Dil Ka Rishta- An unique love story (Twinj OS) Part 3 by Shalini

“Maya will you marry with kunj” she asked to maya who’d just came to us nd I can say with her face exprassion that she was also shocked. She looked at me with question eyes. Before I could say a word twinkle gave me another surprising news.. no no not surprising but worst news of my life.

“I know you both are shocked bcz you’ve never expected it so suddenly well before you both celebrate it I’ve another surprise for you that is I’m thinking to arrange your engagement next week.. what say?” she said it making me hell angry I wanted to scold her but couldn’t bcz it was not her fault but she should have understood that I love her nd can’t live without her. Why god why… why are you giving me such worst punishment? what mistake I’ve done? please baba ji don’t do this with me” I was just begging to the God in my mind I couldn’t understand how to react I wanted to refused her proposal of marriage of maya with me but I couldn’t bcz I didn’t wanted give her stress just bcz of my selfish love as she was still mentally weak. I looked at bhabhi nd maya who were looking at me with concern eyes but I didn’t needed them I needed my twinkle back in my life I wanted her to understand me nd my love. I lookd at my twinkle who was waiting for my answer but I didn’t said a word I could see my family was worried for me but they too didn’t wanted to put her in danger again so they too were helpless like me. I left from there nd came back to home leaving everyone there only.

After sometime they too returned nd before twinkle asked something I excused myself that I’m tired nd want to take rest nd came in my room closing the door behind me.I sat down on the floor on my knees nd was crying nd tears were continuosly gushing down my cheeks.

“I lost you twinkle I lost my love today.. the hope to get you back in my life was in my eyes I lost today” I was murmuring these while crying after sometime I composes myself nd went to cupboard and take out album of our pic nd sat on the bed nd open it. I was adoring her in all pictures.

******TWINKLE’S POV*******

Today finally I asked to kunj about his marriage with with maya which I wanted ask to him since a long time but he didn’t said anything. I thought he’ll be happy after this news but for my surprise he was shocked. My heart was saying that he was not happy with my surprise I’ve gave him but my mind was saying he was both happy as well as shocked bcz he’d not expected it like this. He didn’t talk to anyone even maya too didn’t talk. We came back home nd I thought ask to him again but he excused himself nd went to his room. Then I looked at everyone who were looking sad nd they too went their respective places.

I entered in my room locking the door behind me nd jumped on my bed hidding my face between pillows bcz I didn’t wanted anyone get to know what I was doing in my room, I didn’t wanted them to know that I was crying. Yes I was crying. I was crying like hell. Unstopable tears were gushing down from my eyes. These were of happiness as well as sadness, sorrows. Happiness bcz now kunj nd maya will unite, my best friend nd my sister both will get their love back…… but tears of sadness bcz finally I’ll lost MY KUNJ… Yes MY kunj MY LOVE MY LIFE. Today i asked to my kunj to do what I didn’t wanted… I asked him to marry with another girl. I love him since the time I even didn’t knew the meaning of love, value of love. I love him since my childhood. That time I didn’t knew why I loved his presence around me but when I understood I was on cloud infinity, my happiness had no bound.

He’s my first nd last love. I always feel insecured whenever he was suorronded with another girls. I didn’t wanted them to be with my kunj nd that’s why i always used to irritate them for sticking with him like favicole nd bcz of that he always used to fight wih me that why I did that but how to told him that I love you kunj nd I can’t see you with anyother girl except maya. Sometime I wanted to tell him about my feelings but never got that opportunity. Last time when our summer holidays were going to start I was most happy bcz I’d decided that this time I’ll confess my love for you but…. but that accident distroyed everything. It snatched my mom, our happy life, my life’s special days, my memory nd everything. After that everything changed in our live….. our relationship our bond everything. Kunj, my bestest friend, I always wanted him to be mine forever, I always wished myself to be his lady love, I always wished him asked to me “twinkle will you marry me?” I always wished him to tell me “I love you twinkle nd will always love you.. you are my first nd last love n I can’t live without you” but it never happend nd will never happen.

I was crying continuosly nd then I take out a photo frame under the pillow on my bed which I’ve kept nd used to see it nd talk with it since I’ve get back my memory. It was kunj’s photo yes my Kunj’s photo nd I’d kept it with me always. I touched kunj’s face in frame nd started to talk with him like I was doing since two years every night

“You know what kunj when we used to go temple or gurudwara for pray you always asked me what I wished to god, sometime you used to asked me what I dreamed nd I always told you that I wished that my dreams comes true nd I dreamed that my wish had been true. So you always gets irritate with my answer nd told me I’m hiding truth from you.. I didn’t wanted to told you what is my wish.. I don’t consider you my friend. So yes you were right I didn’t consider you my friend but more than friend.. I was hiding truth from you that I’d only wised to marry with you, to be your wife nd you my hasband, to be your life partnar nd I always dreamed it to became true but how could I told you what I was dreaming in such a small age… but kunj now I’m happy in fact most happy you know why? I’m happy that atleast for 6 month we lived in your house, in your room even we share your bed TOGETHER AS A HUSBAND WIFE.ATLEAST IN WE GET MARRIED ND MY DREAMS HAVE BECAME TRUE. Yes kunj OUR MARRIAGE, OUR RELATION… I’VE REMEMBER EVERYTHING. How can you think that I’ll forget you, our marriage, the moments we spent together?
Kunj after my memory loss I’d forgot everything my identity, my mom even my papa but I’d remember Maya’s name nd most important I didn’t forgot you nd my relation with you nd that is our friendship… then how can you think that I’ll forget you after gaining my memory back?.. No kunj I can never forget you.. may be I’ll forget breathing but not you. I’ve remember everything kunj that after my memory loss nd bcz of my childish behaviour how you always care for me, how you always supported me in everything, how you protected me from everything nd everywhere, how you helped me in my studies, how we got married, my useless nd wired questions nd demands, my tantrums, my each nd every second spent with you.These were my life’s bestest days it was like I was in heaven.So how can I forget my heaven life? No kunj I’ve remember everything even that worst day of my life.. Yes worst day which ruined everything when I heard your convo wit bhabhi.

******Continue with Flashback******

I was coming from kitchen after meeting with bebe to you when I heard what you just told to bhabhi

“Bhabhi maya loves me but she sacrifise her love for twinkle. She never asked me to accept her love, she never came between us. She has lost lots of things nd now her love too nd thats bcz of me only… as I couln’t give her my love back nd will never bcz of twinkle nd that’s why I’m feeling guilty nd not talking with her.. but bhabhi what I do how can I give her my love back when….” those words hurts me a lot that bcz of me my sister did’t get her love. I know I was not in a condition to understand the meaning of your words bcz I was just nine years old by mentaly but kunj then also I was a sister after all nd you know it that its hurt me whenever I see my sister in pain so why can’t it hurt me after knowing such a big pain she was suffering just bcz of me… nd you… you are my bestest friend nd you also never accept her. After listening your those words I started to walk without caring where I was going. I didn’t listen your further talks bcz what I heard was enough for me. I was walking while blabbring in childish manner while crying..

“Twinkle you are very bad.. you are the reason that kunj is not talking with maya… bcz of you only kunj is feeling guilty… I’m very bad girl Baba ji nd you don’t like bad girl na.. but baba ji when kunj love maya nd maya love kunj then he should marry with her like he married with me bcz we too love each other nd he himself told me that he love me that’s why he married me then why he didn’t accept maya’s love? why he can’t give her his love back? babaji I never told him not to give anything which is mine nd I’ll never told in future too.. you know na I always shares everything with her then why he didn’t love her back.. he should marry with her too na then he’ll never feel guilt… but why he is not talking with maya? what is the different in my-kunj’s nd maya-kunj’s love? we all are friends na? babaji I really didn’t knew that bcz of me they are not talking else I would’ve helped them to patch up their like kunj do mine with maya nd maya do my nd kunj’s when we fight… I’m not a bad girl…” I was continuosly blabbering these while walking nd crying like a small girl when I heard maya

“Di stop… don’t step forward else you’ll fall down” yes she was right.. while walking nd cring don’t know when nd how I reached on tarrece which was railingless nd before I could understand the situation I fell down but not before listening maya’s scream. (Batao sabne bechari maya ko culprit maan liya.. kitna bad feel kar rahi hogi bechari… so sad yaar… hehehehe yaar ise padhkar tun sabka exprssion kaisa tha batana jarror)

******Flashback ends******

When I open my eyes I was in hospital nd I’ve gain my memory back but before wacking up all the memories flashed in my mind when I was unconcious… our accident, our marriage, you care nd concern for me, our moments which we spend together nd also your talk with bhabhi, my selftalk nd how I fell down from tarrece… nd bcz of it only I opend my eyes with jerk. I found you sitting besides me on stool keeping your head on my hand.. but bcz of the movements of my hands you looked up at me.. you were looking too happy nd without wasting a time you hugged me tightly. It was like that one hug had reduced my all pain… I was feeling too good in your arms but again that worst moments flashes in my mind which hurts me again nd my mind was saying to my heart that you nd maya loves eachother nd bcz of me you separated.. you married me bcz of that night, bcz to save me from this cruel world, bcz I’m your best friend, bcz you are best person in this whole universe nd you couldn’t left me alone, you love me like a friend but not the way I do. So I pushed you back bcz I didn’t wanted you to take this relationship further just to fulfill your responsibilities, without your wish, to sacrifise your love.. nd I wanted to keep you away from me so I pretended as I didn’t recognize you but when you told me “twinkle I’m your kunj” it increased my heartbeats.. I was praying to god it to be true but it can’t.. For a moment I saw the love in your eyes like I do but in next moment again I feel it friendly love… well as destiny wanted to tied you with me that’s why it’s plays another game when I asked about maa.. bcz I didn’t saw her around me.. I got to know that she died in that accident.. I cried a lot.. I lost my mom too.. I really didn’t knew about her death bcz no one had talk about maa in those years bcz of my condition.

You explained everything what happened in those years with me, in our lifes but you didn’t told about our marriage nd it proved my mind right that you really don’t love me like the way I do that’s why you didn’t said anything about our marriage bcz you don’t want this marriage.. so I decided that I won’t let you know that I’ve remember everything… nd bcz of me you lost your love so I’ll only unite you both.. nd after that I used too stay away from you so that you nd maya will come close again. Some time I feel that the love, pain, care nd concern I’ve saw in your eyes was for me but not for Maya but don’t know why my mind never supported my heart. Whenever I’ve saw you with maya I found you both wanted to say something to eachother but couldn’t.. I made myself stay away from you but you too never come to decrease the distance between us nd your these behaviours day by day confirmed my believe that you love maya.

But kunj I’m happy that I was with you for six moth, I’m your wife nd will always… I’ll never give your place some one else.. I’m only yours kunj… but I’ll always miss you nd my love for you has increased now, I respect you more than before not bcz you are my husband or you took care of me or you always support me in those difficult situations but I respect you bcz you respects me, you know the value of a girl’s respect… Kunj if someone else had there in your place he would’ve take advantage of my innocence my condition but you never did like that with me.. even on my demand too you never cross your limit.. I still remember when i aseked you to kiss me on our first night you denied it even whenever I demand for it you always diverted the topic… When I asked you to make me wear saari then also you refuesed but after lots of my tantrums you agreed but then also you never take advantege of my situation.. your each touch was pure nd was showing how much you respect me… I know kunj that time your touch, your care nd your those words “I love you too twinkle” didn’t matters for me but now it do nd I just wish I could feel those touch again, you again make me wear saari, your care for me, I could listen those magical words again… but it’s ok I’m not feeling bad bcz you are my sisters love nd I’m happy that she got you as her love.. she is really very lucky in fact luckiest. till now I was waiting you both confess your love yourself in front of me but you never so I decided I myself will do something bcz I don’t want you both stay away from eachother anymore nd that’s why I directally asked about your love nd engagement but don’t know why I’m feeling you are not happy, you don’t love maya that’s why you are refusing for marriage with her…. No you are refusing bcz you respects relations nd marriage, you don’t want to cheat with marriage but you don’t need to do this all you’ve to move on… you’ve to think about yourself… well now I promise you’ll get your love very soon in your life.. I promise you….”………. I kissed his picture nd hold it on my chest nd closed my eyes… I was remembering all those moments spend with him… nd after some time slept.

Two days passed nd kunj was ignoring me, he was not talking with me don’t know why…. It was Valentines Day I was in Sarna mension Bebe, Maa nd Papa were not at home they’d went to a business partnar’s some family function nd were suppose to come next day. Uv bhai nd Soniya bhabhi were celebrating their valentine day in home only in romantic ways I just wished to have such a cute moment in my life too with kunj but…. then something striks in my mind.. first I didn’t wanted to do that but for Kunj anything so I went to kunj who was sitting in living room doing some work in his laptop nd maya was with bhabhi in kitchen who’d just came there with bhabhi with some snaks… I asked them to propose each other keeping stone on my heart but kunj again refused even maya too… why they are making me weak I won’t be able to do this more I was asking in my mind…. but somehow again I gain some strainght nd this time I was insisting them a lot not listening what they wanted to say but… I didn’t knew kunj will get angry.. yes he was angry nd bcz of that shouted at me

“Stop it twinkle just stop it… how many time I’ll tell you that I won’t marry with anyone.. how to make you understand that I don’t love maya… why are you doing this.. han?”

“But kunj you….”

“But what twinkle? you want to know the reason, right? then listen… I’ll never marry with any one bcz I’m already married nd do you know who is that girl?…. YOU… yeah twinkle you are My Wife… Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna”…. He said it angrly as I’ve done any crime saying this… but when he was saying this I was trying to stop him to not make situation worst but he didn’t listen to me nd continue holding my both shoulders… but when he said “you are my wife.. mrs twinkle kunj sarna” it was best moment for me I was just wishing to stop the time there only… it was really a best feeling to listen those words from kunj’s… tears have started rolling down from my cheeks nd I was about to say something again but he cups my face lovingly nd in a very calm, painfull, concern nd caring voice

“Twinkle please don’t cry I know you are hurt bcz I married with you when you were not well.. but twinkle I’d to do this bcz of circumstance.. it was not your or my fault… twinkle it was…” nd he explain everything to me nd I was just like statue… I wanted to tell him that I know about this but don’t know why I couldn’t say… “twinkle please don’t cry…..”

“Kunj I’m crying not bcz you married me, you’re my husband but bcz you sacrifise your happiness, your love for me… you did this to save me…. but kunj now I’m fine then also you are not thinking about yourself.. kunj you don’t need this unwanted relation take further anymore.. now you can go back to your love nd marry with her.. I’m fine now nd safe too… please don’t distroye your life for me.. you love maya na so please…”

“Enough twinkle… who told you I love maya? has she told you? have I told you? then why you are saying this?”

“Kunj I’ve…”

“Twinkle not again… pls don’t start your those dialoges again… nd by the way are you eye reader or what… if yes then why not seeing truth… why don’t you understanding that the love in my eyes you’ve saw is not for maya or some one else but it is for YOU twinkle… yeah twinkle I LOVE YOU nd only you… I love you not from some days or some years but I Love You since our childhood… why you are giving a friendship name to my love for you?….. well I know you are shocked but it’s true nd no one can change it not even god… but you don’t worry twinkle I won’t force you to love me back.. even I won’t tell you to accept our marriage… I’ll free you from this bond forever… I’ll divorce you for your happiness. nd will go away from you so that you’ll never feel bad or guilt…. but you too can’t force me to love some one else…. I Love you only, I Love you nd will always love you only…” he said making me happy, surprise, shocked nd what not…. he too loves me.. its a dream or my imagination… there was lots of feelings were running in my mind nd my heart… I wanted to hug him.. to tell him that I too love him… but his last line make me shocked… it was like someone has snatched my world from me before I get it… he will divorce me?how can he thinks that I want my freedome.. how can he think that I want divorce.. how can he think that I don’t love him… just few minute before he scolded me, shouted at me for not understanding his love nd now he too was donig same with me… he too couldn’t saw love in my eyes for him… I was about to say but….

“Bhai please book next flight’s ticket for Goa nd say yes for the new project of our company I’ll go there nd work on it with them” he said it giving me another shock.. what he was doing now?.. I was about to say something but he said to me that he’ll leave for Goa forever so that I can live peacefully nd he left from there leaving me numb nd expressionless.. I was anable to understand the situation that whose fault it was… mine, kunjs or destiny… I came back in senses when maya said that she loved kunj but not anymore.. now she loves smoeone else nd no one know about this bcz she wanted me to know about this first.. I couldn’t understand that I should happy or sad.. I should celebrate it or cry for what happen nd what I’ve done… Suddenly I felt dizzy nd everything was getting blur in front of my eyes…. nd when I opend my eyes I found myself in my room nd bhabhi nd maya were there with me but I didn’t found kunj… he really loves me? if yes then why not he is here with? why he left me alon? has he went Goa?…… these were the questions running in my mind.. so I asked to bhabhi where is kunj nd why he not came nd she told me that he has came here infact he was here untill I come in consious.. now he went to his room for his stuffs packing as his flight is after an hour… she gave me medicines nd said to me to take rest nd also about what happend some time before but I didn’t listen what she said bcz I was lost in kunj nd what he told me.. bhabhi left with maya after few minutes leaving me crying in my room… it was all my fault…

*********KUNJ’S POV*********

Today don’t know what happend to me… for the first time I shouted at my twinkle.. for the first time I saw tears in her eyes bcz of me but what to do I couldn’t handle it when she asked to propose maya how could I do that.. I didn’t wanted to tell her but couldn’t controle my feeling anymore nd told her whole truth… I know she was shocked.. I know she don’t loves me nd that’s why I decided to go away from her so that she can start a new fresh life.. but bcz of me only she fainted if I had not told her about our marriage it wouldn’t have happend with her… I rushed to her nd picked her in my arms nd lay down on my bed… after some times doctor came nd did check up her…he gave her injection nd declares that nothing to worry its all bcz of stress.. then I shift her in Taneja mension in her room nd when I saw she was getting consious I left from there bcz I knew she’ll stop me nd say sorry for what happend but it was not her fault so why she’ll say sorry… nd also I didn’t wanted myself to be weak bcz of her… I was packing my bags when some knok the door nd I quickly wiped my tears.. yes I was crying bcz I didn’t want to go away from my twinkle but for her happiness anything… then I heard my name nd it was her voice.. yes it was my Twinkles voice… I just said “hmmm” without turning…. there was silent for few second when I again heard her voice..

“Kunj you are angry at me? that’s why you are going away frome me leaving me alone??”…. I was shocked nd like “am I dreaming” bcz it was My Twinkle’s voice…Yes My twinkle My wife Twinkle Kunj Sarna’s voice but not Twinkle Taneja’s voice yeah My twinkle’s voice same like it was when she was mentally nine years old… has my twinkle back to me… I turned to confirmed what I heard was dream or reality…. nd when I turn I got another shock.. I found my twinkle standing in front of me in a married girls’s attire… yes she’d wear all thos thing which was declaring her a married girl that is saari, mangalsutrs, sindoor nd etc… I couldn’t believe on my eyes… I was all numb when she again ask same question in same voice like a innocent girl.. a big smile appeared on my face nd I noded my head in no

“No twinkle I’m not angry with you nd this is not the reason of leaving me… I’m going so that you don’t feel embarressed nd accept our marriag for my sake bcz I know you’ll do anything for me as I’m your bestfriend”

“But when I told you that I’m feeling embarressment.. when I told that I’m not happy with our marriage?.. nd yeah you are right I’ll accept our marriage but not for you but for me.. I’ll accept you too but not bcz you are my best friend but you are my Husband … please don’t leave me” she said it… yeah after a long time heard “You are My husband” from her mouth nd a bright smile again apears on my face nd I hugged her tightly as much as I can.. tears again started rolling down from my eyes but this time it was of happiness……!


Hallo friends how are you all? kya soch rahe ho maine aaj bakabk kyun nahi kiya? wo kya hai na maine socha aap sab gussa ho bcz I’m late to pehle apne os ka next part de deti hun phir baat karti hun so that aap sabka gussa shant ho jaye. Well I’m really very very very very sorry for late update actually I’ve very hectic schedule as always nd also my laptop’s display has damaged nd bcz of that I’m not able to write nd post my os nd ff.. this part I’m uploading from my brother’s laptop nd specially for Vaasu, Survi, Baby, Chiku, Aakriti, Aamna. Guys thank you so much for waiting for my os… I really had never thought that you guys will like it so much that you youself will say to me for upload it.. I’m so happy that I can’t express my happiness in words nd bcz of your request only I’ve posted it from my brother’s laptop… pata hai iske liye apne bhai se thoda sa jhagda bhi karna pada nd thoda sa emotional blackmailing.. nd lot of tantrums ke baad usne mujhe permission diya… nd my mom too was very angry for it but unhein bhi bahot mushkil se manaya hai nd tabhi main ye post kar rahi hun.

Well how was todays part? do you like it? I hope it was worth reading of your wait… if not then I’m really very sorry for that. nd thanks for leading your precious time in reading this. nd sorry if it was boring. Do drop down your comments nd let me know your response.

Thank you so much Sidmin23, Mili, Sushmitha, Presha, Adeeba, Sohi, Asna, Sameera, Tamanna, Aamna, Ramya, Riya, Vaasu, Chiku, Naina, Rutu, Purnima, Baby, Aanya and Aakriti for you precious nd lovely comments on last part. nd sorry for not replying indivisually.

Kya.. precape bhi chahiye? but aaj mann nahi kar raha hai… achha chalo de deti hun but mujhe bhi comment chahiye… if no comments then no next part.. so comment mein no conjoosi bcz next part will depend upon your comments. I hope this time also I’ll get 22+ comment. now no more bakbak let proceed to recap

PRECAP- I’ve not expected this from you…. this all happend bcz of you….. I won’t forgive you…… Anger e romance…….. Jalan e romance….. fun e romance… tashan e romance……. teasing e romance…… possession e romance……. man e romance……. full n final romance……. romance romance nd only romance.

Pata hai precap padhkar sab bahot excited ho actually I’d not thought to give romance part in this os but bcz of your love to this os I decited to give it to you all as a gift from my side. Actually I thought 3 part mein maine aap sabko rulaya hai to last part main pyari si smile kara dun but uske liye payment karna hoga I mean comment…well romantic part is not easy for me bcz for the first time I’ll give romantic episode so I want all of yours support so pls gys do comment.

Sorry for grammatical nd typing errors.

Ok now ba bye.. take care your self…

Love you all


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