Dil Hi Toh Hai 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Palak and Rithvik have a romantic dance

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The Episode starts with Rohit exercising in the gym. Palak comes there and says she thought to join the gym. She apologizes to him for not listening to him that day and says you are a good friend. Rohit tells that you have good friends also and says Sethu shall join gym. Palak says Sethu goes to gym since a year. Rohit says her arms are loose and she shall come to this gym. Palak says I will give your message to her. Rohit says no and tells that she is perfect and wherever she will go, everyone will look at her. Palak acts to be upset and goes. Rohit comes to Rithvik and tells that Palak is a genuine and nice guy.

Samar is upset with his upcoming marriage. Mamta says Samar is more like a son than a son in law. His father asks him to cheer up and tells that he has to marry anyone. Radhika messages

Samar. Reva replies to her and tells that he is breaking up with her. She messages her on Samar’s behalf and asks her to leave him alone. Radhika thinks this is not his language. Palak’s mum Manjeet Sharma asks Radhika to close the house and give keys to someone before leaving. She comes to Rithvik’s house and irritates him with marriage proposals. Rithvik says I am not interested. Aman comes to Rithvik and says your Mom is calling. Rithvik excuses himself. Manjeet asks Aman about the painting. Aman says it is costly.

Rithvik comes to Mamta and asks why did she call Manjeet? Mamta says she didn’t get any other marriage planner at last moment. He says he saw same dream in Jodhpur about his mum. Mamta says I am your mum and tells that one day he will meet someone who will change his thinking about woman. Palak tells Sethu that Rithvik is not a bad guy and is hiding his goodness behind the wall of bad. Rithvik tells that he don’t want such irritating people in his house. Next day, Manjeet tells Palak that she has seen a guy for her. Palak thinks she will not call her today. She leaves from there. Manjeet tells her husband that she wants to tell Palak that she is working in Rithvik’s house as a marriage planner. Her husband thinks to inform Palak.

British wedding planner asks Rithvik and his brothers to tell about Reva. They feel pity on Reva. Reva comes there and asks them to tell what is written in the script. They follow the script and tell them. Palak comes there and tells that she is feeling cold. Rithvik tells that he is not feeling cold and makes her wear his jacket. Palak thanks her. She asks him if he is feeling cold and asks him to say, says that his machoness will not get less with the confession. Rithvik says I am not going to hit on you even if you are last girl and says we shall go inside. Reva, Samar, Rishabh and his wife and others practice dancing for the wedding. Shivam teases her younger sister for being fat. She scolds him. Reva asks the dance teacher to change the dance steps and dances with Samar. Samar dances uninterestingly. Reva asks everyone to dance perfectly and says she don’t want anyone to do mistake. Vijay asks her to get mehendi applied first. Rithvik tells Palak that they are his crazy family. He says lets go inside, we can’t do work here.

Rithvik and Palak work in the library. He says I am so tired. Palak asks him to take an off. Rithvik tells that he will work drinking coffee and says as I am working, dad and Rishabh are enjoying the functions. Dancer tuitor comes to Rithvik and asks if she is his dance partner. Rithvik says no and tells that she is someone else. Dance tuitor asks Rithvik to practice with Palak till his dance partner comes. Palak says I can’t dance. Rithvik says even I can’t. Dance tuitor make them dance. Le Jaye Song plays….Palak and Rithvik dance together.

Palak tells Rithvik that she don’t want to pick her mum’s call as she wants him to meet some guy. She says her phone is hanged. Rithvik tries to help her and is about to take phone in his hand and see Manjeet’s pic, but just then Palak says phone is off.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ye Abhi Tak toh track bhut interesting aur romantic lg RHA h PR jld hi gltfahmiya samne aayengi. Yr promo se toh LGA than k sayad ritvik ki koi ex gf past me thi jisne ritvik love cheat Kiya ho esliye ritvik aisa h PR yha reason maa nikla

  2. Your Comment
    not his gf .his mother leave him alone in childhood for money and better life.beacause of that he doesn’t have trust in women’s.

  3. This resembles a lot the epic love story kitani mohabbat hai 1

  4. This serial is good .And I think it should get good ratings .

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