Dil Hi Toh Hai 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritvik and Palak’s face off in the roka

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Rohit and Setu exchange rings. Ananya jokes that Setu is theirs now. You can keep Rohit if you want. Rohit smiles. That wasn’t funny. They cutely joke over it. Ritvik’s mother is happy with the choices the kids have made willingly. Aman tells Reeva he really likes it when she is happy. She replies that it’s only he who likes it when she is happy. No one else says anything. He laughs.

Ritvik and Rishabh talk to Vijay about some urgent work. Ritvik offers to fly to London to sign the deal but Vijay and Rishabh offer to go instead. They leave right away.

Ritvik’s mother tells Reeva that when 2 people forget their socio-economic differences and want to come together then it changes lot many things for good. Nothing can be better than this! Now Ananya and Ritvik will also marry.

Ritvik said yes to marry for our sake but I am sure he will accept it and find his happiness in it. this is the beauty of marriage. Lightning strikes. Ritvik feels something strange. Ritvik’s mother tells Reeva that this connection is predetermined. Marriages are made in heaven. Ritvik heads towards the main door. A girl is standing on the door. His mother says heart takes us to it. People can try as much as they want but fate brings 2 lovers together.

Ritvik looks at the girl pointedly. Palak looks up. Ananya joins Ritvik. Aunty’s poetry and this rain is amazing. Just so perfect! She too looks at Palak. She walks past Ritvik and meets Setu. Setu asks her if she brought Mumbai’s rain as well. Rohit hopes she hasn’t brought the storm too. Palak’s mother tells Setu that she came suddenly. I got late for the function I arranged. Palak tells her to do it now.

Ananya notices the expressions on Ritvik’s face. Is everything alright? He nods unhappily.

Setu introduces Palak to everyone. I told her I wont marry without her. Rohit says I too have something to do with engagement. She jokes that he has to sit next to her after all. He nods. Wedding is all about the bride and her best friend. Ritvik keeps looking at Palak pointedly.

Reeva looks at Palak and thinks of what Samar had told her. Ritvik goes to Reeva. She says I am ok. I feel bad seeing that mother daughter duo. I just thought of Radhika. He nods. She assures him she is fine. I don’t think of Samar. My heart isn’t broken. It just happens. She nods. Aman brings a mocktail for her on which Ritvik makes faces. This is why no guy will come near you. Reeva says the one who likes me would like this too. Ananya seconds her. We don’t need approval from men. Both Aman and Ritvik walk away.

Aman too gives the same cocktail to Ritvik. Ritvik asks him if he is trying to cheer him up. Aman asks him if it is because of Palak. Ritvik denies. I cannot bear her mom. She shouldn’t have been here. Aman reasons that he cannot ignore the guests because of them. Ritvik says my sister’s wedding broke because of them. It’s been 3 months but they seem to not care at all. Reeva’s wedding broke and I was under pressure to say yes to Ananya. I dint want my parents to see it again. Rohit is my best friend and so is Ananya. I am marrying her for my parents’ sake. I cannot break their heart again. Aman tells him that his sister is one in a million. She will find a guy who will love her for what she is. She is a rock star. She is the best! Ritvik still look unhappy.

Palak’s saree’s pleats come off. Setu gives her key of her room to fix it.

Ritvik’s mother notices him standing in a corner. He tells her that he is upset because of Palak and her mother. My sister’s wedding broke because of them! She insists that the wedding broke because Samar ran away. He says it is because this mother daughter duo very well know how to trap rich guys. Like mom like daughter! Have you seen Reeva? She is only smiling for our sake? She replies that she knows her kids. She is strong and she isn’t the one to hide her emotions. She is what she is. He insists that he knows Reeva too. Palak dint do the right thing by supporting Samar. I will never forgive her for that! Saying so, he walks away.

Palak tries the keys but it turns out to be wrong. Ritvik notices her fixing her saree and pins her on the wall. She asks him what he thinks he is doing. He asks her the same question. There is a CCTV Camera here unless you want your s*xy saree clip to be on every mobile tomorrow. Go ahead. She notices the camera and holds her saree. I am sorry. I dint see the camera and shouted on you. Thank you. He walks away without saying anything. Palak says everyone except them forgot what happened. I saw your sister. She has moved on and in fact looked happy. Your family is happy but you still think I am the one who spoiled your sister’s life. Why can’t you be happy when everyone is happy? He goes back to where she is standing. Reeva is happy for her brother. Her brother is engaged and is about to be get married. He shows her his engagement ring. Palak congratulates him. It is good to know. I am happy for you. He looks at her but then goes without uttering another word. Palak looks on.

Rohit’s father tells Mr. Verma that he will come to his office tomorrow. I don’t want to keep it pending anymore and want to open the hotel in Rohit and Setu’s name. It is a 300 crore property and will become all the more expensive once the hotel is built. I will send someone with the papers and will come to meet you in person. Mr. Verma nods hesitantly. Rohit’s father tells him not to think so much and goes. Palak’s father asks Mr. Verma what happened. Mr. Verma says I am stuck between loved ones and my ethics. I was never troubled by this before. Palak’s father tells him not to do what he isn’t willing to do. We always have the choice. You just have to see it. Mr. Verma says it isn’t as simple as it appears to be. Palak’s father says it wouldn’t have been a choice then.

Rohit and Setu are being questioned on each other’s likes and dislikes. Ritvik calls his father. Vijay tells him he will reach in 5 minutes. Rishabh teases his father. it’s good that you spoke to your girlfriend. Were you talking to Ricky? Let’s talk about business. Vijay says who else I will say it to if not to my son. I am going away from my son. How is that a problem to you? Rishabh smiles. Your such words prove that I am your step son. They share a happy hug.

Palak’s mother excitedly points at the rich guys to Palak. Palak tells her she isn’t interested. I am here only to attend Setu’s wedding. I will go back to Mumbai. Her mother reasons that her 3 months are over. Palak sits with Setu. They discuss about the makeup and everything. Setu is conscious as Rohit belongs to a completely different family and status. I love Rohit but his family and acquaintances are so different. Palak tells her to chill. Rohit loved you for who you are. She starts looking around a bit. Setu tells her to look behind. She is there. Palak asks her who she is referring to. Setu says you were looking for Rohit’s sister / Ritvik’s fiancé, right? She is right there. Palak looks at Ananya. Ritvik joins Ananya just then.

Setu says Ritvik will be my brother-in-law. I thought he will become my Jiju but turns out she will be my sister-in-law’s husband. Palak says you cooked it up on your own. I wasn’t looking for him. Setu knows it’s a lie. You would like to know who Ritvik’s fiancé is. Palak replies that she shouldn’t have come here at all. You speak a lot. Setu brings her attention back to herself but Palak gets busy looking at Ananya and Ritvik.

Precap: Ananya, Palak, Reeva and Ritvik are standing together. Ananya tells Ritvik and Palak to get over it. It’s been 3 months. Palak was your friend and she still is! Why don’t you guys patch up for my sake? Ritvik agrees. Ananya hugs him relieved.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. The way rithwik feels palak presence and mamtha poetry was good…..Palak is very pretty in saree and rithwik shocked to see palak…….when palak try to set her saree pleeds I think he manhandling her but he saved from cc tv camera I luv that scene finally we will see jealous palak in upcoming episodes……..and I forget setu and palms conversation “I think rithwik meri jeeju banega lekin who meri sister in law ki fiance hogaya”…

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    Thank u pooja for ur update

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