Dil Hi Toh Hai 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Setu’s truth hidden from Rohit’s parents

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3 months later:
The youngest brother helps Ritvik get ready. Ritvik says I never thought I will be worried for my wedding clothes this much. Rishabh teases him saying that later on he will have to even match the buttons of his clothes. His brothers enjoy teasing him a lot. They ask him to delete the numbers of all the girls from his phone. Ritvik agrees to make sure his younger brother also goes through the same in future. He walks out of the room but is lost.

Ritvik tells his father he is dying to eat the food cooked by him. Vijay asks him why he is reluctant to marry. Not every girl is like your mother. Ritvik points at his bald head. Vijay says all the 3 generations were like this. You will have a different hairstyle. He next thinks of his conversation with his mom

before heading to London. I feel bad that I raised my son in a way that he is sure he cannot spend his life with someone else. The day you will love yourself, it will become easier to love someone else. Dependability, trust is the most important thing. It starts with yourself. There is no pressure but we worry every night that you might remain lonely forever. What if you don’t ever figure out what it is to be loved by someone else! Ritvik agrees to think about it for their sake. She asks him to do it for his sake. Vijay happily hugs Ritvik. He announces it before everyone that Ritvik has agreed to marry. Flashback ends.

Ritvik sees everyone talking happily about his wedding. Saanchi compliments him too. It is the top of the town news. I am so happy for you. You have chosen the best girl for you. She hugs him. he tells her that he is feeling really nervous. He excuses himself.

Rishabh joins him in the library. Something is surely bothering you. Are you getting married in haste? Is it true? You ran to London as if to escape something. You suddenly decided to get married. Ritvik says everyone gets tensed in a situation like that. You too! I just need a cigarette. Vijay comes there. He too asks Ritvik why he is so worried. You are marrying such a nice girl. Ritvik asks them if they are sure. IS she a good girl? Ananya asks him if he is talking about her like this already. There is still time in engagement. I will see you after that! She takes him out for an interview to a magazine.

Ananya is talking to the reporter. She also relates how Ritvik went on his knees and proposed her for marriage. Ritvik looks at her in confusion. Reporter goes aside to attend a call. Ritvik asks Ananya about what she just said. Ananya says people don’t care about marriage. They just want a fairytale love story. Flashback shows Ananya and Ritvik sitting awkwardly with each other. They notice everyone looking at them and bend down. Everyone peeks in curiously. Ritvik tells Ananya about the count of girls he has dated before her. She says I would not marry you if you were not you. He says it is possible I wont love anyone ever, not even you. She is sure of herself. They talk like old best friends. Ananya says what if we fall in love by mistake. He tells her not to expect it from anyone. I tried trusting someone but got cheated. She says I know you. If you trusted someone then that girl must have been really special. He drops the topic and says yes to her. Flashback ends.

Ananya and Ritvik talk honestly about their life together. She says I would only want you to be loyal. I don’t want you to love anyone after wedding. It is time. We need to be with Rohit. He would need us by his side. Ritvik says who does Roka in a day and then fixes all the other rituals on the next day. Your brother is in too much rush! She says he chose the dates atleast. Our wedding isn’t even decided yet. Ritvik suggests getting married after a month. Let’s announce it if you want. She smiles.

Rohit is on video call with Setu. He asks her if she isn’t ready yet. She tells him to learn to wait. I take my time and do things right. She ends the call wanting to speak to Palak.

Rohit overhears a lady congratulating his mother on Ananya and Ritvik’s wedding. It is my Roka today by the way. You can wish me. Ritvik always bags the cup!

Setu speaks to Palak. She isn’t happy to know that Palak wont turn up. I know you wont come as he will also be there. Palak denies but Setu says I know the truth. I know you guys were atleast friends. It broke because of some misunderstanding. Don’t do it for him. Palak says that friendship just lasted for 4 days. It does not matter to me but my work is important. I cant leave it midway. Setu gets upset. It is the biggest day of my life and you are not here. Remember this! She ends the call angrily.

Manjeet is making arrangements for Setu’s Roka. She also helps Setu choose her earrings. Setu is missing her friend. Plus both the mommy’s are here. Setu’s parents thank Palak’s mother. We were thrilled to know that Rohit likes Setu. We were afraid that they might not accept it. Setu is divorcee. Manjeet thinks of how she tried to ask Rohit to speak to his parents about Setu’s past. They tell her that they know everything already and walk away. Setu’s mother shakes Palak’s mother out of her reverie. She hopes Palak also gets this happiness.

Palak’s friend says I know you since 3 months. You should go back for Setu. Palak is reluctant because of the memories with Delhi. Her friend suggests her to think once. There is still time. They see their fortune cookies. Palak reads her – you have to decide who is driving your life, friends or enemies! She gets thinking.

Ritvik’s family come to the function too. Rohit’s father asks Mr. Verma about the property papers. Mr. Verma tells him that that land is illegal. Thousands of poor will lose their home this way. Rohit’s father tempts him for some money. Our kids wont forget this gift their entire life. Mr. Verma looks unconvinced. Flashback shows Rohit’s mother asking her husband to listen to Palak’s mother once. Don’t know what she was saying. Find out something about that girl. Ananya got Ritvik but Rohit got stuck with this poor girl! Her husband says our son’s fate will change because of this poor girl. Her father isn’t signing the papers for now but he will not have any other option later! Such weddings don’t last for too long anyways. You can later choose the bride of your choice. This is how marriages happen in our homes. She smiles at the idea. Flashback ends.

Mr. Verma asks Rohit’s parents to take care of his daughter. They assure him about it. Ananya asks Rohit if he isn’t getting extremely nice wife. Look at her and look at you! He jokes that she isn’t his sister. You don’t stop embarrassing me ever! They share a hug.

Rohit meets Ritvik. Palak isn’t coming. You look sad. Do you want her to come? Ritvik refuses to even see her. She broke my trust. Rohit says you are my best friend. You cannot fool me. You went to London for a month while she went to Mumbai. You agreed to marry as soon as you were back. You gave her a place in your heart. You are marrying Ananya but I don’t think this should happen. I am sure you will break my sister’s heart one day. Ritvik assures him about it. Rohit is heading back but repeats to him that he isn’t coming.

Precap: Palak comes to the Roka function. She walks past Ritvik and hugs Setu. Ananya notices the expressions on Ritvik’s face. Is everything alright? He nods unhappily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode precap seems interesting palak entry super…..what is the prblm of rithwik the way he looking at palak annoying…….. Just move on yaar……and rohith said correct this marriage should nt happen if ur not happy with ananya….I think rithwik take this words seriously but later……and rohith parents are very cunning specially ananyas mom discusting…….setu fasgayi year……..I have one question rithwik hates palak mother because she is after moneymoney and what about ananyas mother…..palak mother is better than ananya mother atleast she thinks about palku happiness………but ananyas parents doesn’t think about their children happiness they are only after mney money………. If marriage happens Seth will suffer more rohith will support r nt ye secondary…….
    Any ways iam waiting for tomorrow episode……………

  2. Thanks pooja for ur updating……

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