Dil Hi Toh Hai 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak teaches a lesson to Rithvik

Dil Hi Toh Hai 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Palak and Sethu singing in the restaurant and partying. Rohit and Aman come there and hear Sethu. Rohit says one needs the courage to sing on stage. He sings with her. Sethu sees him and apologizes. Rohit says life is too short to complain. Palak tells her that she got a call from mom and tells that they need to leave. They leave. Rohit thinks where is she? Palak comes to the office. Some painters throw paint on her intentionally. Rithvik asks her to go to Spa and change her dress and appearance. He tells her that he will cancel her demonstration. Palak says she will give the demonstration and will be back. Rithvik’s assistant tells him that Palak will not come wearing curtains. Palak comes there wearing curtain cloth. Rithvik says this is my cabin curtains. His assistant

tells that he has replaced the solution and now it will blast.

Palak gives the demonstration and proves to Subramaniam. She tells Rithvik’s assistant that she felt the smell of the solution which he replaced. She asks rithvik how is she looking? Rithvik asks her to seek Subramaniam’s compliment behind doors and take 2nd kiss also. He says you have done magic on him. Palak gets angry at him. She thinks to make him learn an important lesson of his life. Rithvik’s assistant sees guy’s pic. Palak gets an idea. Sethu comes there and acts to cry. She tells him that Rithvik is interested in both men and women. She says my heart is broken. Assistant asks her to go home and have chocolate. Rithvik comes back and tells Assistant that he is feeling pain after spending time with a girl. Assistant tells that he will massage him and tries to kiss Rithvik. Rithvik pushes him. Assistant asks him to tell if he has any feelings for him and says your girlfriend told me about your affair with Vishal. Rithvik says Vishal is his trainer. He asks him to go.

Palak comes there and laughs. She asks him if he is feeling how unwanted kiss feels and says this is your first, I think. Rithvik talks to someone to get his medicine approved and scolds Aman for hiring such secretary. He says he wants to throw Palak out. Palak asks him to accept his mistake and also accept that she is right. She says this day is very disappointed for you and says what compels you to do this. She says a lady must have left you for money, good looking man etc and says you are self-obsessed, woman-hating brat. She says your mom is good, but she did one thing wrong and ie, you. Rithvik comes closer to her and says I would have taught you right away, but my mom taught me not to do anything. He asks her not to force her to ruin her life. Palak goes. Rithvik thinks tomorrow is last day for you. Assistant gives Palak’s tab to Rithvik and says she is on dating App. Rithvik asks him not to try on him. Assistant says I am in demand. He gives her passwords. Rithvik is happy and thinks to do something.

Rithvik reads message in her tab and thinks he will give her prince charming. Palak reads the message that she will find love behind closed doors. Sethu says you will. Palak and Rithvik are in the lift and he tells romantic lines. Later Palak falls on the road and he holds her while it is raining.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H Hasan

  2. Nice episode………Rithwik really don’t know how to talk with girls he is badmouthing palak I don’t like that scene……palak bhi kuch kam nahi hai yaar acha sabak sikha diya…….rithik just miss uss secretary se I just laughing whole scene just like palak……..
    And last precap seems interestikng Im sure kal ka episode kamal ka honewali hai

  3. Ooshi

    Looking forward

  4. Clearcut case of s*xual harrasment at work place.
    In place of Ego clash , reporting the guy to authorities or just his parents can resolve the problem.
    But how will the story progress then . Lol

  5. Fenil

    superb Episode !! Palak rock

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