Dil Hi Toh Hai 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Setu and Rohit are back together

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Everyone is having breakfast. Reeva notices Palak’s incoming call on Ritvik’s phone. Ritvik goes aside to talk to her.

Reeva asks Ananya if Ritvik still talks to Palak. Ananya shrugs it off. Reeva is not happy with their friendship. His reactions are different when Palak is around. Ananya is positive he wont cheat her. He is engaged to me. Reeva reasons that things can go overboard in no time. We wont even realise. Ananya tells her that she has confidence on Ritvik. Reeva says I haven’t heard my brother calling anyone his best friend. It wont take long before things go overboard. Ananya asks her to tell a plan if she is so worried. Aman seconds Ananya. I feel Ritvik will take a step towards you if you will take a step towards him. Reeva hugs him taking him by surprise. You are my hero.

Aman looks at her.

Ananya tells Ritvik she will make chicken in dinner. He refuses to eat till she tells him the recipe. I like to be in control. Your recipe is amazing. I go nuts whenever I eat it. Ananya refuses to tell the secret of her recipe but suggests him to assist her in the kitchen tonight. He agrees. Family teases her on it.

Ritvik and Rohit are in gym. Rohit says it would have been better if I had made a friend like Palak. Ritvik tells him to scold him as much as he wants to. We have to first focus on pacifying Setu. Rohit tells him to think of a mind blowing plan or he wont spare him. Ritvik suggests kidnapping Setu. Rohit walks up irked. Ritvik mumbles that Palak is still now here. We were supposed to tackle this together!

Palak tells Setu everything. You should ask uncle to sign papers once. Puri’s will agree and you will become the best DIL. Setu walks away quietly. Palak murmurs that she does not listen at all.

Rohit says your idea is completely pathetic. We will not kidnap Setu. Think of some better ideas if you really want to unite us. Palak says you don’t have to kidnap Setu. Setu also tells Rohit she does not wish to be kidnapped. Rohit hugs her tight happily. I love you. Setu smiles. She greets Ritvik next. Rohit thanks Palak for bringing Setu here. Friends should be like you. Some friends are more like enemies though. Palak says your friend gives bad ideas but he isn’t that bad.

Ritvik asks Palak how Setu agreed to meet Rohit. Flashback shows Setu telling Palak she does not wish to leave her love for someone else’s selfishness. I don’t want Rohit to know the truth. He will be hurt. I only want his love. Nothing else matters. Flashback ends. Don’t tell Rohit the truth. He agrees. Rohit asks them to come. Ritvik comes up with a new plan but Rohit refuses to even hear it.

Ananya asks her father to drop her to Ritvik’s office. Mr. Puri tells her that Rohit and Ritvik are in gym. I want him to sign some papers. Let’s get it done on our way.

Palak goes to get something for herself. A passport size pic falls from her wallet. Setu picks it up. She tells Ritvik that it is Palak’s brother Akshay. He passed away when he was 12 because of wrong medication. That is when she decided to become a doc. This was the reason why she took a stand against you. She wasn’t fighting with you but for Akshay. He goes to order food.

Ritvik returns Akshay’s photo to Palak. Setu told me about him. I am sorry. She says I am fine. A girl (Rachna) meets Ritvik. I was trying your phone. I want you to meet someone who is very interested in you. He tells her that he is committed to someone. She is surprised to know that Ritvik Noon is loyal. She goes.

Palak and Ritvik look at each other awkwardly. They head back to Rohit and Setu. Rohit is speaking of marrying in temple. Ritvik says we will have to plan well. He disconnects his father’s call. Ananya suggests checking in gym directly but he does not want to come back.

Rohit and Ritvik argue about the marriage plans. Palak suggests doing a court marriage. She apologizes to Setu. I know you wanted a grand wedding but we have no option. Rohit looks at Ritvik pointedly. That’s what I also wanted. Palak says I only wanted to attend your wedding.

Ananya reaches gym and asks someone about Rohit. He tells her.

Ritvik and Rohit hug and patch up.

Ananya is headed inside while Rohit and Setu come out of the gym. He hugs her and sees her off. Mr. Puri does not see them together. He makes Rohit sign some docs.

Ananya does not find Ritvik in the coffee shop. She instead notices Palak. She calls Ritvik. He shares that he just left. She suggests having lunch together but he agrees to meet in the evening. He ends the call. She looks back at Palak but then shrugs.

Dadi asks everyone to hurry up. We are going for a movie. Aman is happy that Ritvik and Ananya will finally get some time. Reeva is happy with her plan. Ritvik’s mother tells Ritvik he is doing the right thing by spending time with Ananya. They are very upset over whatever happened recently. We are family. Give her time. It is important to stand by their side in such time. She begins to go when he tells her that lot many hearts broke in the past 3 months. You told me to do anything for the person I love. When it comes to choosing between 2 relations then what should one do? She shares that the best thing is when 2 people wish to spend life together but it isn’t the right thing to do always. It is sometimes the right thing to not choose the one we love. It’s complicated. Life, situations are different for everyone all the time. We have to understand it ourselves. Reeva wanted to marry Samar but he loved someone else. His choice of path wasn’t right but he did the right thing. One should do what they really want. He remembers Palak’s words about Setu’s grand wedding. He tells his mother she is right.

Verma’s are going out. Mr. Verma tells his wife to take care of Setu. I will be late. Setu thinks Rohit dint tell anyone we are going to get married in court. How will mom dad react? Palak assures her they will manage to pull it off. Palak gets call from her mother. we will do something. Don’t worry.

Aman and Ananya are crying seeing the video. Reeva asks him why he is crying. He replies that it does not make difference to his manhood of he is crying. She asks Ananya to check on Bhai. Where is he? She goes out to call him and warns Aman not to play the movie further.

Ritvik comes to meet Palak. She invites him inside but he proposes to sit outside. Let’s not disturb your parents. He tells her that he has planned everything. There wont be a court marriage. It will be a different wedding. She asks him when he decided that. He says sometime back. Wedding should always be celebrated. No one’s dream should break. It is Setu, Rohit and my friend’s dream after all. It is a very important thing. It happens once in a lifetime. Why not make it memorable for these two? She nods. We will have to pacify everyone for this. He is positive he will make it happen. Their honeymoon will also be memorable. She advises him to let them make it happen that ways. Setu and Rohit will be really happy. He asks her if she is happy. She nods. I am happy. They both smile but look away feeling awkward. He agrees to message her rest of the plan. She asks him if he will have coffee. He declines. I only came to tell you the plan. She says you could have done that on phone too. He covers up saying that he was passing by. He leaves.

Precap: Reeva tells Ananya that Ritvik went to Palak’s home. He should have told you atleast. Palak thinks my heart is taking me towards Ritvik while my mind is telling me it isn’t right. Who should I listen to?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode after a long time……Wow Rohit setu patchup it’s gud they really gud couple…Reva is irritating why Reva always​ tells ananya against palak……She will turn negative in upcoming episode’s may be………. Rohit setu palak Rithwik scenes are superb especially palak aur Rithwik ki last conversation was toooooo gud……….Story is simply superb and fast going……..I think palak brother truth never come in front of rithwik but it toooooo fast……..

  2. Todays episode was awesome especially parit last convo

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Pooja
    U here too
    Here it’s used to be H Hasan if I m not wrong

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome Ooshi 🙂 Nah, the slot was mine. I was just unavailable when it started.

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