Dil Hi Toh Hai 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak sees good side of Ritvik

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Ritvik acts of having pain. Palak comes to check him. He acts normal. She asks what she’s doing? He tries to convince her to get back to office. She says she knows he is worried because his millions are invested. He says to think about patients too who will benefit from it. She says that his senti dialogs are not going to work. They will see how much he cares about patients. She asks him to forget he is Ritvik Noon and join them as a volunteer. After that she will decide whether to come back or no. He says that he has condition. She will make him her personal secretary, so that she can track him properly. She brings volunteers’ clothes and asks him to change. Ritvik helps elders and kids from his heart. Palak is surprised and pleased seeing this. Another doctor informs Palak that not many

came to donate blood. Palak goes to attend some emergency. Ritvik decides to go to town to get blood donators. He advertises in market, donate blood and get a chance to win world tour. He succeeds in his plan. Aman reminds that Palak told him not to use his money power. Ritvik tells him to relax and sends Robin to donate blood. Palak comes asking what all nurses are doing there. She sees advertisement and gets angry. Ritvik says it’s time to pick winner. A girl randomly takes out a chit and it’s Robin who wins. Robin tells Aman he switched box with his name on all chits. Palak tells Ritvik that this is not right. A villager says they didn’t win, but at least they did a good deed. Ritvik says he just made people do something good and he didn’t use a single penny. Now she can decide whether he did good or no.

They are back to the camp. Ritvik gets back to his work. Palak watches him and smiles. Ritvik looks at her. She turns her face.

A boy runs in a tent. His mother comes chasing him. Ritvik says he will get him. Inside, there is a sick patient. He calls Ritvik as his son saying you’re back? Ritvik goes to him. The sick patient holds Ritvik’s hand and says he knew he would be back. Everyone said he left his father and ran away. Dr. Divya informs Palak that Ritvik is with sick patient. He might get his disease. Palak runs towards the tent. Ritvik is talking emotionally that he didn’t leave him. Palak hears and gets emotional as well. The sick patient says now he can depart peacefully. Ritvik says he is back now. The patient dies. Ritvik leaves with tears.

Ritvik is sitting alone. Palak comes to him. He asks why she’s looking at him. They all do good for others, he thought to do something good as well. He tries to leave. Palak thanks him. Ritvik says oh please melodrama and faints. Palak checks him and he has high fever.

A doctor does Ritvik’s treatment. He asks Palak to get some medicine. Palak rushes to get it. She comes back. Ritvik says “please maa, don’t go” in his sleep. He talks more. Palak tries to calm him down saying she won’t go anywhere. She looks at him and recalls his good side which she just saw.

Precap: Palak stays with Ritvik whole night. Later, Ritvik thanks her and says tomorrow.. Palak gives him his prescription and says can they talk in office tomorrow? Ritvik is surprised.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Flyingfatty

    Love from the core of my heart. Loving the show. Of course kundra is here. Yogita is also doing marvelous.?

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Simmy

  3. Varshini

    in one one word the episode was so sweet , rithwik’s caring side , palak knowing his caring side , palak taking care of him , everything too sweet and cute . waiting for next episode , atleast now its not complete irritation and hate towards rithwik for palak

  4. Yes I just love the episode…….Palak slowly knowing about rithwik especially his caring side she is suprised…….Palak caring towards rithwik I just love it……. Waiting for tday episode…….

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