Do Dil Jo Kabhi Na Honge Judaa ( PART- 9 )


Hiiii guyssss…. Thank u soooooooooooo sooooooooooooo much fr ur valuable comments…. And in todays part there is little romance n comedy as suggested by my sweety pie krysiee di…… N I have replied to u all u can check if not links r below.

Part- 9
Recap- twinj remembering about each other n tears fall.
Taneja mansion
Tw’s eyes were closed she remembered about kunj n unknowingly smiled n tears come out of her eyes, and this moment was disturbed by the knock, at the dork.
Tw came out of her world n wiped her tears……..and opened the door n is shocked to see ………no no not kunj itni jaldi Milan nhi ho rha he….. the person was sid.
Tw- sid u, u here, at this time.
Sid- hey tw I didn’t came as ur fiancée yrrr, before that we r frd , best friends, do I need to take appointment to meet my 1st bff n last and smiles
Tw also smiles genuinely – no yrr not at all, if u came as a bff then u r most invited n u dnt need to take permission, come
Tw- now tell wt do want to ask……..
Sid- how did u knew that I came here to ask something ( questioning look )
Tw- are stupid, I am ur 1st n last bff, I knw u since I was born as u , uncle n aunty was dad’s bff n we met usually regularly so I know u…..
Listening mom n dad’’s name sid’s eyes became red with full of tears but controlled………… tw saw this
Tw- hey sid I am sorry yrrr. Before she could complete sid hugged her n before she could hug him back , he relised n broke the hug n said sorry
Tw- ohh hooo friendship me no sorry no thank u, n mujhe lgta he jab se tum aaye ho , only I am speaking , challo now tell ..
Sid- actually tw today I proposed u , n u said yes , but I think that u said b’coz of aunty, uncle n soo that I dnt get embarrassed ……………….
Tw- no sid, it’s not like that
Sid- it’s like that tw, even I know u…… I know u r not fully satisfied………………
Tw stand – no sid, It was my wish yrrrr,
Sid ( sarcastically )- acha. Then. Then. Yeah. Then swear on our friendship n stands..
Tw- wt is this sid, u r behaving like a kid.
Sid- same goes with u……….. u just tell me or else I’ll, I’l, he took a glass n braked it n picked up a piece of glass, or else I’ll cut my hand
Tw- ( worried )- r u out of ur mind crazy…………….n shouts……………

After sometime they heard a knock tw got tensed
Tw in low volume- plzzz sid put that knife aside, plzzz
Again the sound thuk thuk thuk………….
And it is revealed it was leela
Leela- tw puttar open the door, wt’s happening , y did u shout and she bangs the door loudly , then rt also comes.
Rt- beta plzz open the door, we all r very tensed beta, see ur mom she is so worried beta open…
Rt- leela I think I should break the door
Leela- yes ji ,plzzz
Dnt knw wt’s happening

And rt moves back and runs to hit the door and when he hits the door, at that moment tw also unlatched the door and the result was fell on the ground n his hand fell on a box and on that box there was red paint that felll due to rt’s hand and the the cap opened and paint started to flow out , n here tw shouts “papa “” and runs to him n actually rt’s back is towards tw so tw turns rt n just then paint fall on rt’s face….
Here leela comes from behind and is shocked to see rt with his face all covered in paint….
Before she could say anything tw bursted into laughing…………….very loudly, just then he noticed rt who was glaring at him so she stopped laughing.
Leela ( controlling her laugh- jee……… how..did this happened…………
Rt- wt happened , why did she laughed n wt happened……………..
Tw controlling her laughter.
Papa… u…u wait. I’ll show.u
N she brings mirror n asked rt to see his face and as rt saw it he screamed and tw n leela bursted into laughing, tw was laughing with her whole heart………..

Precap- u’ll decide, whether is positive or negative

Hey sorry no romantic scene , actually I have decided it’s story already , but knw 2nd story came to my mind so was confused, n sorry kryssiee di, no romantic scene……. But promise next will be a romantic one.pkka wala promise, now plzz tell me whether u want sid to b negative or positive, bçoz only this wil tell my story. So it will be decide through votings, n plzz tell bçoz in next epi either sid will be negative or positive , so till the time I’ll not get my ans I’ll not write so silent readers plz plzzz do coment, acha dnt praise me but atleast u can tell ur choice yrr plzz

Credit to: yashasvi ( yashu )

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  1. I would say positive and not to let any more hurdles come in between Twinj

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxxx cupcake, even i think same

  2. Sayeeda

    Ummmm……I’m bit confused… what to do? ….As per me negative…. rest ur votings will decide….
    I’m so happy to see ur ff…finally u r continuing with it…good dear…

    I really enjoyed the comedy part…loved it…waiting for next one…
    Love u Yashu darling….

    1. Yashasvi

      thankew soooooooooooooo much sayeeda, luv u…………….. let’s see , i have to wait fr voting results

  3. Episode was really very good.. N I would suggest to go wid a negative character of sid.. 😉

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxx poorvi, ook

  4. SidMin

    Sid should be positive so that Twinj realise their love for each other and then you can make Sid negative

    1. Yashasvi

      ohhkkk sidmin, thank u sooooo much, it means u want sid positive

      1. SidMin

        Yes Yashasvi

  5. Krystal_Krysiee

    see todays epi was fantastic yashuu i loved it

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxxx krysiee dii was waiting fr ur comment

  6. Fan

    Nice epi..

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxx fan

  7. Shatakshi

    Hey yashu it was too good

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxx shatakshi dii

  8. Dreamer...arundhati

    Yashu epi was great but let sid b positive…its a request
    Ctd asap

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxx dreamer n ya sure request accepted as till now there r 2 negative n 3 positive………..

  9. Osmmmm epi dea loved it so much

    1. Yashasvi

      thxxxxxxxxxx zikra

  10. Yashu…
    Fantastic episode..
    Ofcourse it wl be fantastic if the wrote is fantastic…
    ?????????love ya

    1. Yashasvi

      thankew soooooooooooo much SMC…………..

  11. yr osm bt unite twinj asap

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