Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak Saves Rithvik

Dil Hi Toh Hai 9th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rithvik and the lady conversation. Lady tries to get intimate with him. She tells that she is cheating on her middle class husband and nobody will know if she gets intimate with him. She then blackmails Rithvik to give her 50 lakhs else she will accuse him of molesting her. Rithvik asks when did I molest you? Palak comes out and tells that Rithvik didn’t do anything and she has recorded everything on her mobile. Lady asks if he is her boyfriend. Palak says yes. Lady leaves. Palak saves Rithvik from the lady. Rithvik thanks her for saving him and asks if she really recorded. She nods no. They hug each other. Manjeet comes there and tells Palak that she got the work of wedding planning here. She takes Palak with her and tells her that she is happy that she found a rich guy like

Rithvik. Palak says there is nothing between them. Rithvik hears her and thinks everyone is money minded.

Palak comes to Rithvik and tells her that her mom was talking about them, but she told her. She asks about the lady. Rithvik says she wants to heat on her husband and that’s why he broke the challenge. Palak tells that she doesn’t think all girls are after money. Shivam tells Rithvik that he was caught cheating in the exam and asks him to meet principal. Rithvik calls Vijay. Shivam gets upset. Rithvik tells that he doesn’t want him to do wrong. Rohit is scolded by Sethu. Manjeet comes to Palak and tells that Radhika is unwell and went home. She asks her to help her. Rithvik comes to know from Aman that Palak is getting part of her salary to a NGO for poor children. He gets touched and thinks she is not like his mother. Palak calls Radhika, but she doesn’t pick her call. Palak’s earring get stuck in her dupatta. Rithvik helps her out. She tells him that Radhika is unwell so her mom wants her to assist him. He asks her to take off. Sethu comes there. Palak tells Sethu that she saw Rithvik’s other side and says he is good and caring. Sethu says when he fall in love then he will understand.

In the morning, Rithvik comes to Reva’s room and finds Ananya sleeping on bed. He asks her to cover herself well before coming out. Ananya calls him old-fashioned. Rithvik says he is not old fashioned and cares for the people he cares. Reva teases Ananya asking her if she shall tell him about her kiss last night on his cheeks.. Ananya says she will tell when the time is right. Mamta and Vijay like Ananya. Vijay tells that if Ananya wants to work after marriage then she can work and tells that after Reva, it is Rithvik’s turn. Rithvik asks him not to talk about his marriage.

Palak sends kiss emoji by mistake. Rithvik comes to her. She says it was sent by mistake. Rithvik says I know and teases her. She says she brought pendrive and they shall work. He says he don’t want to go inside as his marriage talks is going on. Palak asks who is that mad girl? Rithvik smiles. Ananya comes there and asks Rithvik to tell the dance steps. Rithvik tells that he has learnt dance steps with Dr. Palak. He dances with Palak.

Reva asks Manjeet to make sure Radhika don’t return. Palak calls Radhika and gets to know that she is in hospital for abortion. She comes to hospital and meets her. she decides to stop Reva and Samar’s marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I’m loving it day by day it’s awesome everyday to watch them and their friendship is being superbly visualed and Yogitha is donning a good job . Everyday I’m falling in love more and more with the show. And this is so unlike Ekta. But it is still similar like Karan’s kitni Mohabbat hai and I personally feel rithvik’s mom(cheater one) is gonna be someone related to palak . This is my inner gut feeling knowing Ekta’s mind stories she puts on TV. As it is a web series also we can expect better.
    Love u Rithvik and Palak#palri

  2. And thanks HHasan.
    #first one to comment
    #hi Dil hi toh hai family please accept me

    1. Of course sana welcome to the dil hi to hai family……….I hope u really enjoying the show..

      1. Thank you so much

    2. I agree with sana day by day its going interesting and palak and rithwik behaving just like best buddies i really like their chemistry
      I just hope ektha iss show ko karab na Kare……..

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H Hasan

  4. Varshini

    loving this show so much , i think this is the best show in the 10 pm slot . rithwik-palak together are sooo cute . i hope rithwik does not misunderstand her after she stops reva’s wedding , after all she is saving his sister from an unhappy future . he should actually be thankful to her . thanks for the written update

  5. Palak’s mom is very irritating character. She is overacting . Are there people like that ? Really ?

  6. Minna Chandran

    Can’t b related to Palak cos then Palak will b related to ritwik end of love story!!!

  7. Really loving it… I don’t get it why this show is getting low trp???

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