Do Dil Jo Kabhi Na Honge Judaa ( PART-6)

Hiiii guys I know I’am late but I thnk u all r not liking my ff as I got only 4-5 comments, so if u wnt me to end this ff or u thnk that I am not able to fulfill ur expectations I ‘ll not continue .. but fr now let’s start
Recap- yuki’s marriage , some emotional moments

Yuki entered the Luthra Mansion. Anita did their aarti and all the other rituals..
Anita – chinki beta, it’s already 4 am I thnk now u should tae rest as tonight is ur reception…
Chinki- mummyji u dnt worry , I’ll be ready by 11..
Raj – beta if u vll get ready hy 11 then when vll u sleep..
Anita – yes beta , from now this is also ur house and I am like… no no… I am ur mother only ( smiles )
Chinki – thankew sooo much mummyji..
Anita – no need of thankew beta, have u seen any daughter saying thankew to her mother, and please no need of mummyji, u call ur mother maa n, so y being formal with me… u can call me maa or mom…
Chinki smiled and hugged her and said I love u maa… I am soo lucky that I got two mothers..
Raj- and two fathers also… ( chinki nodded )
Kunj- ohhhoooo u all forgot me.. bhabhi I am also ur devar cum bro
Chinki – hmmm….. I have got two bros also…
Kunj- two..

Chinki- ya… sid….
Kunj- ohhh ……. But he is
Anita- kunj it’s her 1st day in our house, and it’s all reay 4:30.. now let her sleep and us too as tomorrow we have to do many preparations….
And chinki u get ready by 7 as the function vll start from 8..
Chinki- mom 7… it vll be too late…7.. no 6.. no no 5…
Anita – but beta it’s too early, when vll u rest,,,
Chinki- no mom it’s perfectly alright…

Anita – but..
Uv – ohooo mom chinki , calm down guys
Kunj- idea.. neither of bhabhi nor of mom.. bhabhi u get ready by 6… ok…
Uv- ok????
Anita n chinki – okk…
And all went to their respective rooms.. yuki entered uv’s room and was surprised, there were photoframes of chinki with twinkle, rt leela and sid….. and photos of chinki with raj,anita and kunj, pics of yuki, pics of chinkle and sid…
Chinki- wowww!!!!! Uv… it’s … it’s sooooooooo soooooooo awesome… and hugged him
Uv- I knew that u vll be happy but this much……
Chinki- uv u r the best luv u…..
Uv- luv u too darling….
And they start romancing and then after some time they slept.. ( guys I thnk u can understand I cant explain their that moments yrrr… I am a sweet, little girl of 12… so….. hope u understand.. and vesse bhi privacy naam ki bhi koi cheez he… hahaha hehehe )
Scene changes

It’s morning and 11 am..
Anita- ohhoo bhaiya wt r u doing.. u it like this way… ramu is decoration of garden is done, and wt about kitchen, there vll be many guests, is the stuff enough…. And sanju where r the dresses…..
Kunj- maa chill yrrr…. Y r u in such a hurry it’s only 11 and the party vll start at 8….
Anita- I know but everything is incomplete…
Tw- then wt happened aunty, I am here to help u…
Anita and kunj turns and saw twinkle
Anita- twinki beta .. u here.. but
Tw- ufff hooo aunty no needs of but, this is my sis house and u r her mom so then u r also my mom , and a daughter can help her mom.. am I right….!!!! ( smiles )
Anita- ohh beta, that’s soo sweet of u…. ok u can also help…. Kunj u also help her… ok…. Ok….
Kunj- ya….. hmmm. Ok mom, I’ll…

Tw helps in all the preparation…. And it’s already 5:50 pm… and in these 7hrs many times twinj had eyelock, twinkle slipped and kunj caught her in his arms…..
Anita- OMG!!!!!! It’s 5:50 and till now uv’s and chinki’s dress has not come…
Kunj- don’t worry mom I and tw vll go….
A voice from behind- it’s of no need as I have already brought it….
Anita and twinj turned and saw it was…. It was….. ohoooo thnk… yes… now u r right… it was sid…
Sid- aunty I have brought it
Tw- sid u here, but u went fr a meeting…
Sid – ya and when I was returning from that place I saw a man that didn’t knew the address as he was new in Amritsar, so he came to me and asked abt the address and that was of Luthra Masion… so I told him that I vll take it to u , first he was not trusting me but then he trusted as he came to knw that chinki is my is my sis……
Tw- ohhh that’s great sid…
Anita- yes sid thank you soo much…
Sid- no need of thank you aunty, u r also like my mom… ( smiles ) tw I thnk we should leave as leela aunty called me thrice as u were not picking ur phone….

Tw- ohh ya..!! actually it got discharged…
Sid- no pblm, now let’s leave
Jst then chinki arrives wearing a red and green colored salwaar kameez… she was looking gorgeous as usual
Chinki – gd evening maa, kunj… and twinkle sid u here…
Anita – beta who avtually tw came to help us….
Chinki- ohhh and sid, I thnk today was ur meeting…
Tw- ya di… who actually ( and tells her everything )
Chinki- okkk and I thnk now u both should leave otherwise maa ….
Tw- ooppsss!! Ya di.. ok bye luv and vll meet at 8…
Sid- bye sis.. luve u..
Chinki- bye sid and tw, luv u both…

Anita- awwww!!!! Chinki is soo lucky to have a sis like twinkle and bro like sid…
Kunj- okk I understand abt tw, but wt abt sid….
Anita- wt pblm do u have with him…
Kunj- nothing.. but I dnt know I dnt like him
Chinki – kunj did u said something..
Kunj- no bhabhi nothing ,. I thnk u should get ready as guests vll be there by 8…
Anita- yes chinki, it’s ur reception today. Go get ready and take these clothe..
Chinki took those cloths and went…. Anita also went to her room

Kunj in mind- I dnt knw whenever I see sid with twinkle I get irritated, y I dislike him, ahhhhh… there’s no reason, but I know there is some reason… y I care fr twinkle? Y when she is near me I feel like I should not let her go? Y I feel soo calm…?? Omg kunj… wt r u thing… that to abt that siyappa queen… wt’s happening to me.. am I feeling fr her… no,no,no kunj it’s nothing… u jst shut ur thoughts and go and get ready…

Precap- surprise…!!!! A very big shock…..

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