anika:WAH.Mr.shivaye singh oberoi.Aapko Abhi bhi aisa lagta hai ki mein Abhi bhi Paise lungi aapse though u know dat i am Singhania.FYI neither my company is bankrupt n nor hoping to b also if we also become bankrupt then I will never take the bl**dy money frm u…so u better

PRECAP:shivaye said about ons to anika…anika slapping shivaye….shivaye asking somu about the truth….rumaya moment…Shrisha n om moments ……shivaye meeting Aniket to find out about the truth about the caller…daksh entry…..

…………………………….. …………………………………….. . .
So guys pls pls pls comments both negative n positive comments r welcomed but pls pls plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss comment.But pls suggest some suitable person for the role of Aniket n please suggest some sweet couple name for om n Shrisha as I am not gud in giving names?…n also guess who is d caller…….till den gudbye✋

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