Dil Hi Toh Hai 26th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak gives tit for tat reply to Rithvik

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The Episode starts with Rithvik telling his team that only Dr. Palak has an objection to this drugs. He tells that they always hire top doctors and pharmacist. He asks Dr. Palak’s opinion. Palak excuses herself and rushes to the loo. She asks someone where is the loo? She goes to the canteen’s loo far away and comes. When she returns back, Rithvik tells that she is late as everyone left. Palak is working in the lab and feels hot. Someone asks her to have water, but she refuses. Palak tests the medicine and says reaction will happen in 15 mins. She waits for the results. Rithvik says he will wait. Palak says it is blue and runs to the loo. Rithvik smiles. Dadi tells Reva that she will give her s*x education and will tell her about her first night. Reva says she will not hear. Mamta says I gave

her brief info 10 years ago. Samar comes. Reva asks him to get the marriage fix soon. Palak comes back to the lab and hears her colleague talking that Rithvik got all ladies washroom broke for renovation. Palak understands his plan and goes to gents washroom, and asks guys to adjust. They all leave. Reva and Samar come to the restaurant. Samar tells her that he has called her client here. Reva goes. Samar’s girlfriend comes there and he hugs her. Reva comes back and is shocked.

Rithvik and others are in the loo. Palak comes there and asks everyone to continue. Everyone leaves except Rithvik. Rithvik says he can see that she is desperate. She says you have broken all ladies washroom and sent ladies employees on leave. Rithvik asks if the suit is looking good with the pant. She asks why is he deviating from the topic and says I don’t know why you hate woman so much and tells that it is good that Aarohi left you. Rithvik says she must have cried a lot. Palak tells him that he means nothing to him and she doesn’t get affected by his presence. She scolds him for ruining her first kiss moment. She goes. Rohit comes out of the loo. Rithvik asks since when you are here? Rohit since she was lecturing him and goes. Rithvik, Palak, and others are in the lift. Everyone leaves except them. The lift stops in the middle. Palak asks him to stay far from her. Rithvik says I value my time and I take care of myself. Lift opens. Palak talks to Sethu.

Mr. Subramaniam chokes. Everyone thinks he got a heart attack. Palak saves him. Mr. Subramaniam asks her to demonstrate the medicine effect tomorrow. He asks about her college. Palak says she got 94.5 percent in the first attempt. Rithvik thinks he will not let her reach the lab.

Palak meets Sethu and tells about going to men loo. Sethu says yuck. Palak says don’t know how he treats his family women. Rithvik tells horror story to Dadi and makes her sleep. He says you are strange to hear a horror story. Dadi asks him no to ruin the climax and continue. Rithvik talks to his friend about tomorrow.

Update in ProgressPrecap:
Palak tells her mum about Rithvik. Her mum gets excited. Rithvik talks to someone and says she is hot. Palak thinks he is talking to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I really like the episode… One of the best episodes….the way palak Answers rithwik tooo gud like mun thod jawab…..And the way she entering washroom and says continue continue…. She is daring…….
    And the last one I really like lift waala scene…..its so beautiful……and yogitha bihani super acting as palak……in first episode I feel like she is just avg..bt now she is improving she is dng amazing job as palak…..

    1. Sayhi

      Ypu r ryt…i juz lovd d way she gave answers to rithwik…he needed it bcz of hs ego.. She’s definitely improving in hr acting.. Hope the medicine really have some bad effects ???

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