Dil Hi Toh Hai 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik tries to get Palak back in his company

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The Episode starts with Rithvik stopping a person from kissing Palak and tells that you will get infected by her. Man leaves her and goes. Rithvik confesses to her about his conspiracy and asks her to think of him as her worse nightmare. Palak says it is the worst thing which you did and humiliated me. She says you have hurt me and curses him that he will fall in love with a girl, but she will ditch him. Aman tells Rithvik that Palak’s hypothesis is right and tells that we have to right that our drug is not for kidney patients else we have to change our medicine formula. Subramaniam tells that Palak saved him that day when he was choking and that’s why he called her for demonstration. Rithvik says she proved me wrong and asks his assistant to ask him questions. He asks him questions. Aman asks

why are you behaving this way. Rithvik tells that he is hurt as she proved him wrong. Palak tells that she left the job.

Aman asks Rithvik why is he behaving this way. Vijay comes there and says our decision was right to hire Palak and insists to meet her. Aman says she went early home. Vijay says he is going to meet Samar’s father to fix Reva ‘s marriage. Rithvik tells that they have to bring Palak back for Dad by hook or by crook. Palak’s dad tries to convince her, but she refuses to go back. Mamta asks Reva if she is stressed about something. Reva says there is no tension and asks her to let her do the yoga. Her mum asks shall we get the marriage date postponed. Reva says no.

Vijay talks to Deshpal and fixes marriage after 2 weeks and says they will do all arrangements. Mamta says they are hurrying up for marriage as Samar will go abroad. Veena says why so soon. Deshpal and his wife try to tell, but they stop themselves. They congratulate each other. Deshpal gets Samar’s call and informs him. Samar says I can’t do this marriage. Rithvik tells Rohit that he fired Palak and asks her to get out of office. Rohit thinks to take Rithvik from there. Palak meets Sethu and tells that she hates him. Rithvik tells that he got so much happiness and wants to fire him 1000’s times.

Palak says Rithvik is a donkey and stupid guy of the world. Rithvik hears her and tells Rohit. Palak says he is a rascal. Rithvik says he heard her again. Palak says she will hit the pot on his face if he comes there. Just then Rithvik comes to her. He tells that her hypothesis is proved right and asks her to come back to his company. Rithvik tells her that you have won. Palak says great, but I will not get my self-respect and dignity back, I am not coming back. Rohit meets Sethu and talks to her. Palak tells Rithvik that she won’t change her mind. Rithvik asks her to come to him if she changes her mind. She says she won’t. He thinks she will come.

Rithvik takes Palak’s sign on the job contract papers by getting her drunk.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mona146

    ghatiye seghatiya log ekta ke lead male character hote. wow she loves womanisers.

    1. Ooshi

      Karan ko ghatya q keh rahi hain bolna hai to story k bare main bolain

      1. Mona146

        karan ka naam kab liye im speaking about male lead character.

      2. Ooshi

        Yeah it’s Karan Kundra na

  2. Fenil

    Superb episode.
    Love the way Palak gave and Rithvik’s reactions on first lost.precap is too much fabulous 😀 poor Rithivik does cheating 😛

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H Hasan

  4. finally the contract part comes , its like any normal daily soap , really predictable yet i love this show , palak talking about rithwik and he listening was really funny

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