Dil Hi Toh Hai 4th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak realizes Rithvik’s goodness

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Reva plans her marriage and tells that she will do laser hair removal. Mamta asks her to do it after marriage and says outer beauty is not everything. She calls rithvik. Palak talks to her and tells that Rithvik is having high fever so she shifted him to a local clinic. She tells that she has informed aman about it, and tells that she picked her call as her name flashed on the mobile screen. Mamta asks about her son and asks her to stay connected. Aman tells Mamta that he is relieved because of Dr. Palak. He tells that he will go and bring him back. Rithvik wakes up and thanks Palak for saving his life. He says other Doctor told him about her. Palak gives him medicine and tells that they will talk in office. He is surprised. Sethu calls Palak. Palak tells that she has decided to join and says he is

not that bad. Rithvik asks Aman to get all female employees back and messaged them. He asks for his phone. Palak comes and tells that everyone has a past. Rithvik says it is not like that. Palak asks him not to worry.

Vijay tells Mamta that marriage will happen with old rituals and not new ones. Reva says this is also good. Vijay says this is not dhamaka. Mamta says if this is marriage or circus. She calls Neena and asks about marriage planner Manjeet…Palak’s mother. Rithvik thinks he told about his past due to fever. Palak thinks about him. Aarohi comes to meet Palak and says thank god I got rid off of Rithvik’s life and says now I have a job and a boss. Palak thinks Rithvik has ruined Aarohi’s life.

Assistant tells employees that something happened between Dr. Palak and rithvik far away on a cosy night. Palak comes there and hears him. She gets upset. She comes to the lab. Someone asks her to help him as she is close to boss. Palak comes to Rithvik and asks why his assistant spread fake rumors that she slept with him. Rithvik says I don’t want to talk about it. Palak regrets to trust him and decides to leave the office. Rohit says Rithvik didn’t do such thing. Rithvik comes to assistant and asks what he told everyone. Assistant tells that he has a split face personality. He don’t remember what he told. He says he thought she will take his advantage etc. Rithvik goes.

Reva thinks Shivam applies chewing gum to her hairs and gets upset. Samar comes there. She tells him that if he back out of marriage then she will die. He says marriage and friendship are different. Assistant comes to Palak and says I got those rumors spread and says sorry. Palak goes from there and says sorry to Rithvik. Rithvik says I will not sleep with you even if you give me money. She says this rumour is your life’s happening rumour. He tells that his mom has sent khichdi for him. Palak says I thought you will eat something else. Rithvik says his mom sent it.

Palak tells Sethu that she saw a different side of Rithvik. She tells him that that day Rithvik got emotional with old and says he is hiding his goodness behind his pain.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Varshini

    loved the epi , the family moments were amazing as usual , the family moments are the most realistic ones . happy that palak-rithwik atleast understand each other a bit now . waiting for the meeting of palak-noon family because already vijay has good opinion about palak , and mamta too knows palak has taken care of rithwik when he was ill .

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H Hasan

  3. Palak feeling bad when arohi badmouthing about rithwik………So kuch kuch ho Raha Hai palak ko………
    Asusual nice episode
    Nice family bonding…………

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