Dil ke raaste… (part-2) by salo


Hiiii guys dis is salo again with a new epi of dil ke raaste.I am not happy wid d comments but still it is okay Don’t worry I am going to end dis boring os in few more epi but till den pls endure me

Mr.Singhania asked shivaye whereabouts of his wife.But shockingly asked who is anika when shivaye introduced tia as his wife
Shot 2:
All were shocked hearing Mr.Singhania’s statement.
Shivaye den gathered himself n said :anika she is mt wedding planner.
Oh really suddenly a angry voice came frm d door.All turned towards the door.
A young handsome boy dressed in black suit black tie n wearing specs is shown
Boy:oh really Mr.shivaye Singh oberoi.I thought ur wedding was over then why is she here still now.
Mr Singhania:Aniket just calm down don’t overreact
Aniket:overreact????Dad u r saying I m overreacting.

Shivaye:Hllo Mr.Aniket
(Aniket was Mr.Singhania’s son)
Aniket:where is anika???
Shivaye:Mr.Aniket just hav a seat I am calling her out
Aniket:where is anika????
Hearing d noice anika came down.Seeing her Aniket ran towards her and hugged her.
Anika was just blank .Shivaye clutched his fist in anger n then called out
Shivaye:It would b gud if you stay in ur limits
Aniket:luk who is speaking of limits the person who can ruin a girl’s life for the sake of her so called prestige

Shivaye:I….I..don’t Know what u r talking about
Aniket:oh really nr.Shivaye u don’t know who is ur real wife
At this statement all gets really stunned
Aniket:to anika choti how r u u know how much we missed u shrishti is waiting fr u n mom he is very desperate to meet u

Anika-:Anu Bhai
Tears came down her eyes n gave her a tight hug
Anika:I also missed u vrry much
And then she ran towards Mr.Singhania n hugged her also
Anika:papa I missed u vrry much
Mr.Singhania was caressing her n speaker:Meri beti I luv u vrry much let’s go ur mom n Shrisha is waiting fr u
Aniket came n wiped her tears n said:don’t ever cry
To shivaye:u have brought tears in my sister’s eyes I promise u I will ruin u n ur so called prestige also.

if u r oberoi den I am also Singhania.u hav messed wid my sister n now u will bear consequences
Aniket held anika’s hands n started walking toward door.Anika turned back n luked back towards shivaye whose eyes had a tint of tears.When dey went outside the oberoi mansion shivaye Sat down in shock n Dadi started crying loudly.Soumya went to concell Dadi n om took rudra along with him to councell shivaye a went to deir respective rooms.

This was shot 2 n guy’s I will end this os in nxt few shots n Thnks everybody who commented

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  1. Ayath

    wow salo awesome superb epi………..

    1. Salo

      Thnks ayath di

  2. Its great i liked it a lot keep writing

    1. Salo

      thnks shrisvri fr the compliment

  3. Nice episode…

    1. Salo

      Thnks abc

  4. Jayashree

    Wht a twist … Osum update..

    1. Salo

      Thmks jayashree n i am glad that u liked d twist

  5. ????????????

    1. Salo

      Thnks medha

  6. I loved that… I always want something to happen like this in the serial track…. but that’s not possible. awesome update. I’m waiting impatiently for ur next update. pls post next part soon.

    1. Salo

      Thnk u Lincy fr d comment n i will definately try to post d nxt part asap

  7. Rithik

    Awesome please bit long i am waiting for this but you say you going to end donot end its superb

    1. Salo

      Thnks rhitik i promise dat nxt part will b vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long n i will definately try not to end it

    1. Salo

      Thnks san

  8. Pinkyyy

    Awesome update dear

    1. Salo

      thnks pinkyy

  9. Awesome epi pls don’t stop writing….Iuv to read ur os plss..

    1. Salo

      thnks riah

  10. ? Amazing!

    1. Salo

      thnks pinky

    2. Salo

      Srry thnks hirah

  11. Mukta

    I’m loving ur ff very much but plz try to post a long episode!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Salo

      thnks mukta i will post a long epi nxt

  12. it was nice….write long

  13. Diyaa

    That was a great update Salo. It is not boring. Hope Shivaay he rone ka time shuru?Loved the last scene. Waiting for the next update.

  14. Akansha

    Awesome episode… Totally loved it waiting fr d next one post it soon

  15. Awesome ff dear love it post soon…..

  16. Wowww nice twist ??

  17. Lalitha

    Its superb…

  18. SamSun

    that was……………………………….superb. I just loved it and again I am late (commenting). but pls don’t think that ur ff is not up to the mark cause it was too good. aniket’s brotherly love and shivaay’s reaction when aniket hugged anika and after aniket reveals anika as singhanya is awesome.

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