Dil Hi Toh Hai 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohit and Setu elope to get married

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Palak thinks my heart is taking me towards Ritvik while my mind is telling me it isn’t right. Who should I listen to? Ritvik sits in the car and thinks what my heart was doing. I could have told Palak this over phone.

Reeva tells Ananya that Ritvik went to Palak’s home. Driver told me this. I get Samar kind of feeling from this Palak. Ananya is positive Ritvik will never do this to her. I have always heard from him that he will never fall in love. Trust me!

Palak gives tea to Ritvik. I make good tea. He calls it her achievement. She says I am telling this because you dint accept my offer of tea or coffee last night. She asks him about the resort booking and everything but he hasn’t told Rohit anything. Let’s tell them first. She reasons that it is about right and wrong now. Things

have gone too far. Setu and Rohit are nowhere at fault. I will support them. He says you speak just like my mother sometime. She calls herself her mother intelligent. You should listen to us.

They begin to look around for things to take along. He finds a box titled Palku’s wedding. She tries to stop him but he checks it. She shares that they are all her mother’s dreams for her wedding. He asks her what if she has to elope and marry. What will happen to all these dreams? Rohit’s parents too must have thought of something. Family is family. How can you keep them away? Palak agrees he is right but is concerned for Setu. She has suffered a lot. She should be happy. He agrees but still wants to tell their families first. He gets Rohit’s message – Setu and I have left the town and will return only when we are married. We dint wish to get you involved in this. Ritvik is irked. They begin to go out when Manjeet ji knocks at the door. Palak makes him stand holding the cable wire and opens the door for her mother. Manjeet ji complains to her that she took a long time to open the door. Palak lies that she was in washroom. Ritvik has his back to Manjeet ji. She asks Palak about him and Palak lies that he is repairing TV. She says he is so well dressed. He came inside wearing shoes. Palak complains of random stuff and Ritvik gets the chance to escape. Palak leaves to find out where he went.

Ritvik takes the key from driver. He tells Ritvik that Reeva called and was asking about him. He tells him not to tell her anything. Just tell her that he is with Rohit.

Rohit assures Setu he did the right thing. Setu says they were also concerned for us and were helping us only. Rohit knows Ritvik would have never agreed to go against his parents.

Ritvik refuses to let Rohit go against his parents. This isn’t right. Palak tries Setu’s number but she does not pick up.

Setu asks Rohit if they shouldn’t tell their parents. Rohit says I too am feeling bad but does not want to lose Setu.

Ritvik is driving. Palak asks him why he is driving so fast. How would you know where they are? He reasons that they were running away from her home. I couldn’t drive at 10 kmph. Setu panics seeing Palak’s incoming call. Rohit picks it. Palak notices the board behind him. She begins to check out the location on internet.

Rohit suggests leaving but Setu reasons that they have to face them some day.

Palak finds out that they are in Meerut. Ritvik heads to the right direction.

Reeva checks with driver about Ritvik. Her mother sends the driver away and asks Reeva what she is doing. Ritvik is with Rohit. He told me too. Reeva speaks of her concerns but her mother tells her it isn’t the right thing to do. Don’t make a mountain out of mole. She goes for a jog. Reeva asks the driver yet again. He ends up telling her that he dropped Ritvik outside Palak’s house.

Ritvik gets Ananya’s call but does not pick it. Palak asks him if he told Ananya what Rohit is up to. He is her brother. She should know. He says I told you. It isn’t such a big thing. I told you and then I will tell the parents and then Ananya. Palak says you want to tell Rohit’s parents. Ananya is your life partner. You should tell her first. This isn’t right. She has a right to know. She needs to know. He agrees and stops the car to call Ananya.

Puri’s are arguing amongst each other. Ananya tries to calm the situation. Let me speak to Ritvik once. He would know. She speaks to Ritvik and finds out everything. She is relied to know that Rohit is with him. Just get him home. He asks her to help him pacify the situation. Palak coughs. Ananya hears her voice and asks him who it is but refuses to hear anything. She ends the call.

Ritvik calls Ananya weird. She dint even listen to me completely and ended the cal. Palak says it is ok. She trusts you. Trust is very important in love. She is a good girl. Don’t cheat her. He replies that he does not cheat anyone, not even himself. She retorts that the biggest lie is to maybe keep yourself in dark.

Ritvik and Palak stop to have tea. They look at each other from a distance for a few moments and then Ritvik joins her. Can I ask you something? It isn’t serious. She says I anyways don’t take you seriously. They both smile. He asks her about the 7 stages of love. Have you ever loved someone like that? She denies. Can you die for someone? He says I never loved so how will it happen. She asks about Ananya. He remembers what she had just said in the car. I like her and I am marrying her. They sit back in the car awkwardly. They cast awkward glances at each other when the other person isn’t looking. They reach the lodge.

Ritvik tells the truth to Rohit. He dint have to do anything with Setu. Rohit calls him villain of Hindi movies. He asks Setu if she knew this. She nods. I dint wish to hurt you. Ritvik says whatever happened has happened. They are your parents after all. Tell them whatever you want to. It would put you and Setu in wrong light otherwise. People will point fingers at both of you then. Hotel staff asks Rohit about the arrangements. Rohit tells him it will be only 4 of them. Ritvik asks Rohit again who stays put on his decision but Ritvik refuses to let the wedding happen this way. Palak seconds him.

Ritvik is trying to book 2 rooms for them in different hotel. Rohit shows a gift which he was planning to give to Setu on first night. Ritvik says you can still do it. It would be nice to have your parent’s consent. Rohit is not ready to buy it.

Palak asks Setu to make Rohit understand. Setu tells her she is confused. let’s toss a coin.

Ritvik’s mother tells Puri’s that Ritvik is with Rohit. Don’t worry. Puri’s speak badly about Setu. Ananya says Ritvik too has a past that ways but we are making fuss of the past of a girl. Ritvik’s mother seconds her. We cannot plan our future by being stuck in the past. I must not intervene but you need to find a middle path. Rohit is very serious about that girl. Mr. Puri calls it impossible.

Rohit asks the staff to call pundit ji asap. He finds Ritvik following him. Ritvik says I know your parents wont agree but I am with you. I will speak to your parents. I have made a commitment after all. Rohit is taken aback. Whom to? Ritvik takes Palak’s name. He covers it up saying Ananya. On the other hand, Palak also tells Setu that Rohit is dedicated and honest towards her. Very few girls get a guy like Ritvik. Setu corrects her. You mean Rohit? Palak nods. Setu points out that she took Ritvik’s name a moment ago.

Precap: Rohit and Setu confront Ritvik and Palak separately. They both cover up saying that they were with each other since morning so they are taking their names. Mamta is speaking to Ritvik. Both the families find out that Rohit and Setu have eloped to get married.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja
    Nice episode

  2. Today episode was just woww…..what a episode yaar one of the best episode till now rithwik palak ki conversation just amazing and rithwik repairing tv vo bhi
    manjeeth se bachne ke liye that scene was tooooo funny yaar and ritwik expressions kamal ka hai……….asusual Reva irritating and mamtha matured………. Kal ka episode aur kamal ka hone waali hai…….

  3. Dis Ananya character is good yar …mature than Riva …
    Today episode is nice

  4. The cast seems huge and many of them seem so overdone. But i think the best talent so far seems to be the lead heroine, Yogita Bihani.

    Wish she had been found last year when Ek Duje Ke Vaste. She could have been put in place of Nikita Dutta whose illness led to the show’s abrupt end.

    The story is once again interesting and worth watching.

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