Dil Hi Toh Hai 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak and Ritvik stay upset

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Rohit says you are saying that Palak isn’t at fault even after what Reeva went through. Palak should have told Ritvik everything. If I was in her place then I would have told Ritvik everything, even when Reeva was wrong. I could have pointed that out. This is called friendship. Palak got close to him. He started trusting her. He started thinking her to be his friend. He kept saying that she did this and that. Setu cuts him off. She dint get Samar and Radhika married. They fell in love and got married. Things happen! Reeva should get over it. He tells her to do the same. She asks him who he is talking about. He says you know that I like you. Isn’t it obvious? She reminds him that there is no “them” here. She begins to walk away when he confronts her. Why are we here then? Admit things.

Life is short. She accepts that she likes him but there cannot be anything more than that between them. She walks away. Rohit smiles to himself. She likes me.

Palak takes out a dress. She thinks of how Ritvik had once told her that her wardrobe would be messy too. Setu finds her cleaning her cupboard. What happened suddenly? Palak says my cupboard will be organized after today. Setu gives her coffee but Palak declines. I wore one dress in office and Ritvik said what am I wearing. I dint wear it again! Why am I talking about him though? He was my friend! I will wear this tomorrow. Setu agrees. You did what you felt was right. He misunderstood you and you left the job. You will find another job. Your old boss is also calling you. Not a big deal. Palak agrees to look for a new job from tomorrow. That job was interesting though. I will miss it. Setu asks her who she will miss – job or him.

Ritvik is lost in thoughts. A girl gives him drink. Are you thinking about the girl because of whom you were so upset? He shares that he became friends with her. She understands that he cannot stop thinking about her. Ritvik says I hate her. I don’t trust friendship anymore.

Setu says Ritvik was more than a friend for you. Don’t lie to me now. I know you better than you.

The girl says no girl has made such a big place in your heart before today. this girl must be special.

Palak tells Setu its rubbish.

Ritvik says I hate her. She broke my trust! The girl says you have fallen in love with Palak. Ritvik looks at her. He thinks of his meetings / proximity with Palak.

Ananya serves food to Rishabh and Saanchi. She tells that cooking is a very tough job. The way to a husband’s heart is through food. Rishabh holds Saanchi’s hand. It isn’t so. There are lot many other ways to reach a husband’s heart. Saanchi tells him that she cannot find the book that he gave to her. Your lovey-dovey note is also missing. He panics. You know how weird our family is. No one else should find it. She leaves to find it.

Reeva is sitting with her father. he shares that when she was small, he used to feel like hitting every guy who used to be around her. She smiles. You always protected me so much. She nods. I couldn’t save you from this situation though. She hugs him. He promises to find a better guy for her. Reeva’s mother tells Reeva that this is a lesson for her. No relation should become more important than you. You only need to value the relation with you. Vijay asks her about him. She jokes that she does not need him too. Reeva suggests getting Ananya married to her brother. This way my friend will be here for forever.

Saanchi finds the book in Dadi’s hand. She tries taking it but Dadi does not let her. Dadi teases her that she has read the note written by Rishabh. She manages to take the book. Dadi tells about the note to her friend.

Vijay goes to his friend. Is your land issue sorted? His friend denies. this field is such. Vijay says problems come in business. You will sort yours too.

Everyone sits down for breakfast. Rishabh tells his father that he and Ritvik plan to go to London for some time to wind up a project.

On the other hand, Palak tells her Papa she has been planning for this. It‘s a 3 months thing. I will have a change and it will be a good experience.

Ritvik has also planned for a trip to London. Ishaan and his sister give them a list. Ritvik asks for an Email but Rishabh’s wife knows they will keep adding onto the list. I also have a list for you. Ritvik smiles. Rishabh leaves it on him to shop everything. Vijay wonders what he will do without his sons. Reeva excuses herself. Ananya looks at Ritvik.

Ritvik’s mother asks Ritvik what’s bothering him. Rishabh says I too have been asking him. Ritvik lies that it is travel stress. Rishabh does not buy it. Their mother says I know my kids can take anything but I understand that Ritvik is tensed. Ritvik gets emotional. you guys took care of me when! Rishabh stops him for going in the past. He wants to take care of everyone. This is his problem. His mother asks him again. Saanchi tells Rishabh she has to leave for office urgently. Rishabh asks for packing but his mother tells him that his wife is starting her work today and you are asking her to pack your stuff. You can do that yourself. Saanchi smiles. Rishabh also assures Saanchi he will pack on his own. Rishabh leaves with Saanchi. Ritvik lies to his mother that he too has to go with Bhaiya. If there is anything then I will tell you in the evening.

Palak is packing her bag while Setu keeps unpacking. Setu asks her not to go. You are doing this because of Ritvik. You are running away because of him! Palak denies. He was my friend and nothing more. I wont break down if he will stop talking to me! Setu asks her to stop.

Rishabh is shocked to know that their servers were attacked and the data is gone. We cannot take anything with us now that we are going to London! Someone tells Ritvik that the data might be with Palak. He is irked. We will have to now go to Palak to get data.

Palak gets Aman’s call. Send someone to collect hard disc. Setu brings coffee for her. Speak to Ritvik once. He is egoistic. Don’t become like him. Try once for me. Palak calls Ritvik. He looks at the phone but disconnects the call. Palak tells Setu he disconnected. I told you to let it be. Let me pack my stuff.

There is a party in the house. Ritvik is sitting in a corner. Reeva is happy that this was the best way to celebrate break up. Saanchi and Ananya agree. Let’s cheer you up. Ritvik sees her happy.

Mamta is telling Rishabh to take warm clothes.

Rohit has called Setu at the party. There are two reasons to bring you here. One is to show Ritvik that friendships don’t break this easily. Second, I will show you. Aman tells Ritvik they will collect hard drive on his way to airport.

Precap: Rohit convinces Ritvik to meet Palak once. Don’t ruin your friendship for a small misunderstanding. Ritvik overhears Palak’s mother telling Palak that Samar dint love Reeva. If we will help her in his hard times then he will remember us when he will resume his work. I am thinking about future.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Nice episode….Rithwik thinks about palak and seven stages of love that scene was really good and sameera has special role rithwik and palak ko milane ka role……..I hope soon they will meet and clears their misunderstanding iam waiting for leap…….

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