Dil Ka Rishta- A unique love story (Twinj OS) Part 1 by Shalini

Hallo friends, how are you all???? well HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all my friends.. MAY THIS NEW YEAR BRING LOTS OF HAPPINESS AND JOYS IN YOUR LIFE AND YOUR ALL DREAMS COMES TRUE!!! I know I’m late in fact too late but what to do guys as usual busy with hectic schedule. Well I’ve already wished almost all register member of TEI on TU and whom I’ve left really very sorry to them BTW I wanted to wish all readers of my ff but Riddhi n Susmita both are not register on TU so it was not possible to wish them personally so I thought to write something for them. I was about to post my ff but I this stupid idea cooked up in my mind and bcz of it I was not able to concentrate on my ff so thought post it first then my ff and this is a new year gift from me to my all regular commenters…. ab dekho gussa mat hona mujhe pata hai you all are waiting for my ff but wo kya hai na mann nahi kar raha hai post karne ka…. achha baba sorry just kidding actually I’d written next episode on my PC but by mistake it got deleted and now I’m writing it again that’s why I’m late…. toh ab isi se kaam chala lo… Btw friends as you know I prefer to upload long episodes so no doubt that it’s also too long so read it with patience…. happy reading



Today is my life’s bestest day bcz today I got married with my love who is my life my breath my heartbeat my everything who loves me most in this universe who trust upon me more than anything. I know my marital life won’t be like others even our love story is not like others but it’s unique. Our love our relation everything is different…

I entered in my room and saw my lady love was sitting on the middle of decorated bed covering her face with veil who was dressed in bridal attire bcz it was our first night… I went to her and sat on the bed beside her and hold her hand in mine and asks her

“Twinkle I’m sorry for late” and listening this she took off her veil from her face and I must say she is angry on me but god she was looking so beautiful in angry mode too

“what sorry han? do you know since a long time I’m waiting for you.. and that all girls were just boring me with their talks.. but you were nowhere looking” she replies in angry tone

“twinkle I’m really very sorry but what to do my friend were not leaving me, they want to talk to me some more time that’s why I’m late, I’m sorry please mujhe maaf karde” I said holding my both ears with my hand with pout face and she just looked at me with teary eyed

“ kunj please don’t say sorry you know na I can’t be angry with you for long time and I can’t see you like this holding your ears.. I’m sorry kunj… but you know na I gets scared without you” she replies almost in crying voice which I can’t bear…. I can’t bear tears in my twinkle’s eyes, I can’t see her crying so I just hug her

“shhhhh twinkle don’t say like this, look now we are married and we are together na and I promised you I’ll never leave you” I said caressing her back who rest her face on my chest with one hand and other is on my back

“twinkle now its late night and you’ve tired, you should sleep? go and change your dress then sleep ok” I said to her trying to breaking hug but she was not ready and tighten her grip around my chest I did nothing just smiles at her childish “ kunj” “ hmmmm”

“now we are married so now what will we do?” she asked making me confused

“twinkle what do you want to say… I can’t understand it” I asked to her pretending as I don’t know anything about it

“kunjjj you really don’t know? arrey I mean to say we’ll not kiss each other?” she asked innocently making me shocked as well as tensed bcz I know she is stubborn and if she’s asked something then she’ll get it at any cost

“hey baba ji where you’ve stuck me now what will I answered her” I thought it in my mind

“twinkle how do you know it?” I asked it bcz I didn’t knew what to say

“kunj I’ve saw in movies and all the girls were saying too before you came in room..that we’ll also do same… bcz we are husband wife… kunj is it true?” she replied innocently

“twi.. twi.. twinkle don’t worry we won’t do anything like this… now go and change” I said hesitatingly trying to divert the topic

“no kunj I won’t bcz I wanna do that” she said making me hell shocked oh god what to do now? how to tell her that I can’t do anything with her baba ji please help me

“no twinkle we won’t do”

“why… why we won’t do? kunj I too wanna do that and that’s it”

“twinkle you love me?”

“kunjjj yes I love you”

“you trust me?”

“kunj you know na I trust you most”

“then do what I’m saying and trust me we’ll also do that but when right time will come…. so now go and sleep I too wanna sleep as I’m tired bcz of our marriage function” I said to her and she look at me disappointedly but nodes her head like obedient girl n went to washroom… after sometime she come out wearing her night dress and I too went for change n
after about five minute I came back in room ask to her sleep on bed and peak on her forehead covering her with blanket… I was about go but she hold my hand

“kunj where are you going?”

“nowhere twinkle I’m in room only… just going on couch you sleep here”

“kunj please don’t go anywhere… sleep with me on bed” she said in fear

“twinkle… look we can’t sleep together please….” but she cut me in between

“why? now you are my husband and you’ve full right on me na? so why can’t we sleep together?” she again ask innocently

“twinkle ab ye tujhe kisne bataya ki husband has full right on her wife?” I asked surprisingly…

“bebe” she replied

“oh god bebe apko yehi sab batein mili thi ise batane ke liye” I thought and look at twinkle who was looking at me with hope in her eyes and I couldn’t resist her and sleep on bed other side but she rest her head on my arm and hold me tightly like a small baby, then I also wrap my arm around her as a protection guard… after some time she slept like that…. and I looked at her… at my twinkle who is a mature girl by age n physically and for this cruel world but mentally… she is just NINE YEAR old an innocent, pure, kindhearted and thodi si stubborn girl… who doesn’t know what is right or what is wrong… who doesn’t aware with this world’s rule and all…. she live her life like a child who doesn’t care anything and just want love from everyone around her… god knows when will my twinkle be like before…. when she’ll be normal but I’ll wait that day till my last breath..

How best days that were… me and twinkle were best friends from our childhood like our family… we used to fight, play, tease, scold, help and support each other in everything… I still remember those worst days of our life… when I was 15 years, twinkle 14 years while maya younger sis of twinkle 11 years old… it was our last day in school and leela ma had came to pick up us from school as it was rule of our house either leela ma or ma will drop us from home to school and from school to home, which was made by them only… and that day she’d came… we were very happy that now we’ll enjoy our holidays but we didn’t knew that it’ll become worst holidays in our life… we were in the car I was seated on back seat with maya while twinkle on front seat with leela ma on driving seat… we were enjoying and doing masti when suddenly our car hit by a loaded truck due to which we got injured actually it was a major accident…

We all were admitted in hospital…. our family was there… mine and maya’s injury was minor than twinkle and leela ma as we were on back seat… there was some fracture on both of us hands and foot and a little injury on our head …. leela ma and twinkle were on OT and in critical condition… after two hours doctor comes from OT and he gives a worst news to us that is leela ma is NO MORE which was dreadful moment for us specially maya n raminder papa… all were crying as well as consoling each other bcz twinkle was still in OT….

I was in shock cum scared as I didn’t wanted lost my twinkle…. yes my twinkle my love… I loved her since my childhood, since I got to know the meaning of love, since I understand the value of love…. and so I went in hospital temple and continuously praying for her until doctor come out from OT with the news that twinkle is out of danger… but after some time we got to know that she has lost her memory as well as mentally she has become nine years old…. it was enough for us… everything was shattered but somehow ma, papa and bebe consoles maya and raminder papa… we were not able to think should we cry bcz of leela maa’s death or happy that twinkle is fine…. twinkle had been forgot everything except me and maya…. yes she’d remember our name as well face but nothing else…. we were confused on this then doctor had cleared our confusion that sometimes it happens with people when before a major accident they’d talk or met with someone then that convo or their face or name gets prints in their brain…. so bcz of that when they come in conscious state they usually remember only those things…. everyone was in dilemma that how to react as twinkle was behaving like a small girl and not recognizing enyone……

But I was happy that my twinkle has not forget me….. after some day she has discharged from hospital and came to her house…. she used to spent her whole time with me or maya… after sometime she became friendly with everyone… she never asked about leela ma.. somewhere it was good for her as well as us bcz it would’ve difficult for us if she had asked about her mother…. after some day schools had reopen and as me and twinkle were in same class so we still used to go with each other… but everything had been changed now our classmates had starts to made her fun, to tease her but she had never bothered as I was always there for her… she had lost her memory but IQ was same, she had never failed in any subject and that’s why we complete our school then college like that… our bond had been became more stronger than before…..

It was last valentine day before my n twinkle’s marriage when maya proposed me, she told me that she’d loved me since she’s lost her mother and I was taking care of twinkle… bcz of my that nature she started loving me… I was shocked and not able to think anything… I couldn’t understand how to react… I didn’t wanted to break her heart bcz she’s already lost lots of thing in her life and if I had reject her proposal she would’ve break down.. but I had to do that bcz I didn’t want her to live her life in fake hope as I loved twinkle only and will always love her…. but for my surprise she’s thanks me instead of break down… yes she’s thanks me for telling her truth cum loving her sister after knowing her condition… she was happy that I loved her sister and she promised me that she’ll never come between us and I should also forget what happen sometime before… twinkle is really very lucky she’s a sister like maya… after that incident I was feeling guilty and never talk to her like before… she was always trying to make me feel comfortable but not guilt in my heart… but I couldn’t… bcz somewhere it was my fault that she falls for me….

Like that days passed and it was one month before our marriage when there was a marriage in Chandigarh of our some relatives son.. they had invited us.. I didn’t wanted to go but I’d to go for my twinkle as she wanted to go n enjoy all the function of marriage.. so how could I resist her… so we all went there… we enjoyed a lot there it was reception party… all were busy in chit chatting with each other… I was with twinkle and just adoring her childish n innocent behavior… then I got a call and received it and couldn’t knew when twinkle left from there… after hanging the call I was searching for her but couldn’t found her… and just after few second I heard a voice it was twinkles voice and she was screaming…. I went in the direction of voice… it was coming from a room.. I broke the door and went in and was shocked to see the scenario… my eyes were red due to anger and I’ve tighten my fist due to which my nervous were clearly visible on my body… I saw Vikki, one of the our relatives son who’d a bad eyes on twinkle since we went there, he was on top of my twinkle and trying to…… I just went to him and start to beat him black n blue… how dare he to touch my twinkle? how can he misbehave with her? he knew very well her condition then how could he’d stoop so low… I would’ve kill him with flower vase if twinkle hadn’t hugged me tightly and I leave him and hugged back my twinkle for consoling her… she was in shock and was not able to understand the situation bcz of her condition… after sometime I broke hug and cup her face and she said “ku..ku…knuj lo.. look he is ve…very… very bad…he was trying to ki..ki..kiss me… kunj he don’t know na that always respect girls and never should try to touch them without their permission?” she asked it childish way… I was feeling guilt how innocent she is… I wanted to kill him there only but couldn’t… I’ve consoles her and turn to leave with her wrapping my one arm around her shoulder in side hugging position when I found crowd on the door including our family…

They asked me about it then I told them whole matter… but for my surprise some ladies were saying against twinkle instead of that bl**dy Vikki… how can a woman do this with another woman?… it was unbearable for me when they called twinkle characterless and she is doing drama of a mental.. and also mine n twinkles relation is an illegitimate relation bcz she use to spent her maximum time with me… how can they think so low that a friendship, which is a purest relation in this world, can be illegitimate?…. I was out of control and would have shout at them if bebe had not slapped one of them… yes bebe slapped her and maa too support her and both of them scolds them for their low n ugly thought…. this make me proud myself that I’ve maa n bebe like them in my life…. but I too wanted shut their mouth even everyone who has cheap heart, who is an orthodox, who can’t respect such a pure relation n human…. so I announce that twinkle lives with me bcz I love her and want to marry her making everyone shocked…. but my parents praises me for what I’d told few minute before…. after sometime all left from there leaving me and twinkle behind them alone… I look at my twinkle who was looking me with her innocent face

“Kunj you love me?” she asked me in childish way while I nodded my head in yes.

“I love you too kunj… but why will you marry with me?” she replied as well as asked… there was a different in her n my LOVE…

“Because after our marriage we’ll live together… you will live with me in my house and my room then no one will misbehave with you nor tease you… and I’ll be always with you all time and forever” I replied making her understand… and she again hugged me tightly…

“really kunj… we’ll live together… then we’ll do our work together na… you will never leave me na? when are we going to marry kunj?” she asked in happiness as she has got such a beautiful gift…

“yes twinkle its true and we’ll marry after reaching Amritsar… now let’s go to our family” I told her caressing her face… and after sometime without wasting time we left from there and return back Amritsar…. next day maa papa n bebe called guruji for looking the date of our marriage…. then raminder papa thanks me for my this favor and always being with his daughter and protect her from every things…

“uncle please don’t thanks to me… you only told na that I’m like your son so a father never thanks to his children but order them what he want from them… and actually I should thanks to you for believing me, for consider me your son and always your support to me bcz of that only I’m able to take such a big responsibility” I replied taking his blesses and he hugs me emotionally

“I would’ve done something good in my past birth that I’ve got a son-in-law like you” he then replies caressing my face

“uncle from now I’m your son but not son-in-law and your son needs you blessings so please don’t be so formal” I said in fake anger making him smile

“and I’m your papa too but not uncle ok…” he said n left from there then I saw maya who was smiling at me but I couldn’t make any eye contact with her in guilt but she came to me

“thanks for giving us all the happiness” she said and left from there….. and after finalizing our marriage date days passed with all the rituals…. we all were very happy but one person was there whose happiness had no bounds and she was my twinkle bcz for her this marriage was like her dolls marriage which I think all girls used to play in their childhood.. but for me it was a bond of lifetime and a relation of heart…. and finally we got married!!!


Precap :- Kunj I wanna wear saari… but twinkle….. ok bhabhi will halp you….. no you’ll make me wear…… twinkle’s accident…… who are you…. twinkle I’m your kunj…. its can’t possible…where is maa…. kunj will you marry with maya?……. !!!!

How was it? dekho maine pehli baar aise likha hai so please tell me do you like it and do you want its next part??? Well let me know your opinion through your comment. Btw next part will be depend upon your response if I’ll get good response as your comment then only I’ll upload next part so…. do comment…

Sorry for grammatical and typing error.

Now ba bye

Love you all my friends.


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  1. Very interesting…
    cant wait 4 ur update
    How many parts will be there?

    1. Shalini15

      Thanks Riya, I’m glad you like it… well it will be 4 part…next part will be uploded anytime.

      Lots of love..

  2. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hi neha di,
    it was so emotional and unique… I loved the idea. looking forward for it. do continue soon

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Shalini15

      Hey Tamanna thank you so much yaar.. I’m glad you loved the concept… next part has uploaded will be publised anytime..

      Love you♥♥

  3. Hi shalini that’s so sweet of you yar this os was Mindblowing and I loved it the way kunj cared for twinkle was sooo cute and plz post the next asap the precap is making me go crazy

    1. Shalini15

      Hi Sushmitha thank you so for your precious comment… I’m glad you liked it nd twinj too.. well sorry for late reply.. next part has uploaded will be published anytime.

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  4. SidMin23

    It was awesome and precap give me shock so many suspense

    1. Shalini15

      Thank you so much Sidmin23 I’m glad you like it… Next part has uploaded will be published anytime

      Waise if you don’t mind can you pls tell me your real name?

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  5. Next part jaldi upload karna. It’s a nice story. 😀

    1. Shalini15

      Thank you so much Franciee for your precious comment..I’m glad you like it….well next part has uploaded will be published anytime..

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  6. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey shalu (hope you don’t mind me calling u shalu) what is this haan? U left me spellbound… I’m shortage of words to praise… Damn this just beyond words… Unique and interesting… Loved from the heart core… Awwwww Kunj is so sweet loved how he cared for Twinkle… Can’t wait for next epi… Post asap…

    Love you❤

    1. Shalini15

      Hey Vaasu thank you so much for your precious comment on my writing peice nd I’m glad you like it n feel uniqe.. well ye mere khurapati dimag ka stupide concept tha…hehehe….

      N of course you can call me Shalu or whatever you want to call me.. I’ll loved everything by you bcz you are my friend… right?
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  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi tha…loved it

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      Thank yuo so much Purnima for your precious comments, your comments always make me smile….well next part has uploaded will be publised anytime..

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  8. Angel20

    Amazing story, eagerly waiting for the next part!

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      Thank you so much Maria for the comment.. I’m glad you like this.. well next part has uploaded will be published anytime…

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  9. neha dii it was too good but plzz show some romance in nxt epi…..love u dii

    1. Shalini15

      Haawwww Adeeba my naughty behna first part mein hi romance ki dimand han?… well thank you so much for your precious comments… I’m glad you like this… next part has uploaded will be posted anytime..

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  10. Sameera

    La apne charan de I mean yaar itña cute os uff kaise likhna hai friendship of twinj was awesome kunj hayee mar jawa itña cute character uff ????? and twinkle innocent questions Amazingn yaar hats off for this beautiful piece of writing I mean just loved it to the core ….
    Next part jaldi post Karna can’t wait for it yaar abhi se hal chal hai twinkle ki memory wapas and she didn’t remember kunj uff Kya higa plz plz jaldi post Karna
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    1. Shalini15

      Haawwww Sammu main kyun doon apne charan… main buddhi thodi hun…. I’m a girl like you……… well thank you sooooooo much for you precious, sweet nd lovely comments…. I’m glad you like it nd found it uniqe nd interesting….. next part has uploaded will be published anytime…

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  11. Presha

    Hey shall its awesome amazing a bit emotional but loved it to the core love u lot t as ke care byee
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      Thank you so much Presha I’m glad you like it nd enjoyed it…next part has uploaded will be publised anytime…

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  12. Aamna_2690

    Hey neha di!!
    U left me with no words….. it’s just awsum….. Kunj’s care towards twinkle…. his nature u described it beautifully……. it’s simple yet beautiful……. loved it??……… but the precap is scaring me di……. twinkle didn’t remember kunj…… n who’s the asking him to get married to Maya…….uff…. where we have little chance of having twinj romance in next epi…… on the same hand is that they have to part there ways…….. plz post next one soon….. u had left me excited…..
    Love u di ????
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    1. Shalini15

      Hayeeeee Aanu my naughty behana first part mein hi romance ki demand… well thank you so much for the comment I’m glad you like it nd twinjs character too… next part has uploaded will be published anytime

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    Very innocent and innovative os

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      Thank you so much Sohi I’m glad you liked it… next part has uploaded…

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    Hey di it was awesome an interesting plot completely different a new concept
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      Thank you so much Mili for your precious comment…I’m glad you like it nd found it different…

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    1. Shalini15

      Omg Priya tu toh mujhse do nhi char kadam aage nikli… yaar mujhe lagta tha sirf main hi bak bak karti hun TU par lekin tu toh mujhse bhi jyada bak bak queen nikli….

      Well thank you so much for commenting on my written peice nd leting me know that I’ve also silent reader… waise main hamesha sochti thi ki tu sabke ff par cmnt karti hai par mere par nahi iska matlab my ff is not good.. I always wanted you to cmnt on my ff, talk to me but you never… but jab maine is OS par tera cmnt dekha I was dancing like mad… sach mein yaar tune mera dil khush kar diya….

      Nd yes of course I’ve accepted you as my special sista nd you can call me didu… I loved it… but will you be my partnar in bak bak?

      Well thank you so much for liking this OS n also my ff…. nd about romance let see in 2part … nd sorry for late reply nd late update…

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      Hayeeee dhanya ho my maina ki tune comment toh kiya nd thank you so much for that… I’m glad you like it… main toh tujhse till infinity pyaar karti hun par kya karu yaar bahot busy hun isliye late ho gayi…. sorryyyyyyy…. well next part has uploaded… iss bar gayab mat hona… comment kar dena if you love me…

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    Awesome amazing Superb n it’s completely unique dear di
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      Awww Ramya you are so sweet yaar.. you always told me when ever i’ll get time then post… sachhi yaar you are too good nd thank you so much for commenting I’m glad you loved it..I mean abhi complete bhi nahi kiya nd you’ve started falling for it… thank you sooooo much…

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      Thank you so much Chiku I’m glad you like it nd found it heart touching…nd sorry for late reply…

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      Thank you so much Aayu I’m glad you loved it… next part has uploaded

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