Dil Hi Toh Hai 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik confesses that he trust Palak

Dil Hi Toh Hai 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rithvik asking Palak about the 7 stages of love. Palak says you didn’t know and tells 1.Dilkashi/attraction 2.Uns/attachment 3.Mohabbat/love 4.Akhidat/trust 5.Ibadat/worship 6.Junoon/passion and 7.Maut/death

He is surprised and asks if trust happens before attraction. Palak says then it is friendship. Rithvik’s friend Ananya comes there. Palak asks them to practice and leave. Rithvik practices with her. Reva asks Manjeet about Radhika. Manjeet says she got unwell and left. Reva says good and says she shall not be around. Palak hears her. Manjeet asks Palak to get haldi stuff from Radhika’s house. Rithvik and Palak dance in the party. Le jaye kahan plays. Rithvik’s eyes search for Palak. Reva dances with Samar forcibly. Palak comes to Radhika’s home. Doctor calls

at her landline and tells that she will take money in cash for the abortion. Palak hears and gets shocked. She comes to the hospital and meet Radhika. Everyone is dancing in the party.

Rithvik asks Manjeet about Palak. Manjeet says she went out. She tells Rithvik that Palak clarified that there is nothing between them. She goes on praising Radhika. Rithvik says you want Radhika and me…and says sorry. Palak sees Radhika and Samar’s pic and says Reva can’t marry Samar. Samar leaves. Ananya asks Rithvik if he started trusting someone. He says quite possible. They dance. Samar meets Palak outside and she informs him about Radhika. Samar says he is worried about her respect and asks her not to tell anything. Rithvik comes and sees Samar leaving and asks Palak. Palak makes an excuse. He asks Servant for a coffee. He sits there and tells Palak that someone asked him if he trusts someone, and he said yes. He says it is you whom I trust and says you are very honest. He says I didn’t experience the comfort level which we have between us and I think I can trust you. The servant brings coffee. Rithvik says I know you will not betray me. Palak says I will not break your trust.

Everyone get ready with a turban on their heads. Mamta asks if he called Rustom? Rithvik asks Rishabh to save him. Shivam comes and complains to Mamta that his eyes are paining as he kept glycerine in it so that he can cry. Mamta asks him to wash his face. Rishabh tells Mamta that he forgot to call them. Mamta scolds him for taking Rithvik’s blame on himself. Vijay asks her to see their brotherly’s love. Mamta says this house is full of melodramatic fools. Rithvik says sorry to her. He asks Reva to go and take bath. Reva says she has to take bath with the water brought by bhabhi. Rithvik cleans haldi from her hand with his stole. Rishabh comes and says it is his favorite stole. Rithvik says Reva asked him to clean it. Palak sees their siblings love.

Rithvik asks Palak about her opinion on Ananya. Palak says she is a good girl. Rithvik says his parents want him to marry her. Palak says if she wants to marry you knowing you then you shall marry her, as no other girl will marry you. Rithvik says she is a rich and if I have some financial problem, then I can take her help. He then tells that if he decides to marry her then it will be because his dad likes her. Palak says you are great. She thinks to tell him about Samar and says she doesn’t know if she shall tell him or not, but. Manjeet comes there and takes Palak. Vijay tells Rithvik about Samar’s dad call.

Rithvik and Vijay come to the temple following the location. Samar and Radhika get married. Rithvik gets angry and slaps Samar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today treat to watch palak and rithwik scenes…I just love whole conversation of duo
    Seven stages of love how palak explain stages and ritwik reaction on that topic I really like and rithwik eyes searching for palak while dancing with ananya……and he says I think I trust u because I found u honest and she replies I never break ur trust…….today episode highlights
    And finally Samar truely loves radhika if Reva marries him she never happy with him why cant Reva understand this he doesn’t loves u…

    1. Ooshi

      But how will palak knowing samar’s reality effect Rithvik and palak relation

  2. Hello everyone.
    I loved the episode it was fabulous. Rithvik’s curiosity was awesome. And yeah his eyes searching for palak was a treat to watch . I just hope he doesn’t take palak wrong about Radhika-samar marriage. I guess he should understand whatever happened was for Reba’s best . And I personally feel Reva is mentally unstable I guess how the hell she can’t see that she herself will not be happy after marriage. By the way I love Mamata from the core of my heart. Shivam’s glycerine act was crazy. The brothers were awesome and missed Rohit nd Sethu also. Overall the episode was complete package. Love Palri friendship. #keep loving Palri#keep watching Dil hi toh hai

    By the way not to forget I love Sony for its power back shows. It’s not the same gheesapita dailogues. Sony shows characters and dialogue both are bold.

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update H Hasan

  4. Why am not able watch this on Sony live app

    1. It’s also a web series on ALTBalaji from Tue to Saturday so it’s not available on sonyliv

  5. Luv u palwik !

  6. Excited!!

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