Dil Hi Toh Hai 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik helps Aarohi get a job

Dil Hi Toh Hai 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Palak asking Aarohi until when she will be sad. Aarohi says I have no job or Rithvik. Palak asks her to concentrate on her CV and says you will get a good job. Aarohi says she is not getting a job. Palak says Rithvik doesn’t deserve you. Aarohi gets a call from an employer and asks for her interview on a video call. Aarohi talks to the employer Vivek and he asks her to join Mumbai office. Aarohi gets happy and hugs Palak. Vivek seems to be Rithvik’s friend and he asks him if he did this to lower his guilt and asks if he does the same thing for all his girlfriends. Rithvik says I have no girlfriends and tells that he wants Aarohi to forget him and remember him as someone who broke his heart. He recalls his mum leaving them for money.

Palak’s mum and dad are in

the park. Her mum tells that she wants her daughter to a rich and nice guy. She tells that she sets much alliance and hopes her daughter will get a good guy. Rithvik is in his house and tells about Dr. Palak rejecting their medicine. Bhabhi comes and asks her husband to change the password. Rithvik helps his brother. Vijay is in the kitchen trying to make the kitchen. Rithvik calls Dr. Reddy and comes to know that he is Mumbai. Palak talks to Dr. Reddy. He says we shall refuse Noons. Palak says ok. She meets the guy and tells that she got work call. She tells the guy that she can’t marry till 4 years. He asks how much no you have said. She says 20. He says then also your mum doesn’t give up. He says the guy will be lucky whoever you say yes. Palak tells idea of her man. Vijay boasts about his power in front of his wife and says if she refuse to allow me to have cigar then I will ask her to get out. Mamta comes there and asks what? Vijay changes the track and says our son is drinking cigarette. Mamta asks him not to lie and says it is bad for health.

Everyone like the chicken made by Vijay. One of the sons tells that it had so much ghee. Dadi says it has rum in it. Vijay’s daughter tells Samar that it is the best chicken which her dad made. They have a family get together. Vijay talks about Rithvik’s marriage. Rithvik says I will not marry. Mamta gets emotional and says I feel hurt that I couldn’t teach you how to trust the woman and says all woman are not bad. She says I failed. Mamta tells Vijay that it is totally wrong to make chicken made with rum. Everyone get drowsy after eating it. Rithvik takes his sister to the bedroom and asks her to rest. She asks him not to give her room to anyone after her marriage to Samar. Rithvik promises her. He gets emotional and says I don’t know what to do with you, who will fight with me, who will irritate me. He says goodnight and asks her to sleep.

Samar and his dad argue over something. Rithvik asks what happened. Samar’s father says it is office tension. Rithvik asks him to relax. He gets a call. Dr. Reddy tells Palak that he has to sign on the approval papers as 19 doctors have approved it and if I disapprove it then I will become fool. Palak asks what happened in a night and asks if Rithvik threatened him or bought him. He says he can’t work with someone who don’t respect seniors. Palak says she resigns from the job and says Rithvik has bought her Adarsh and your self esteem.

Dr. Palak tells that she won’t let Rithvik launched the medicine. Dadi takes the same medicine and faints. Doctor tells Rithvik and others that Dadi had taken their company new medicine. Rithvik is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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