Dil Ka Rishta- An unique love story (Twinj OS) Part 2 by Shalini

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Well it’s also long episode so read it with patience…..HAPPY READING



I woke up in the morning due to sunrays falling on me or can say disturbing my sleep. Then I saw my love sleeping on my arms like last night. She was looking more beautiful and innocent than before. People says true that after marriage girls beauty increased when they wears sindoor on their hairline and mangalsutra on their neck… in fact everything which declares them married… I was admiring her and smiles when she too smiles in her beauty sleep as she was listening my hearts talk. I just peak on her forehead and due to my touch she opens her eyes and then a brought smiles appears on her face

“Good morning twinkle” I’ve greeted her

“Good morning kunj! but what are you doing here?.. oh main to bhul gayi now we are married na.. so we’ll live together forever.. hai na kunj” she said in childish way..

“Ya twinkle… now go and fresh n up then I’ll go ok?” I said to her

“No kunj I wanna sleep more” she replied in sleepy voice like a child.. hayeee how cute she is I wish I could do romance with her.. well what if I can’t do romance but I can admire her my whole life

“Ok fine you sleep I’ll go then you go” I said to her getting up from bed while she cuddles herself with pillow and I couldn’t help but smiles at her and went in washroom. After half an hour I came back in room and saw twinkle still sleeping then I again wake up her and after lots of tantrums she woke up and went in washroom… oh god it seems like I’m her wife but not she is mine….. after sometime she too comes out from washroom wearing a saari no no not perfectly but in a mess way which was showing that she don’t know how to wear saari and of course how could she know?

“Twinkle what is this… why you’ve wear saari when you can’t handle it go change it and wear something else” I asked to her in a concern voice

“No kunj I don’t want wear them I want to wear saari”

“But twinkle you don’t know how to wear it… look twinkle there is lots of your favourite dresses, you can wear them..”

“No I wanna wear saari bcz after marriage girls wears that only.. have you not saw maa and bhabhi? now I too married so I’ll wear only saari”

“Twinkle they wears that bcz they like that you don’t need to follow it”

“Kunj I’m not following that but I too love saari and I’ll wear saari saari saari saari saari and only saari”


“Kunj please let me wear it” she requested me actually stubbornly asked….oh god how stubborn she is

“Ok fine I’ll call bhabhi to help you” I said to her and walk out to our room to call maa and bhabhi. Just then I saw Soniya bhabhi coming towards me with a trey of two cup of tea in her hand, actually she was going to her room… [mili it’s specially for you.. you wanted to Annie Gill nd Zain’s pair so I’ve tried to fulfill your wish I hope you are happy now]

“Arrey kunj what happened you are looking tensed everything okay na.. twinkle… she is ok.. she is not in problem?” she asked in one go actually she is very kindhearted and loves us very much and about twinkle, she loves her like her own sister in fact she consider her like her daughter and can’t see her in pain thought she is her jethani (sister-in-law)

“Offo bhabhi calm down everything is ok.. actually…. first you go and give the tea to bhai then please come.. I need a help from you” I said to her making her relax while she nods and went to her room. After a minute she came in my room with tea in her hand for herself just then maa and bebe too come..

“Arrey kunj puttar what happened why you both are still here come for breakfast” asked maa with concern but then she looks at twinkle

“Twinkle puttar what is this you’ve still not get ready and why are you wearing saari?”

“Maa look na she want to wear sari but she don’t know how to wear and I’m saying to her to wear something else but she is not listening me” I said to them making them understand and they looked at twinkle

“Twinkle puttar kunj is right you can wear anything and waise bhi tu saari mein comfortable feel nahi karegi”

“No bebe I’ll wear sari only and that’s final” she said them to irritatingly

“Soniya puttar can you help her” maa asked to bhahi

“Of course bebe why not” said bhabhi sipping her tea

“No bhabhi nahi kunj will make me wear saari” said twinkle making every one shocked and listening this bhabhi spilled out tea from her mouth making me embarrassed while bebe and maa smiles at me

“Twinkle puttar how can kunj make you wear saari he is boy na… bhabhi will help you ok?” said bebe to her

“But bebe you only told na that after marriage if wife want to do something or need any help she should ask her husband so I ask him to help me ” answered twinkle like a good girl as she was answering to the teacher…..actually making me more embarrassed…..i put my one palm on my face irritatingly

“Arrey meri maa help ka matlab ye nahi ki tu mujhse kapde bhi pehnane ko kahegi” I said to her almost embarrassment and forgot that maa bebe n bhabhi was also present there…then I realize what I told few second before and looked at them who were giggling at me

“Kunjjjj main tumhari wife hoon and I want you to make me wear saari just today so that I can learn it… then from tomorrow I myself will wear it ” said twinkle angrily … but maa make her calm and said to her that I’ll do what she want…. and I look at bebe

“What bebe.. what you’ve done.. what was the need to tell her these things… you know na how she is?” I muttered to bebe complaining to her

“sorry puttar but you know her na? that when she is going to do something new she use to collect all information about that so she asked about all the rituals of marriage to me and you know it very well if I’d not told her what she would’ve done… but I didn’t knew that she’ll take it seriously” explained bebe with sorry face and I looked at my innocent wife who was busy with bhabhi and after a lots of arguments with twinkle we all gave in…

“Chaliye dever ji best of luck” bhabhi said to me in teasing manner while going out of the room with bebe n maa…thank god no one asked me that how I’ll make her wear saari.. may be they knew that in internet world nothing is impossible but actually I know it yes I know it and it is bcz of twinkle when she was teaching our batch mate Nancy how to wear saari in her house and I was too there with them and then only I got to knew it. I know its strange but its true but I didn’t knew that it will help me to wear her saari one day.… I was about to close the door but I saw uv bhai smiling at me and with his face expression I could say that bhabhi would’ve told him about twinkle’s wish…. he left for breakfast while I closed the door and turned towards twinkle

“Twinkle please wear something else” I requested to her

“Kunj please don’t argue again bcz I won’t change my decision… now please do it mujhe bahot bhook lagi hai” she said irritatingly but with cute childish expression. She looks too cute like this.. chal beta kunj joru ka gulaam banne ka time shuru ho gaya hai… I said and smiles at myself and took saari from her! she’d wore it in wrong way so I’d to untied it.. she was in her under skirt and blouse only it was really very uncomfortable moment for me to look at her like that bcz I’d never saw her in that look. Here I was feeling nervous that I’ve to touch her in the way I want to do but can’t, I want to feel her but can’t… and here my cute wife my twinkle she was smiling like a girl is going to get ready for fancy dress competition… kya baba ji pure duniya mein apko main he mila tha aisi situation mein dalne ke liye. I start to make her wear saari from tucking the one core of it on her under skirt each touch of her body with my finger was sending a wired, unknown but somewhere a good sensation in my body. I’d touched her before too when she used to hugged me, used to hold my hand for walk or play but those were different… with each step i was adoring her cute expressions which she was making with my touch… I’d end up with pinup the pallu of the saari in the blouse on her shoulder and then looked at her… she was looking damn gorgeous in saari I’d saw her in saari for the first time and I couldn’t believe that I’d did that…

She was happy too that she’s wore saari first time..she looked herself in mirror with broad smile then I filled her hair line with sindoor, wear her earrings then bangles… she was looking perfect… Mrs.Twinkle Kunj Sarna.. it’s sounds too good… (Sorry yaar Priya, Adeeba nd Aamna mujhe pata hai tum teeno twinj ka romance dekhna chate the but kya karu twinkle abhi mentally 9 year old girl hai aur isiliye kunj ka man nahi tha uske saath romance karne ka… toh romance ke liye thoda wait karo)

“Kunj now let’s go for breakfast I’m too hungry” she said holding my hand to walkout of room….. and we went to dining table and take our seats where everyone praised twinkle on her beauty as well as teased me for my great job… after breakfast we went to taneja house for pagfera… there twinkle enjoyed a lot with maya and papa and shares everything with then what she was feeling… she was so happy. Like this days passed with her tantrums, cute antics and childish behaviors. Six month had passed and in these month twinkle had been became most important part of our family specially my. She had been became the reason of happiness of everyone, reason of everyone smile and she had been became every ones habits. Thought we know her from her childhood but now she was the important part of sarna family nd my life’s most important part.

It was the day when I was with twinkle playing video game in living room with bhabhi… After some time twinkle went to bebe nd then her phone rang, which she left besides me, it flashes Maya. I didn’t receive it bcz still I was avoiding to talk with her like before nd may be I’ll do it until she’ll find a better partner for her…. bhabhi have noticed it nd ask why I’m avoiding it nd I’ve make an excuse but she didn’t believe me nd insist me to tell her what bothering me nd why I was behaving like that so I told her the reason

“Kunj you shouldn’t do this with her… she’s already lost lots of thing in her life nd now you are snatching her best friend from her… kunj I’ve noticed her always trying to make everything normal with you but you’ve ignored… kunj be normal with her nd behave like before so that she can feel that she not alone but her bf is with her always” bhabhi said to me realizing me that what I was doing was wrong… I promised her that I’ll try to make everything like before… just then maya came to us nd asked about twinkle nd I told her that she is with bebe…. so she went to her… after about one minute we heard a scream it was maya’s voice… I was about to go to her but she itself came to me running down from the stair

“Ku…ku…kunj… di.. di..” she was panting in fear and was not able to complete her sentence..

“what happen to twinkle?Maya tell me… where is she” I asked her

“wo… wo.. di falls down from terrace o….” nd before she could complete I rushed out of home… nd after seeing the scenario I was like statue, like my heart beat had been stop… my twinkle was lying on ground in pool of blood… I ran to her nd lift her head on my lap

“Twinkle… twinkle.. what happened? open your eyes… please say something… look your kunj is with you please open your eyes nd talk to me” I said to her patting her cheeks.. tears were flowing down from my eyes nd blood from her head.. I couldn’t understand what happened with her.. few minutes before she was fine then how it happen… my heart beats were beating fast with each passing seconds.. it seems as someone has snached my happiness from me everything was blanked I couldn’t understands what to do..

“Kunj take her to the hospital.. we’ve no time” bhabhi said to me while crying… bhai nd maa papa were not at home… I just lift my twinkle in my arms nd sat in car on back seat with twinkle on my lap nd bhabhi drove off the car on the way of hospital… after sometime we reached hospital nd admitted her… doctors take her in OT… my twinkle was again in OT… why it happen always with her? I was standing front of OT for waiting doctor to come… after sometime everyone reached in hospital…. they were consoling me that nothing will happen with my twinkle… of course nothing should happen with her…. if something bad will happen with her then I’ll die bcz she is my life… nd without life no one can live… After an hour doctor came from OT… my heart was beating very fast I rushed to him

“Doctor how is twinkle.. is she fine.. how is her condition..” I asked in one go but he make me relax by saying that operation was successful nd my twinkle is out of danger but they’ll say about her mental condition when she’’ll be in conscious state bcz injury was in head nd she was already suffering from brain complications so after operation either she’ll lost her memory completely or she’ll be fine or can say normal…. I didn’t knew how to react.. I was happy, nervous nd scared at same time… happy bcz she was safe but nervous nd scared that what if she’ll again lost her memory… I was fighting with those thought nd other side my family was also restless.. they were praying for her …. I was sitting on the table besides her bed holding her hand in mine nd was thinking the moment we spend together… after sometime she came in conscious nd I was too happy so I hugged her

“Twinkle you are fine.. you know how scared I was” I said to her almost crying while hugging her

“Who are you” she asked pushing me back

“Twinkle I’m your kunj” I said to her.. I didn’t want to know what happing I just want her to not forget me

“No it can’t be possible bcz kunj is a teenage boy nd you are young…. you can’t be kunj…. what I’m doing here..nd where is maa? I wanna meet her” she said making me shocked in fact everyone who had came in room till then… I was speechless.. not able to understand what was happening…. After lots of conversion of twinkle we founds that twinkle had gained her memory back but till the accident with leela maa and after that she didn’t remember anything…. she didn’t knew about leela maa’s death, about her childish behavior, about OUR MARRIAGE, ABOUT THE MOMENTS WE SPEND TOGETHER… what was that… how could my twinkle forget ME… HER KUNJ? how could god do that with us that after living a long time together he snatched our happiness?? I was happy with that beautiful life then why he snatched my Love from me?? there was lots of questions in twinkles mind she wanted to ask… everyone looking at me what to do… should we tell her truth or not… but I gained some strength nd told her everything what happen with her, leela maa, maya except OUR MARRIAGE…. yes I didn’t told her about our marriage bcz I didn’t want her to accept me nd our relation in any pressure nd without her wish,… I want her to accept it from her heart, accept it in the way I have accepted, I didn’t want her to love me bcz I was her husband but I want her to love me like the way I love her..

I was sad or can say heartbroken that my twinkle forgot me nd our cute nd lovely moments but I was happy too that my twinkle was no more a NINE YEARS OLD GIRL now she was fine nd mature like before….. I was sad bcz we were not living together anymore in fact we were rarely talk or met with each other…. she need to know what changes had happen in herself nd around her life, she need to feel everything which she’d missed in her that condition, her moment from teenage to adult as well as she had gained like her study nd all… it was like she’d came from coma after a long time..

Two years had passed… but these two years were like two thousand years for me… every day even each second I was missing my twinkle in my room around myself, missing her to sleep in my embarrassment, her tantrums, wired questions nd all….

“Kunj will you marry with maya?” she asked me one day when we were in picnic … yes my twinkle asked to me.. to her kunj her husband to marry with another girl… how can she asked such a stupid question.. I was angry nd wanted to scold her but couldn’t….

“No I won’t marry with her in fact I won’t marry with any girl” I replied calmly

“But why?? when you both love each other then why will you not marry with her”……. “whattttt?? is she out of mind? who said to her that I love her?” I thought in my mind

“Who said we love each other”

“I’ve noticed it since I’ve gain my memory back… the way you both care for each other, your eyes shows pain for each other nd etc.. it clearly shows that you both love each other” she replied making me shock nd angry… “what is that… why people always look our care, our friendship in other way…. she has noticed everything in me but for MAYA…. why she is not seeing that the love I’ve in my eyes is for her, why she is not feeling my breath for herself, why she is not listening that the heart beat which is beating in my heart is for her for MY TWINKLE MY LOVE but not for maya” I asked to my heart… I was completely heartbroken… didn’t knew how to react….


Precap – Kunj’s decision……. How twinkles accident happened….??????…….. will kunj lost his love forever???????………!!!

How was it? I hope you enjoyed it. Well maine pehle hi bata diya tha ki I’m not good in expressing emotions nd feeling so please yaar forgive me if it was boring. well do drop down your comment and let me know your opinion. And one more thing if you’ve any problem with long updates then do tell me I’ll try to post short episode.

Btw iss bar bhi next part will be depend upon your comments so next part chahiye to mujhe bhi comment chahiye then only I’ll post next part.

Sorry for grammatical and typing errors.

Now ba bye

Love you all my dearies.


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  1. SidMin23

    It was nice but all of sudden twinkle accident and she forgot her love kunj hope twinkle change her decision to make kunj and maya married as we all know twinj are made for each other do post next part soon.

  2. SidMin

    Awesome loved it the Saree scene was so cute
    Interesting twist….. Feeling sad for Kunj he lost her again why does she not remember Kunj Junk and his love ?
    You are awesome at explaining the emotional scenes
    And thank you for the pair ❤
    I feel it’s Maya who had done the accident …. maybe to get Kunj…..
    Love you post soon
    – White mailer ….. ??

  3. Shalini pls don’t call this os a boring one ur os is just Mindblowing and fabulous I just love it to the core pls post the next part soon I’m waiting very eagerly for it

  4. Presha

    Hey shalini loved it yaar u nailed it girl

    1. Presha

      And a very thank u for ur sweetvgesture wishing my bday dear loved it
      Love u

  5. thnx for ur wish di….and this epi muhhh….muhhhh….loved it dii.,..and love u

  6. Sohi

    Very much awesome
    I liked Twinkles childish behaviour
    I think Maya pushed twinkle
    Waiting eagerly for kunjs decision
    Do continue and post soon

  7. Asna

    Its was awesome n the sarri scene was too cute… n after that accident i was feeling very sad for kunj how he was suffering n how much pain he has to bear more… pist the next soon

  8. Sameera

    Hayeeeeeeeeee meri drama queen kitna acha episode likha hai well yaar feeling so bad for kunj bechara but happy dat twinkle got her memory back ummah loved it and that scene where twinkle asked kunj to make her wear saree hayeeeeeeeeee no words speechless bolti band kardi meri hah amazing awesome marvellous BBB yaar aur Kya bolu ha next episode jaldi Dena can’t hai and yeah post ur FF soon yaar waiting for it .,.
    Bye love u sooooo much ummah itne bas hai ya aur du ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hey neha di,
    di I love you yaar… how do you manage to write so well… hame kuch sikhado… I love your writings.. it was such an emotional as well as cute epi and I guess its Maya who have done twinkle’s accident… well the epi I loved it..

    Di I had sent a pm to me but I saw it after I posted my epi… di I m sorry for not replying bcuz I can’t reply through tu’s Pm and if u want to message me u can through my email address which I had written while posting my shot 5 and thanks for the message di… u don’t know how much happy i was reading it… it made my day… thank you so much

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna baccha

  10. Aamna_2690

    Haye di!!
    The episode was fabulous?….. just loved it to the core❤❤….. u r a such a great writer…hat’s off to u di??… such beautifully u portrayed kunj’s emotions??…… di no need to be sorry for the romance…. infact when I read Saree scene…. I was in awww…. so sweet of him…. the way u showed kunj’s respect towards twinkle was epic….. but I am sad for kunj??twinkle didn’t remember kunj n he is such a gentle man…. he didn’t told her about their marriage….. so that she didn’t accept him forcefully…… n precap is scary ?n shocking ??eager to know what happens next….. plz post next one soon…. hopes for the gud…. excited n scared at same time to know what’s kunj decision…… hopes he gets back his love… he is already bearing alot of pain?? n on top of that twinkle herself asking him to get married to Maya……. it’s so heartbreaking??plz unite twinj soon…..
    Well di ap soch rahe hoge kitni badi bakbak queen hai yeh ??chup he nahi hoti?bas chapad chapad…. well di main apko aise hi pakane wali hun??akhir choti si cute si behna jo hui ?(zyada hogaya na?sorry! Sorry! Arey nahi…. nahi… no sorry…. choti behne sorry thori bolti hain…. sirf tang karti hain….. )
    Ab jaldi post karna yeh bhi aur apka ff bhi… pata subha college Jane se pehle telly updates check karti hun…. sur subha jab apka reply mila toh I was hell happy kay aaj next shot milega… acha ab bas bahut bakbak Karli meine….
    Acha jaldi post karna….
    Love u di??
    Take care ??
    Keep smiling ??
    Jaldi post karna ☺
    Bye bye…. ab pakka ja rahi hun…..

  11. Ramya

    Diiii frm where frm where
    U will write such an amazingly cutely lovingly I wanna know
    Aap jante ho I’m falling fr dis os
    Ucfff itna pyaara n d way u expressed Kunjs feelings mardala awesome
    N twinkle to be stu born about Saree was superb
    D way kunj adored his wife was speechless
    N after accident twinkle forgot everything very bad but still I loved it sooo much
    N I think Maya had done dat accident may be I can wrong also
    After reading dis comment u feel dat ur writing I boring
    No na
    Bcoz it’s brilliant amazing

    I just loved it
    So never ever say u write boringly got it
    Love u keep smiling

  12. Thank you shalini?
    I loved the update it was awesome
    Thank u once again for wishing

  13. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey shalu
    Its amazing awesome mind blowing fab superb wonderful and what not… Loved it to the heart core… Kunj making Twinkle wear sari and Twinkle’s childish behavior her tantrums are sooooo cute… Feeling very bad for Kunj??? I loved how Kunj respected Twinkle and how he was in his limits… I think Maya is the one who pushed Twinkle from terrace… Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post next soon…

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  20. Aanya_pandey

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    N that accident part.. how tensed was kunj.. n twinkle regaining her memory.. that was really good.. untill she asked kunj to marry maya.. hope everything will b fine soon!!!

  21. Hey neha di,
    Very very sry.Late hu may.Sry for that n sry for not cmting on the first part.So sry.N I am also very sry coz may aap ko individual wish nai kar payi kyu u know my hectic schedule.Sry n thanks for ur wishes.

    Ok part 1 was really very cute…Awww the way kunj cared for twinkle was really very cute…Luved it n the precap was a fab n twinkle’s accident…nai twinj ki kahaani suru hone se phele yeh twist nai… par I am sure their luv story will complete.

    Now let’s come to today’s epi di yeh kya tha.That saaree wala part was just so adorable…Luved it but after that a shock…twinkle’s accident…twinkle lost her memory n said kunj to marry maya…a very tensed moment but I really luved it.Post soon di.

    Aur kis buddhu ne kaha we readers don’t like long epi aur woh bhi aapka.Agli bar bhi long epi.Pls…pls…pls.

    Loads of luv,

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