Dil Hi Toh Hai 4th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritvik suspicious of Saanchi

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VP says I feel this would be best for Ritvik. He tells Rishabh to hand over his London project to Ritvik. Rishabh asks him why he is taking that project from him. VP tells him to understand Ritvik’s condition. He needs a change. Rishabh reasons that he did all the hard work. Now Ritvik will take the end credits. Mamta asks him what he is saying. How does credit fit in here? This isn’t about credit. Ritvik and Aman enter. VP asks Ritvik to go to London. Ritvik says I stood by your side when you broke apart. Why are you sending my away when I am breaking apart? He tells Rishabh to handle his project. I don’t think I am capable of handling it. I only want to live with my family. Mamta and VP hug him tight. All the other family members join them. Rishabh says I also want my family with

me but somehow Ritvik always comes in between. Always! He walks away upset. Saanchi looks on helplessly.

Manjeet ji is pepped up about the rituals. Wedding is tomorrow. She serves breakfast to Palak so she looks thin in her wedding lehenga. Palak smiles for her mother’s sake. Manjeet ji says I know it’s all hushed up but it is going in the right direction. Naman will keep you very happy. Eat fast. We have to go for shopping. She also asks her husband to smile. It is your daughter’s wedding after all. Palak’s father sits next to Palak. She tells him to trust her. I am happy. I am your only daughter. I am happy. Everything is so rushed up so I am under pressure. Setu comes just then. Palak asks her why she is here. You just got married. You should be with Setu. Setu says who else will take you out for your wedding shopping. On a serious note, Rohit is very understanding. He knows you need me and let me come here.

Ritvik apologizes to his family. You all have supported me a lot. Papa can punish me but please don’t send me away from my family. I already went far from my family in the past days but not anymore. He asks his Mumma to chase him with the small bat today too just like she used to in the childhood. I wouldn’t have gone on that path then. Shivam tells his brother not to get emotional. Trends have changed. Nowadays it is leather chappal. Mamta tells them to be quiet. Police will come if you wont go quiet. Ritvik says there was one person who did everything for my benefit even after knowing how wrong I was. I am really very sorry Rishabh Bhai. Dadi tells Rishabh to beat Ritvik just like he used to in childhood. Ritvik holds his ears. Rishabh tells him to forget it. Don’t be mad. Ritvik also calls Saanchi perfect Bhabs. You did the best you could. I know you and Bhai were going out. Let me help you with shopping. Reeva suggests Reeva to make use of this opportunity. Ritvik nods. Let’s go out.

Naman calls Palak. Everything is going too fast. Please do not stress. She agrees. Kids begin to argue cutely. Naman pacifies them and then resumes his call with Palak. My kids become terrorists sometimes. I am generally not at home but I spend all my time with them when I am home. He ends the call.

Palak is looking at her dialled list. Setu notices Ritvik’s number there. Delete it from your life and phone. Palak mistakenly dials his number while deleting it. Something goes in Palak’s eyes so she keeps the phone aside. He overhears their conversation. Setu takes Palak to the washroom. Manjeet ji notices the call and talks to Ritvik. She scolds him for calling Palak. Make sure you aren’t even around her or I will get restraining orders against you! I will not go to the same lawyer this time as his name was suggested by your Bhabhi! I wont repeat that mistake as that that lawyer turned out to be your father’s friend. Ritvik asks her why his Bhabhi will send her to some lawyer. Manjeet ji tells her to question Saanchi himself. It might be her game plan. She ends the call. Setu tells Manjeet ji that Palak is fine now.

Saanchi joins Ritvik. Ritvik thinks of his convo with Palak the other day. Mamta comes to say something when Ritvik begins to say something. They all go out together.

Manjeet ji is happy to see Palak happy. She goes to another counter with her husband and leaves the girls alone. Setu hopes Palak’s acting comes true and she ends up living happily with Naman. I know you are pretending to be happy for your mother’s sake and are getting married for her sake only. This smile is fake. I know it isn’t easy to forget Ritvik. Palak tells her she hates him. He is neither in my mind nor in my heart. Why are we even talking about him? Let’s focus on shopping.

Reeva takes Mamta to the Doc. Ritvik gets a message about Palak’s location when he is about to talk to Saanchi again. He thinks to find out what happened between Manjeet ji and Saanchi. He takes her to the same mall where Palak and Setu are.

Setu sends Palak to the changing room to try the lehenga. Ritvik and Saanchi come to the same shop. Ritvik asks Saanchi if she gave the lawyer’s reference to Manjeet ji. She nods. Aunty asked for it so I gave it. Ritvik calls it odd as she is taking the number to sue us only. Saanchi cooks up an answer and excuses herself.

Palak is tying the thread of her blouse when she remembers Ritvik doing it the last time. All their pas memories pop up in her mind. Tears stream down her face.

Ritvik is looking for Palak.

Palak wipes her tears.

Manjeet ji and her husband head home. Setu stays back with Palak. Ritvik watches them leave. Setu is talking excitedly to the sales guy about Palak’s wedding. He shows her a lehenga and she asks him to give it to Palak. She is in trial room. A woman is taking it to the trial room when Ritvik takes it from her. I am family. He knocks at the changing room. Palak thinks it to be Setu. Will you help me with the thread? She opens the door and Ritvik walks in.

Palak tells Ritvik to get out but he closes the door from inside and covers her mouth. Don’t shout. I have just come to ask you a question. Aren’t you ashamed at all? He shakes his head. Just answer my question. She asks him what he wants to know. Your mom and Saanchi Bhabhi had a lot of conversations lately. I just want to know who came up with the idea of contacting a lawyer. Did you mom took the number of our lawyer by calling Bhabhi first or vice versa? Palak says how it matters. Ritvik says it makes a lot of difference. She says main thing was the contract and what was written in it. You can assume the first contact to be anyone’s. It doesn’t matter. It cannot change what’s written in the contract. Move aside. I have to choose my wedding lehenga. She begins to go but he holds her closer. Romantic music plays in the background. She struggles to free herself when he ties the thread of her blouse. She shouts as he ties it little too tightly. He apologizes to her. She says what else I can expect from you. You can only hurt me. He says I have realised that you have found a richer guy than me. You do not wish to answer my questions. She says you think everyone in the world is wrong except you. I don’t hate you because you dint take a stand for me in front of your family. I hate you because my mom was getting insulted in front of everyone and you just dint bother. Pre-nup was not just my but my mother’s insult too but you dint care! Marriage is not about s*x. You have to support your partner and his / her family and respect your partner. You wont be able to do it. My expectations were wrong! You say people leave from your life. You push them away. This is why your mom left you. His eyes well up. Shut up. She refuses to shut up. It is my wedding tomorrow. Baraat will pass from your house. Do see it. Ritvik again stops Palak and wipes her tears. I will surely see who you are getting married to. I have heard he has 2 kids already. After today don’t say that your mother isn’t gold digger. He pushes her aside and walks out of the changing room. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays in the background. Palak is in tears. Their past memories flash in her mind.

Saanchi is talking to Rishabh. Ritvik is again and again asking me why I gave our lawyer’s number to Manjeet ji. Rishabh tells her to relax. Did you tell him something else? Saanchi says I don’t know what he knows and what he does not. If he finds out about the clauses in the agreement then! Ritvik calls out to Saanchi. Saanchi looks at Ritvik.

VP tells Rishabh to come with him for a conference call. Rishabh wants to talk to Saanchi first but VP tells him to come. Nothing else is more important. Rishabh wonders if Saanchi will be able to manage things or not. He ends Saanchi’s call.

Ritvik apologizes to Saanchi for doubting her. I thought you sent aunty to lawyer and pre-nup was your idea only. I doubted you for no reason. The woman who can get her daughter married to a rich old man who already has kids then! Saanchi tells him it is ok. They begin to go when they hear Palak speaking of her plans for her wedding. She tells Setu to steal Naman’s shoes as per the rituals. They wont take it wrong or some other people label people as thieves. They always misunderstand. She goes with Setu. We have a lot to do. It is my wedding after all! Ritvik looks on.

Precap: Ritvik is crying. Mamta begs VP to let Ritvik marry Palak. Please get my son his love. Palak calls it unfair (in front of someone) that Ritvik Noon will shed tears for a girl. He can never love anyone!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Today rithvik is very close to truth. if Manjeet or palak tell the truth clearly to rithvik then problem solved .
    I don’t understand by doing all this what dis rishab and saanchi will gain ..now whole family will get more concern for rithvik .

  2. DannyComments

    #sigh! Marriage is a joke to these people! I wonder if there would have been a lot of hassle if they were all poor! And Rishab..I understand man..I understand living in the shadow of someone but what I don’t understand is trying to hurt that person! You could do things or even talk to your family but nah! You had to just be a typical Indian brother!

  3. There is a proverb in malayalam “chooduvellathill veena poocha thanutha vellam kandaalum pedikkum”.This is the condition of vp at present.

  4. Love precap.. Waiting for next episode…. Hope Mamta convinces VP…

  5. Ritwik=abhi blind faith in siblings….i hope he get another hint and still look into it or atleast attempt to read the prenup plzzzz ekta i beg you to go a different route with this serial and don’t make your male lead as dumb as the rest

  6. Yvonne Codner

    I have not watched tonight’s episode as yet, so I am commenting based on the update and the precap.
    Palak had asked Ritwik if he read the prenup, which he has not. Would it hurt you Ritwik to get a read and see what Palak and her mom are referring to? Not even VP read it. This prenup was constructed by Rishbath and Puri. If my memory served me right, didn’t VP wanted Palak to work in his pharmaceutical lab at one time, he hasn’t even met her as yet and he is hating on her. The Noon family is so money-minded that they cannot see anything else. Rithwik knows that he has to apologize to Palak and they will be together again my POV!!

  7. I don’t want to comment about all Noon family but I am sure about VP. He became rich after lots of efforts. He wants his family should not be run behind money as his first wife taken a step. His intention was clear that he wants a bride for his son Rithwik who will be ready for marry not because he is a rich guy but can be with him in every circumstances. When he came to know that Palak’s mother is always behind money, he was not sure about Palak as he imagine that some day, because of her mother, they will separate his family for money purpose and his family will be divided. I don’t think so that he is in any way wrong.

    Regarding Manjeetji, if she is not behind money or Gold digger as Noon family is thinking, then she will not find a groom for her own daughter who was married before and who has 2 childrens. This is the love of a mother to her own daughter who is a young one. What a rush to her for getting married to her daughter. She can find a better person than a married with 2 sons father. This step is really assured everyone that she is always behind money only and not care about her daughter’s happiness.

  8. Dear Director, starting itni acchi ki aur ab kyu itna bakwas aur boring episode ban diya. Mother ka role kitna bekar kar rahe hai. kabhi ma apni respect ke liye padi likhi beti ko bali chada deti hai.
    Starting me itne ambitious dikhaye aur abhi bas love aur shadi function me hi interest khatam kar diya.
    After break-up badiya apni apni life ke aur apni firm oriented dikhana tha. aur Aur company regarding meet hona tha.
    But pura complicated kar diya… please real life se touch karo…

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