Dil Hi Toh Hai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay Padh gets Arrested

Dil Hi Toh Hai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Doctor telling Vijay noon and others that Dadi told that she had your company medicine. Vijay says our medicine is safe and have no side effects. The Police present there come to know about it and tells that Vijay has no licence to sell the medicine and talk to the doctor. Vijay thinks Bebe got unwell because of our medicine. Mamta says you can’t blame the medicine as all doctors approved it. Palak tells Sethu that she has lost her brother Akki because of wrong medicine. She says it is my life goal not to let anything happen to anyone which happened with her brother. Rithvik thinks Dr. Palak refused to approve his medicine. Doctor asks Vijay to rest in someother room. Vijay refuses. Rithvik blames himself for getting the medicine approved without checking it. Vijay says if

anything happens to my Bebe then I will be connected with what?

Next Morning, Palak gets the news published by Sethu that they bribed Reddy and got the medicine approved. Vijay also reads the news. He questions Rithvik. Rithvik tells that 19 doctors have approved it and only Palak was disapproving it so I blackmailed Dr. Reddy and got the approval. Vijay scolds him for doing wrong. Police comes and arrests Vijay. Inspector asks Vijay why did he give wrong medicine to his mum. Palak gets to know about Vijay’s arrest and says Rithvik should be arrested and not him. Vijay chose to get arrested as it is his company. Rithvik’s siblings talk to commissioner. Mamta asks her daughter to give Samar’s papa reference. She says if our medicine is having a problem truly. Vijay tells Rithvik that he don’t want anyone to come there, specially Mamta.

Commissioner comes to the Police station and scolds Inspector for arresting Vijay padh Noon. He tells that I have seen that 19 doctors have signed on the approval, and asks him to get it checked before launching. He says no case will be filed against you as your mum consumed it accidently. They come out. Mamta comes there and scolds Rithvik for getting the approval. Rithvik tells that Palak has taken revenge from him. Mamta says this all happened because of his hatred for woman. Vijay says so much bad happened with me, but everything is changed because of Mamta. He says whoever the doctor is, she is good, courageous and shall work with us. Rithvik says no, she don’t deserve to work with us. Mamta asks him to do just as Dad is saying.

Dadi gains consciousness. The younger grand son gets emotional. Rithvik asks Doctor if Dadi’s condition deteriorated because of their medicine. Doctor says I don’t think so. Rohit comes there and confesses to Rithvik about giving info to Sethu. Rithvik scolds him and says Dad was arrested because of Palak. He tells him that he is going to offer him a job now, and will show where she stands.

Rithvik offers him a job and asks her to prove him wrong. He tells her that he has seen much better than her. Her dad asks her to accept the job. Sethu teases Palak.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. In all tv serials why females lead has to work for male lead’s company. Why can’t Palak work for other rival company or a hospital? Is it just to be with the male lead? Why is that doctor Palak has to prove about drugs to Rithvik?

  2. Too much of ‘I hate girls’ what about your sister n bhabhi , mom and Dadi? Over acting beyound limit .
    Looks like they have used the whole bottle of glycerine for the Hero , his eyes are blood red.

    Soon it will be on the same usual Ekta track .

  3. All ektha shows are almost same……its like circle ghoom groom ke wahi pe aa jatha hai sab serial’sserial’s
    Any way iam waiting for further episodes to progress in the story………

  4. loving this soap , till now its going good and about the heroine working for the male lead always ,the maker somehow want some connection between the lead and they dont have enough creativity to do something new and thats fine . the family bonding in this show is shown perfectly . i guess itsall because of sony , sony always brings unique shows , be it prithvi vallabh , or krpkab or yudkbh

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