Do Dil Jo Kabhi Na Honge Judaa ( PART-4)

Hiiiiii guyzzz and I soo sry fr the mistake…… the part 3 ws updated before part 2…. Sooooooo sryyy…. And sam as pr ur wish I vll write it in eng…. And there vll b some dialogues in hindi so I vl also giv the translation…… and I thnk my ff is not gud…. B’coz there r only 4-5 comments….. bt it’s ok as I know that I am not a good writer…. Ab kch bhi kru hu toh chotti si praayi si… innocent bachhi…. Ok know no more bak-bak let’ start
as both girls and boys have performed and the winners girls so now it’s time fr couple dance I mean uv and chinki bt before there’s someone to come…. A new entry…… (Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
kunj- know as everybody has danced and girls have won …………( irritatedly ) and…………..
a voice comes from back- and know it’s time fr couple dance………
tw- u here…..( surprised )
person- yyyy????? I cnt b here……
tw- bt u had gone to goa fr meeting….
person- I know bt how can I miss my dear sis sangeet…
Tw- bt…….
Leela- ohhooo stop it tw he had came jst now and started asking him ques instead of giving him water….
Tw- y mom… y shld i….
Chink ( interrupted tw)- wowwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sid u came I knew u vll come bt they didn’t understood…. And see u r here….. I luv u bro……… ( excitedly )
( the person is none other than sis… he is rt’s friend son and live with them… and it vll be reavealed later that y he stays with them… chinki is like sis to her and tw… is her bff.)
Sid- yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can I let down my sis belief
Uv- hii yrrr sid… wt a surprise.. and I mst tell that chinki ws missing u like hell..
Sid- (smiling)- I knew it… ( astonished ) btw what r u doing here ( luking at kunj )
Kunj- hllo mr. sis I am ur jiju’s bro….
Sid – wt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tw- ya….( Loud ) this sadu is my di’s devar ( whispered )
Kunj- did u say something
Tw- no… nothing……. Btw I am angry with u sid…. That’s ok that u wnt it to be a surprise bt u didn’t even tell me…. Ur darling… ( showing fake anger )
Sid- ok sryyy baba…. Bt thought uthat u vll be happy to see me after so many days.. bt u….. ( sadly )
Tw- it’’s not like that I am not happy bt atleast…….
Rt- tw putta bas kr beta uski shakl toh dekh bechara kitna udaas ho gya he………….
( tw stop it child just look at his face…he has become so upset )
Sid- no uncle it’s fine…… pleazz don’t scold tw…
Kunj in mind- sid he is soo gud and luk at this siyappa queen…..
Tw- okk ok I accepted ur sry… and even I am sry… ( smiling)… sid nodded smilingly
Chinki- now if u hav done can we start with dance……..
Anita and leela- seems like someone is vvv excited………
Chinki- no maa , mom it’s nothing like that ( blushing )
Bebe- ok ok now pleazz stop all this let’s dance…. Can we hav some music fr our chinki and uv…..
The music ‘” sab tera “from baghi.. ( all yours ) starts playing and yuki danced vvvvv romantically … all starts clapping fr them…. Then all of them came and started dancing on buddhu sa man.. (foolish heart ) from kapoor and sons……
“”The sangeet ceremony ends….””

At night
The mehendi function is going on….chinki is wearing a green color anarkali , twinkle is wearing a golden and red colored salwaar kameez and all r wearing wt they usually wear…..
All ladies were applying mehendi and so do twinkle and she was remembering a past moment
“” flashback””
A girl in pink top and dark blue jeans and a bpy in white tee-shirt and blue jeans are coming from opposite direction and bump into eo… ( and u r guessing right ) they are twinj…
Tw- cant u see… wt is ur problem mr. srna… no no mr. sadu srna… u only find me to bump in….
Kunj- ohhh hllo miss Amritsar I am not fond of colling with u….. and even I can say that cant u see… I thnk u also have eye…
And their fight continued till 1 hr until the principal himself came and solved the matter…. Half of the college ws there seeing their fight and thinking that how can a person argue sooo much without water nonstop and that too fr 1 hr…
Tw came into her class and sid came to her and asked her wts the matter and y is she so late and sad?????
Sid- tw wt happened?? R u oky…. I ws waiting fr u and our 1 hr lecture has also finished…!!!!! Wt happened comeon tell me…. I am vvvv tensed…
Tw narrated him the whole incident
Sid- wt?? this much happened and I don’t know anything… and r ufine.. did he misbehave with u??? if he did anything tewll me I vll not leave him
Tw- no sid…. It’s of no need as I have argued with him fr an hr and I thnk know whole day he vll not argue with anyone…. And secondly its of no use as I know he is too subborn
Sid- bt not more than u…… ( teasing )
Tw- yeah!!!! ( smiling ) sid u know only u r the one who can make me smile even when I am sad or angry
Sid- I thnk thatswhy I am ur bff and tw nodded…..
Tw- luv u bff
Sid- luv u too bff…
“” fb ends””

By now her mehendi ws done and when she saw it she was shoked as in between her mehendi letter “” K”” ws written
Tw to the lady who ws appliying mehendi- wt hav u done?? Y hav u written K in it
Lay- u only told me
Tw- wt???? me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lady- yes.. when I asked u what to write or which letter to write u said KUNJ so I wrote K….
Tw- ohhnooooo wwt hav I done……… ( in mind ) I am sryy aunty
Lady- it’s ok..
( actually tw ws thinking abt the fb so when the lady asked her she ws not in her sense and by mistake said kunj’s name )

Precap- marriage of yuki…..

Hiii guysss … hope u enjoyed it… actually I was thinking that I vll not describe the marriage of yuki as my main aim is twinj…. So ws jst asking if u all want I vll describe it bt if u all wnt yuki’s marriage to cover up soon I vll do it a episode only

Credit to: yashu


  1. Amazing amazing amazing superb fab osmmmmmmmm loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

  2. Ria

    Hey, it was amazing.. Don’t feel for the less number of comments.. There will be people who will be eager to read your ff.. And, according to me if you want you can complete Yuki’s marriage in an episode.

  3. yashu

    thxxx ria, zikra,baby,panchi,lama,sadaf and fiona…… thankew sooooooo soooooooo mch…. ok vll coplete yuki’s marriage in one epi…..

  4. rochu

    vvvvvv cool episode yashu……awesomeeeee…..yeah u complete yuki marriage in one episode only……..and thanxxxx a lot for creating the suspense of twinj that why they hate each other so much….its just amazing……superbbbb!!!!!!!!! keep going!!

  5. yashu

    thxxxxxxx jaya snd luv u too sam…. and rochu thakew!!!!!!!!!!! sooooooo much …. luv u bff

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