Dil He Ki Maantaa Nahi (DHKMN) Episode 9


The episode starts with Sana and Sruthi dressed up for going out with Parth. They are leaving and tell mom ‘ mama,we r going out for sometime. Will be back before night’. Mom’ok.take care u both’
Sruthi:”sure mom..”
They leave when sruthi receives message from parth informing they left for the beach. they too soon reach there. Sruthi texted him that we r here.
Sruthi is looking around and then texted”hey saw u. Turn around and look to your left end. ”
Sruthi is waving her hand. Parth saw them and waived back and they started moving towards each other. Sruthi was just linking at Parth as she didn’t want to be bored from the start itself with the uncle. Parth smiled at her and he secretly glaced at Sana. her beautiful black hair was playing with the rythm of the wind. She looked like an angel. She was always so beautiful but this dress made her more gorgeous. The slender arms seemed to be just adding note beauty to the dress. And when they reached each other, parth said:” hai sruthi sana. This is my friend and mentor aditya and aditya these are my classmates anand this is the prank master. Just then Sruthi glaced at him with a plastic smile on her face. But as soon as she looked at him, she was completely lost. He was a hot dashing guy. The blue eyes just mesmerized her and she just kept shaking hand with him all the while smiling and he too was amused to meet her. “Oh, then I should be more carefully 😉 ”
They laughed and Sana was feeling very awkward as if she came to a wrong family get together. She just gave a polite smile.
Parth asked:” sana, I hope u didn’t have much trouble coming over. I didn’t have ur number to ask u personally for the outing”
Sana:”its okay. (Thinking in mind-u got her number. If u wanted to get my number, u could have got it. Its just matter of priority and it’s just that u didn’t ask me out really. U just asked me as u couldn’t ask her to come out as such)
Parth:” let’s walk”
Sruthi said:” I want to sit down for sometime.”
Aaditya:” ok. I will be here with her. I will give her company. U people have a walk”
Sana was hesitant. But sruthi eyed her to go….
Sana just sighed and went with Parth.
They are walking on the shore. Parth:” so…. Do u like seashore and walking near the shore?”
Sana thought for a moment and then said”yes. I like to walk with the water touching my feet.”
Parth:” let’s walk a bit more closer to the shire then and he forwarded his hand to her.
She looked reluctant and then with the hesitation still holing her, she placed her hand within his. He caught her hand with a soft touch and just looked at the way her small arm was engulfed so beautifully within his hand. They walked near the shore. Water kept drenching their feet now and then. She shrieked in joy everytimw the chilled water touched her feet and he enjoyed watching it. Then suddenly, when a wave came by and took off the sand from underneath her feet,she abruptly lost her balance and parth caught her from falling down. They had an eye lock.
BG “pal bhar thahar jao…dil ye sambhal jaaye…Kaise tumhe Roma Karun..(tamasha)
Just then a small kid comes there to collect his Frisbee and they come to their senses. sana looks into the sea and Parth smiles an unseen one as he feels the attraction is mutual.
They stand like that and then sit down on the shore.
Parth:” Sana. So what are ur hobbies?”
Sana(y is he asking me all these? Is it that he likes me like I do? No way… Hw is head over heels for Sruthi…then y?!!! Oh, now I get it. Always make good rapport with the gf’s sister as it will help them have her support. 🙁 )
Sana:” I like singing. And I love to paint.what about u?”

They r talking and the scene shifts to aaditya and sruthi
Sruthi:” frankly. I thought I will get the company of a bald boring uncle today when parth told me bout his mentor.”
Aaditya:” and now?”
Sruthi:” I get to see u.”
Aaditya:” am I boring?”
Sruthi:” of course not”
Aaditya:” do i look too old?”
Sruthi:” no!…..” Just then she understood that he was just messing with her. She is embarrassed and just goes to silent mode.
Aaditya:” by the way, u like yo know what I thought?”
Sruthi looked towards him with a yes
Aaditya:” I was eager to meet the prankster and tthe naughty girl”
Sruthi:” and now?”
Aaditya:” now I see that she is hot too”
Sruthi blushes…
Aaditya:” do u have a bf?”
Aaditya:” impossible. Such a gorgeous girl still single?”
Sruthi:” single but ready to mingle. 😀 just joking”
Aaditya:” but I would like that to be a serious talk”
Sruthi:” u r trying to play a prank on me na?”
Aaditya:” sruthi, let me tell u one thing. I am a very upfront guy. I don’t hesitate to tell what I feel. U can ask parth too. I liked u the moment I saw u. I know it’s too fast. But from what little talk we had and what I heard from Parth, I would definitely like to get to know u more and may be go ahead with u further…. If u like, of course…”
Sruthi:” I never felt this kind of a connection with anybody so fast”
Aaditya:” so is that a yes? R u open for a relationship with me? I am not asking for a commitment right now. don’t worry.”
Sruthi:” mmmm…. (She is biting her lower lips and considering) ok let’s give it a try. I am being impulsive at this. I don’t know if am roght or wrong”
Aaditya:” great!!… Trust me. we will go slow. Don’t think am some cheapo who is after u just for taking u to my bed. I fell in love with u in yhe first sight. But i dont want to frighten u with it. I want to know if u r committed to someone. Luckily u r not. No compulsion. We will try to understand each other and if u too feel the same.then…”
Sruthi is just shocked to hear all this
Love? He loves me?
Soon Sana and Parth join them and after talking and having fun for aanother 1 hour, they left fro there. All r happy except for Sana. She thinks that Parth loves Sruthi. she is happy for her sis. She talked to Parth so much. She noticed that he was very eager to listen to her talks and her ambitions in life. Shw felt it was all his ways to build a good bond with her to support Sruthi when the right time came. That made it worse. “sruthi knows u will of course support her. Then y all this?”
Even sruthi was trying to be friendly with Aaditya as he is Parth’s family in many ways.
They split and are proceeding to their respective homes. They raech home
Sruthi:” sana…sana..sana…. Am too happy…… I am in love. I know it’s too early. But I just don’t know. I love him….
Sana thought she is talking about Parth.
Sana:” I know”
Sruthi:” u know? I never dreamt this.”
Sana:” I knew it as I saw the look in ur face and the way u talk to one another.”
Before they could discuss further, mom called the for dinner and they left to have dinner.

Precap: Sruthi in hospital and sana crying outside OT

credit to -Anaya

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  1. Oh god before know something how could she imagine like that…. typical person sana

  2. Ohhh…misunderstandings….parth plzzzz tell sana your feelings…Lovely episode anaya…and narration awesome…precap looks sad, what happened to shruti? Eagerly waiting for the next episode, plzzzz continue and post the next update soon. ..love you loads and very tight hug

  3. parth plz confess ur feelngs to sana.anaya if u r nt able 2 update in mmz site,cnu put a link 2 ur story asa comment?????????????????plz?????????????????????i lve readng ur stories n it wud b easier if its posted in mmz.

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