Dil Hi Toh Hai 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rohit and Setu’s alliance is broken

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Ananya joins Setu, Rohit and Palak. She greets Palak. Reeva is still worried as she saw Palak here. This brother and sister are alike. She brings Reeva and Ritvik there. Ananya tells Ritvik and Reeva to get over it. It’s been 3 months. Palak is nowhere at fault. Palak was your friend and she still is! Why don’t you guys patch up for my sake? Her mother has arranged the function so well. You should say thank you to her. She tells Palak that this is why Ritvik never had friends since childhood. He does this since childhood. She convinces Ritvik. Palak tells her it is fine. Ananya hugs Ritvik relieved. Ritvik excuses himself. Ananya and Reeva also go from there.

Setu notices someone and holds Palak’s hand tightly. Palak looks at the guy. She goes to him. What are you doing here? He is

amazed to see her too. Rohit hugs his friend Kabir. Kabir says it was my wedding. How could I not come? Rohit says you were completely off social media after college. It isn’t so bad to be in touch. Setu’s parents also notice Kabir and go to Manjeet ji. Setu tells her parents that Kabir is speaking to Rohit. Palak shares that Kabir is his friend. Setu says I must tell Rohit he is my ex husband. Manjeet says he has told his parents already. Setu says it is a different thing to know and witness it. She tries to tell Rohit but Ananya pulls her for a dance. Setu’s parents are worried at the situation. Servant tells Mr. Verman that Mr. Puri is calling him. He goes.

Kabir meets Ritvik. They catch up on old times. Kabir asks about Setu. Ritvik shares that she is the girl who Rohit is going to marry. Kabir says Rohit is marrying my ex-wife. Ritvik is taken aback. Setu tries to tell Rohit again but in vain. Kabir notices Setu’s family and Palak’s family there. Manjeet ji fixed my wedding with Setu. It broke in a year.

Setu tells Rohit that he knows she was married earlier but he does not know who her ex-husband was.

Ritvik asks Kabir if he met Rohit. Kabir nods. he does not know that I am Setu’s ex-husband or I wouldn’t have been invited here.

Mr. Puri gives the property papers to Mr. Verma. Mr. Verma says I follow different ideals. I have spent my life in normal wages. This is a really difficult thing for me to do. That’s an agricultural land. I cannot allow you to make hotel there. It is against my ideals. I am sorry but I wont be able to do it! Mr. Puri says I understand. Every mother dreams to marry her son to a big house. We agreed to bring your daughter to our home. There must be a reason behind it. If you say no then it wont be the right thing to do!

Mr. Puri tells his wife about Mr. Verma’s stubbornness.

Ritvik takes Rohit with him. He asks Rohit if he knew that Setu was married before. Rohit nods. Ritvik shares that she was married to Kabir. Rohit is taken aback. Ritvik says Manjeet ji organized that wedding too. Rohit is still baffled at the coincidence.

Kabir meets Manjeet. Are you still arranging alliances? How is it going? Palak tells him to stop it. Kabir asks Manjeet if she told these people how she charged lumpsome fees from his family. She says I got a good alliance but you dint tell that you are an alcoholic. My daughter’s wedding broke because of that! My name was also spoiled because of that! Mr. Puri asks them what’s happening there. Kabir gives his full introduction to them. Mr. Puri is taken aback to know that Setu was married before. He switches off the music. Rohit tells his father to wait. He asks Kabir to leave. His father asks him why they don’t know that Setu is a divorcee. His mother is also shocked. Mr. Verma says we dint hide from anyone. Manjeet says I tried my best but Mrs. Puri says this wouldn’t have happened then. You were afraid to lose such a big alliance right? Mr. Verma says it was Rohit who brought this alliance. We dint come after you. Rohit says we knew everything. Mr. Puri tells him to keep quiet when elders are talking. He questions Mr. Verma on his ideals. Palak stops him from speaking badly about his mother. Mr. Verma tries to calm the situation but Mr. Puri shouts again. We saw our son falling for you and followed him. Setu tells him to be nice to her father. He asks her if she will teach him now. Manjeet ji decided everything on her own! I can see that everyone is in this together. Rohit tells him to stop it. Why are you twisting the matter when I don’t have a problem?

Ritvik questions Manjeet ji. You took money to arrange this then why do Rohit’s parents have no idea about Setu’s past? You knew it that they would have broken this alliance if they knew about her past. She wouldn’t have received her hefty commission then! Ritvik’s mother tries to tell him to keep quiet but he does not relent. Palak also tells him not to intervene. This is none of your business. Ritvik insists that this is his business.

Kabir adds that Setu left him because he had no money. I had invested everything in my business and it wasn’t turning out well. Setu says I dint ask even for a penny from you. I still have the papers. You can see them. He says the papers say only what she is saying but he knows the truth. She wouldn’t have left him if he still had money.

Ritvik asks Palak next. Palak shares that Kabir was an alcoholic and used to beat Setu. You should have kept quiet. You know nothing! Rohit tells Ritvik not to intervene. You don’t understand anything. This is my wish and my love. I break my relations if no one is eager to listen. I don’t care about anything. He holds Setu’s hand but Ritvik does not let him go. You will leave your parents for this girl? Setu stops him. No one has to do anything. I am breaking this alliance on my own. She leaves. Ritvik tells Mr. Puri not to worry. Rohit will thank us later. Palak stops Ritvik. This is how you took revenge right? You insulted my mother and Setu’s parents before everyone! You broke your friend’s heart just to show us down! You pretend that you are the man of the world but I will tell you what your problem is. I am your problem! I know you did all this to take revenge from me and my mother! When I see your face I feel like cursing you. I hope your heart breaks. You break everyone’s heart but one day your heart will break so bad that it wont be joined ever again! That day will come Mr. Ritvik! She leaves with her family.

Rohit tries to stop Setu but she leaves with her family. Ritvik comes there. He asks him what he has done. Ritvik replies that he did the right thing. She left you for her family. Such girls come and go. Rohit tells him he knows nothing. Don’t talk rubbish. Leave me alone.

Setu is crying. I decided not to fall in love again when I left Kabir. I became a bad person in the eyes of the world when I left Kabir. He was a drunkard and cheat! How could I live with him? I got the entire blame as I am middle class girl while he was rich. This is what the society sees and thinks. Palak asks Setu since when she started worrying for the world. Leave people like Ritvik and Rohit. We don’t need anything or anyone! We are happy. Someone knocks at the door. It is Rohit. Setu opens the door. Rohit requests her to listen to him.

Precap: Palak says you (Setu) broke your own heart so Rohit’s family stays put. You did such a big sacrifice. I hope I never have to make such a big sacrifice in life! I don’t think I will be able to leave someone I love so much for his own good!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Mona146

    so sad.

  2. I hate dis blo*dy rithvik ..wat he thinks in this whole world he and his family members are best ?
    His sister tring to marry some one who is not at all interest in her and he is marring someone he has no interest
    How he talk about palak mother …he will give respect his mother …
    Palak also has respect towards her mother ..
    If someone says same words about him .like he is marring ananya becoz for money and status then he will get same pain

    1. Exactly what is the problem of rithwik only his mom his sister his ananya gud rest of the ladies are wrong and they are after money after rich guys……..common yaar dnt behave like childish rohit tells correct its non of ur husiness………..iam feeling very bad for rohith and setu……..

  3. If dis rithvik has not consider money then fix his sister marriage with poor boy ..
    Rithvik Marry a poor girl.

    So irritating rithvik …

  4. Varshini

    i hated rithwik in the episode , now rohit will not like him much i guess , palak is shown to be always right and rithwik always wrong , happens in most of the daily soaps , anyways hope both get reconciled soon and become friends again

  5. Yvonne Codner

    Ritwik is such a pompous idiot, he thinks that the world only revolves around him and his family. They are the ones who count and also his money…What happiness can you get from money Ritwik, your one true friend was Palak, you looked your happiest when you both were friends. You know that you do not love Ananya, you are only engaged to her to please your and her families. Stop looking down your nose on people whom you think are below you. You try your best to demean Palak’s mom every time you see her. You have so many faults that you are not even cute! Rohit, go and look for your happiness and let Ritwik wallow in his misery. There is this saying ” Misery loves company” so Ritwik is looking for some company to be miserable and curse women, the same ones he loves to use and discard. Get a life Ritwik.

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