Dil Hi Toh Hai 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak and Ritvik’s new mission

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Setu opens the door. Rohit requests her to listen to him. She lets him in. Palak gets up to go but Setu stops her. Say it in front of her. Rohit tells her he wont be able to live without her. I don’t really care about anyone. Come with me. We will get married. She reminds him that this is real life where people don’t run. You might resent me tomorrow and fight with me on little things. You will think that you left your own family for my sake. Your family is a very important part of your life which you cant leave behind so I stepped back. You have to leave. Rohit stops at the door to look at her again. I will always love you. Setu closes the door and sits down heartbroken.

Palak says you (Setu) broke your own heart so Rohit’s family stays put. You did such a big sacrifice. I hope

I never have to make such a big sacrifice in life! I don’t think I will be able to leave someone I love so much for his own good! Setu says you too will love someone so selfishly one day that it will make you selfless. If you will have a choice to make his life by making a sacrifice just to see him happy then you will realise how beautiful love is.

Ritvik wonders why no one woke up. A girl greets him. Ritvik asks her what she is doing here. She says I came to meet you. He asks her to leave. I don’t want to talk you. She says I know you felt bad when I left you. I am your mother. How can you forget me? He asks her if she knows what he has become because of her. Please leave. You ruined my life completely! Ritvik wakes up and realises it was his dream.

Palak has booked her flight back to Mumbai. Her mother gets emotional. Her father asks her to tell him honestly if she has no intention of coming back this time. Manjeet ji is shocked to hear it.

Everyone is trying to cheer Rohit. Reeva tells Rohit to be thankful. You got rid of them. Aman tells her it isn’t same but she insists it is same. Her heart would have broken few days later anyhow. The sooner, the better. Rohit’s father is happy as they got the perfect excuse to break the wedding. They all sit down for breakfast. Rohit’s mother also tried to brainwash Rohit. You are lucky. Manjeet and her daughter have the agenda to trap rich families. You are lucky to be saved. He shrugs her hand away and walks away.

Rohit comes to meet Ritvik. You think you will become hero by breaking my wedding? Do you know what’s going on in my life? Ritvik tells him to shout as much as you want. I was just trying to save you. It was for your good only. Rohit knows it wasn’t about him at all. It was about you and Palak! Ritvik is shocked. Rohit says you had problem with her and you took it out on me and Setu. You think every girl is after money but Setu is different. She was not after my money. My parents dint know she was married. It was my mistake. You trusted Kabir who we dint meet for 6 years! You are blaming Palak and Manjeet. Ritvik says we know Manjeet ji is always trying to lure rich boys for her daughter but what about Palak. I offered her money before going to London and she even took that money. Rohit tells him that she took that money to feed the poor. You forgot what you wished for but she did not! She indeed took it and offered food in your name. Ritvik does not buy it so Rohit offers to take him to that temple to prove it. Rohit says Manjeet aunty was only doing her work. She did not do anything wrong. You made me and Setu look like liars. I really love her. She isn’t talking to me now. You don’t know anything about love. Ritvik walks up to him. Rohit tells him it’s only in his mind that every girl is after his money. He drives away.

Ritvik’s mother has overheard the last bit of their conversation. I dint like the way you spoke to Palak and her mother. It was downright rude and I dint teach you that. I don’t know what made you do all that. I always thought you knew the difference between right and wrong but I can see that you are letting your past overshadow your present. You cannot live your present by staying in your past.

Ritvik calls someone (Vivek) and enquires about Vivek. Vivek tells him everything in mute.

Palak is at the airport. Her parents bid her goodbye and leave. She begins to go inside when she feels something. She turns and notices Ritvik. He walks up to her. Please don’t go. She tells herself she is imagining it. He isn’t here. Ritvik again asks her to stop. Palak again refuses to believe it. You have to move on Palak! Ritvik suddenly holds her hand and she looks at him. Ritvik again requests her not to go. She asks him why she should stay. He asks her to stay for Setu’s sake. I did so much harm because of my anger. Because of my mom, I think everyone is like her! She left me in childhood as Dad dint have anything. She wanted a rich husband. She dint think about me and left us! I thought if a mother can leave her son for money so maybe every woman would do the same! I saw everyone with the same view. When I saw your mother and understood her to be money minded as well. I mistook her as I compared her with my mom. I know what all Kabir did to Setu. All that went wrong between Rohit and Setu happened of me. I cannot bring them together on my own though. I need your help to do so. Please help me. She says I don’t want to get into all this. Setu deserves better. It is time for my flight. She begins to go.

Ritvik says you too would have loved someone. You too would have felt something towards someone. You would have realised how hard it is to stay if you had loved someone. It is easier to walk away though. I came between Rohit and Setu. Wont you help me unite them? She keeps her bag down. I don’t know if we would succeed in joining the relation that he was speaking of bringing together. I came back on my own. I dint know I dint know the path I was treading on. That road would take me straight to Ritvik. She tells him she wont go to Mumbai but I want to make it clear that I am staying only for Setu. She lost her love but I don’t want it. Rohit has money but that’s not the reason. he dint judge her. He just loved her. He agrees. Shall we discuss in car? She suggests going by cab. He calls cab unsafe. She reasons it isn’t any safer with him too. He says a known enemy is better than an unknown stranger. You can hate me in the car.

Ritvik’s car breaks down. Palak asks him why it broke down on a secluded road. She asks him why the car broke down. He tells her he does not plan to murder her at all. It just broke down. I have called at home and another car would come soon. She is sure Setu wont give in so easily. She is stubborn like you. You tell me what stubborn people like you bend to. He suggests her to give some tips as she reads books which give tips to bring people closer. The car comes thus putting an end to their conversation.

Manjeet ji prays to do a complete wedding. I will do the other 2 weddings for free. Palak says you will bear the losses then. Manjeet ji corrects her. I wont make any profit. She tells Palak her phone is ringing. It is Ritvik. They both discuss about Rohit and Setu. She asks for time and brain to come up with a plan. I don’t do anything like you. He says I have researched some old movies with similar plots. She tells him to let it be.

Mr. Verma tells her Palak’s parents that Mr. Puri only made a fuss because he dint sign the papers. Divorce was not an issue. Palak’s father asks him if Setu knows about it. Mr. Verma shakes his head. She is already heartbroken. Palak overhears it. Setu does not know the real reason.

Precap: Ananya says there is no harm in being friends. Reeva tells Ananya to keep a tab on it as things change in no time. You wont be able to put a stop on it later. Palak meets Ritvik in gym. She tells him the real reason as to why the engagement was cancelled. Don’t tell it to Rohit.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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