Dil Hi Toh Hai 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Palak resigns again being hurt by Rithvik

Dil Hi Toh Hai 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ananya coming to Rithvik. Rithvik tells that he doesn’t want to marry because of such things. He says Reva is a child and thought that Samar would have forgotten Radhika after marriage. He says I am very particular about my family. Ananya says what you would have done if known about Samar and says she will be fine. She says she will do something. Sethu tells Palak that she should have explained to Rithvik. Palak says she will not convince him and tells that she has decided to resign from her job. She says she has completed her research and done with Rithvik Noon. Next morning, Mamta tells Vijay that Reva is saved and it was her mistake too. Vijay says my daughter’s heart is broken. Bhabhi says it is good. Shivam says I thought Samar is a guy. Everyone looks at him. Ananya

asks everyone to sympathize with her and says she will be fine. Reva comes there. Ananya asks her not to go and tells that everyone will talk about her canceled marriage. Reva says she is upset. Ananya cheers her and says she knows that her ego is hurt and not her heart. Reva says yes, my ego is hurt and not heart. Ananya says we shall go out and pamper ourselves just as we used to do in college. Reva says ok. Vijay asks about her break ups. Mamta says it is not to talked about. Ananya and Reva leave. Vijay comes to Rithvik and says Ananya is good. Rithvik tells that Reva is hurt and went out as she can’t cry here. Vijay asks him to think of Ananya.

Palak comes to the office. Aman tells Rithvik that palak is leaving office and asks him to stop her as she is an asset to their company. Rithvik and Palak are in the lift. He thinks of pineapple incident and recalls telling her that he gets hurt when someone close hurts him. Palak calls her friend and asks her not to send pineapple to office. She thinks of Rithvik telling that even man feels pain and don’t think about stereotypes. Sethu meets Rohit in the gym and tells about Palak and Rithvik. Rohit says he is not like Rithvik. They talk about pushups. They exercise. Rohit gets tired while doing push ups and stops. He says he runs faster, but couldn’t run faster than Sethu. Sethu smiles. She asks what did you say and says shall I punch you? Rohit says Palak did wrong. Sethu tells him that it was not Palak’s mistake, with whatever happened with Rithvik. Palak gives something to Rithvik and keeps on his table. Aman asks Rithvik to stop her and asks if something happened between them. He asks him to stop Palak or give him a nice farewell according to company’s rules. Rithvik asks if he has any feelings for her. Aman asks him not to stick his feelings on him. Rithvik comes to the farewell party and taunts her for backstabbing her. Aman and others hear him. Manjeet gets upset with Palak for helping Radhika and halting Reva and Samar’s marriage.

Aman tells Rithvik that it Palak has hidden the truth from him then Reva has also hidden truth from him and asks him not to get angry on her. Manjeet says I have lost so much.. Palak says even I have lost something. Rithvik tells that he will never trust anyone.

Sethu tells Palak that she knows that Rithvik has won her trust and was more than a friend to her. She asks her not to hide her feelings.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Iam feeling sad after watching today episode….iam expected rithwik will definitely stop palak but iam wrong he didn’t…… Aman told correct palak not tells anything Reva is also nt tells anything she knows everything…..
    Why he only blame palak….tik we farewell bhi nahi diya yaar……ithna gussa kyu yaar…….and rithwik aur palak ki flashback scenes nice…… Palak feeling bad when she was going she was just like shayad rithwik mujhe rok lethi……..I think after leap ananya aur rithwik ki engagement hogi already Mr.noon tries to talk with about marriage and ananya………iam waiting for Monday………

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H Hasan

  3. Varshini

    palak rithwik still have deep connection which is more than friendship , soem how this is gonna be shown in the upcoming episodes , so lets wait , i think ananya is not so evil who will spoil rithwik-palak’s happiness just because she did not get rithwik

  4. Varshini

    i guess soon aman-reva love story will start , the actress who plays reva is perfect in the role , cant wait for their love story to start too

  5. I just saw new promo palak wants to tell something but rithwik didn’t allow and tells iam engaged I gone far from u palak and Palau thinks yes u already gone so far from me……….interesting promo……….

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