Do Dil Joh Kabhi Na Honge Judaa (A New Start) Part 17 (AUTHOR NOTE+NOT CONTINUING)

Author’s Note
Hiii guyzzz hope u remember me and ya I’m veru sad b’coz of less comments tell me if it is boring I would end it but plzzzz at least tell me…. I knw I’m not a very good writer but I try to write just for u all .. the one who love my ff for them… I hope atleast there r some who love it or there’s no one…. But if it goes like this only then I’m sooo sorry this will be my last post on this episode… so if u want that I should cont. then tell me and if not then this is my last epi… I’m soo sorry and I’ll give a short summary of whole story…. Tell me what u want….
And I must tell u that writing 1 episode takes atleast 1 hour and I’m writing it for u all n still less response make me discontinue it…..
By the way lets begin with the episode….
Link for part 16 –part-16

Part 17
After everyone left…..

Rt calls someone….
He talks something which is mute…. And ends the call…. He’s very angry and goes to his room…
Now kunj is shown standing behind the door….

K (confused ) – who is that man and who ran ????…. there is something fishy why was uncle so worried I must find out……
Just then rt comes , kunj hide… Rt leaves in his car… now kunj also follows him……
Rt comes to an isolated place…… he gets out of the car and enters the house…
Kunj also gets down..
K – why did he came here…..
Rt and someone was talking kunj could only see Rt and not the other guy and also could not hear anything…..
Rt angrily leaves the place…..
K – why is he sooo angry….???
Then when Rt left , he saw a girl hiding behind a bush….
Kunj went to her….
K – hwy who are u…??
She turned her face . she was neha ( portrayed by tejasswi aka ragini of swaragini) her face was all pale and covered with marks …
She get’s afraid and hides….
K – hey calm down.. u r too scared .. dnt be scared ..i’ll not do anything to u…. come out….
the girl hesitately comes out..
k – who are u ??? and why were u hiding ???
g – I’m neha and those goons kidnapped me but today I ran from there..
k thinks – ohhh so this was the girl who ran but why did uncle did all this….
K – ok calm down first let’s go to my home … you will be safe there…
When both of them were leaving.. the goons saw them..
Goon1 – hey the girl is there…
Goon2 – catch that idiot….
K – run fast neha…
Both of them runs fast but the goon fires and the bullet oes through neha’s hand…
K – hey r u ok…
N – ye…yes…I’m ..let’s run..
Both of them enters the car… and leaves….
Goon1 – we need to tell the boss…
Goon2 – no no… I think we should follow them… if we’ll tell boss he’ll kill us all… let’s follow them I’m sure they would have gone to the near by hospital….
In car
Neha was bleeding badly….
K – r u ok..?? dont wrry .. hospital is near only….
Kunj took her to the hospital as she was unconscious he took her in his arms and went….
And someone clicks their pics….
Scene shifts…
Rt on phone – hey u dont worry this marriage will happen at any cost……. And then I’ll tell twinkle the worst truth of her life…..
Man 2 – but I don’t get this what has she doen to u… she loves u soo much….
Rt – she doesn’t loves me … u don’t understand she is doing all this drama so that I can give her half of my property….
Scene shifts….
K – hey are u alright…
N – umm.. yes …. I am…. thank u sooo much….
K – no need of thanks yrrr… I did this for humanity… btw can I ask u one question…
N – yaa sure……
K – do u know rt uncle..
Neha gets shocked….but doesn’t tell him…
N – how do u know him….
He tells her everything…
She gets hurt and cries….
K – hey why are u crying…..plzzzz tell me….. plzzz dnt cry… stop crying….
Neha tells him something and he’s shocked…..
K in full rage- how can he do dis… I’ll not leave him… he’s ruining sooo many lives…. No he cant do this…
Scene shifts….
Yuvi is driving and then suddenly someone drunk comes infront of his car…
Y – ohhh shit….
He comes out…
Y – hey are u ok… and turns the person….
And he’s none other than Sid….
Y – sid u here…
S ( drunken ) – ye…ess… cnt…ii…….
Y – come .. come with me… you are not alright .. u have hirt your leg let’s go to the doctor…..
And yuvi takes him in his car and leaves…….
Precap – not decided

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  1. Presha

    Awesome yaar..
    Loved it..
    Do continue

  2. Cheena2001Cp

    Yashasavi I know how it feels when you do not get desired comments but I bet you write very well and you can do better??
    …..Pata nahi log Comment kyu nahi karte Hain?????…But anyways….continue it ..byee??

  3. SidMin23

    Your not worst writer your awesome writer and according to comment even we are also getting less comment that doesn’t means we should stop writing and keep writing this ff and don’t worry about write for your regular commenter hope u will continue this ff

  4. The episode was marvellous ❤ …….speechless❤
    Don’t you dare say you will discontinue it
    Write for your regular readers who are enjoying your ff
    Post soon
    Love u
    Keep smiling

  5. Aamu

    Hmmm…i can reallly understand yaaaar..?..
    it took one hour for u..but for me it takes 2 or more…hour for me…as i post late n have to give long..
    Welll we alll do hardwork…just for the readers..n dey dint even write a single cmnt..?…


    Aree yaaar…cmnt karne me koi tax ni me……koi bada bill nahi aaanewala tumpar..
    Plssss…agar u read to appreciate karna b sikho yaaaar..!!
    Mehnat lagti hai..
    N dimaaag b….
    Pls try to cmnt..
    Just a word..but do it yaaarooo..plsss…

    N yashu…i hadnt read it..if u can..give me summary pls..
    Love yaa..
    Dont be sad yaar

  6. Sohi

    Hey yashu please don’t end thus ff so soon
    Plz don’t be sad we are always with you to support u
    If you really want to end this ff then complete the plot and end it

    Now coming to the episode it was very thrilling, what is with rt

    Waiting for the next update
    Do continue

  7. Ramya

    Awesome one yashu
    Please don’t end it dear
    U know I’m ur biggest fan
    Please don’t do this
    Love you keep smiling

  8. kisne kha tum worst writer ho me uski band na Baja du ? ? ?
    yrr itna Sara suspense ab kya hoga aage episode was marvellous ????
    plz end mat karo yrr plzzzzz
    post sooooonnn
    luv u???

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    AWESOME n do continue soon

  10. Hey yashu don’t be sad yrr…plzzz… your happiness looks nice on u not sadness..???..and this episode was toooo goood!! ?????? your writing style is amazing???But its totally upto u when u want to end it..and i knw how does it feel when u get less comments. Sometimes some ppl r busy so they don’t comment. But when u r giving 100% in writing ff or whatever u expect that comments should come at least 15 or 16 or more. So i am neither forcing u to continue this ff nor i am requesting u ..its totally upto u sweetheart. ???? It feels so bad that u r giving 1 hr or 2 hrs to write one episode and only few comments r there. And u only say na that at least ppl should comment whether bad or good at least they should comment . But they don’t so obvio anyone will feel dear i am just saying that its totally upto u..ok byeee….
    Post soon
    Love u!?

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  12. Baby

    OMG !!! ♥
    my yashu kun shocks dey rhi hai yrr……♥
    itna sab kuch ek saath hii ufff….literally amazing opsm marveleous ♥
    suspense hi suspense…….♥
    kuch toh gadbad hai pakka se……..♥
    loved the episode very mch……♥
    n dose pix ohhh god kya hoga ab♥
    srsly plssss post soon my jaan my drama queen plsssss…..♥
    yrrr aisaaa hii chal rha hai aajkall nooo cmnts….♥
    well srsly luv u alottt…….♥
    now I ll bid adieu to u n hop[e to talk to u soon………♥
    love u sis…….♥♥♥

  13. Awsm epi…. full on suspense…. curiosity…. wanna know what is going on…. plzzź yr don’t end I will surely try to comnt from now on…. but don’t end it yr ….
    Luv u??❤❤❤

  14. I am once time in a blue moon. I very rarely cmt. So noone does know me. I read urs after a long time. Cheer up. It’s always feels gr8 to read ur writing. Awesome.. I know this word is very small to describe such an awesome epi..but am very buzy..plz do cont..

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